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Rory Stewart OBE is the Member of Parliament for Penrith and The Border – the largest geographical constituency in England – having been re-elected to office with over 28,000 votes in the General Election of May 2017. He was first elected as an MP in 2010.

In May 2019 he was appointed Secretary of State for International Development, having previously been the Minister of State at the Ministry of Justice, Minister of State for Africa in both the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the Department for International Development (DFID) (June 2017-January 2018), and the Minister of State in DFID (June 2016-June 2017) and, prior to that, Minister for the Environment and Rural Affairs at DEFRA (May 2015-June 2016). After the devastating floods of December 2015 – January 2016 Rory was appointed by the Prime Minister as Flood Envoy for Cumbria and Lancashire, overseeing recovery efforts, and was Chair of the Cumbria Floods Partnership. Before becoming a Minister in 2015, he served for four years on the Foreign Affairs Committee, and in 2014 was elected Chair of the Defence Select Committee by all parties in parliament as the youngest ever Select Committee chair.

His previous career was in foreign affairs, particularly focused on military intervention and international development. After a very brief period as an infantry officer (a Short Service Limited Commission in the Black Watch before University) he joined the UK Diplomatic Service, serving overseas in Jakarta, as British representative to Montenegro in the wake of the Kosovo crisis, and as the coalition Deputy-Governor of two provinces in the Marsh Arab region of Southern Iraq following the Iraq intervention of 2003. On leave from the Foreign Service he walked for 21 months crossing Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal, staying in 500 village houses on the journey.

From 2005 to 2008 he was the Chair and Chief Executive of the Turquoise Mountain Foundation based in Kabul.

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>Why The Technological System Will Destroy Itself

>How To Enjoy The End Of The World

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>t. Internet addicted Luddite


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>Historian David Starkey speaks up for Conservative MP Rory Stewart

>Rory Stewart second-favourite candidate among Tory members

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why are millennials so retarded?

This guy is a remainer faggot.

Has no chance whatsoever.

Radon residual poisoning

I’m dead serious


>t. a literally mentally retarded gchq shill

His book is actually a good read


Do you think if I email Liz Kendall and ask for a pair of her fragrant high heels she’d accept and send them to me?

Reposting for the new thread

>in b4 Stewart wins by being the remainer unity candidate and peeling off some wavering Boris voters

If you have shit for brains yeah I bet it is

No it’s not, he’s just saying shit that’s been said a million times before as if he was distributing some sort of ground shaking prophecy. He’s a retard who could count good and that’s it, self inflated ego mong who couldn’t even make a functioning IED because the retard thought wood was a suitable material for pressure caps


Why do you eat so much jam?

mfw this shit has been going on for three hundred fucking years

Are they carved on tree bark using mammoth teeth or hypocritically printed on paper?

If you do, nab a pair of her scuds for me while you're at it

Get the e-book

If we brexit we get hordes of africans, pakis and indians instead of white slavs. Brexit was our las chance of change and all it showed is that everyone in the politcal stage is committed to mass immigration and globalism. Best choose the better of two horrible choices.
lol. Dont know why hes bothering with people, let alone young niggers. Just stick to the base and maybe pop into some art gallery or something

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This. The obviously chromosome-deficient cunt is a remainer through and through. Fine to get +K RTs on twitter, will never get even the MP numbers, let alone through the membership. Tory membership is roughly 75% leave.

Still, I hope they somehow wrangle it. A guy who looks like a joke rat being the 'prime minister' for a couple of years is a guaranteed ticket to a massive Brexit Party win at the next GE.

>Completely abolishing the traditional family while also creating “new families” that are proven to be unstable, thus turning everyone into isolated individuals
>Training children to engage in various types of “new sex,” which often involve mutilation of their endocrine systems and genitalia
>Creating a world where everyone is sexually unique, and has sex with all different types of men and women of various ages and with various “gender identities”
>Shutting down all current industry in the first world in order to stop global warming and replacing it with “green” industry that doesn’t exist now but will theoretically be invented in the future
>Outlawing all forms of speech, globally, that questions any part of the agenda
>Provoking Russia into some type of world war to get the last white country on board with the program
>Allowing the entire population of the third world to flood into first world countries
>Requiring the white population of these countries to pay for the incoming third world populations and subsidize their breeding
>Creating a world government
>White people eventually being replaced completely by a mixed race brown population under the new world government
>Everyone on earth defining their identity by their consumer habits and sexual behaviors
>An endless stream of Marvel Comics movies
>Islam is somehow integrated into all of this
>The entire universally equal global brown/tranny/Islamic/communist population creates a futuristic society that travels into outer space
Imagine if this was your vision of the future.

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Why are you so mad that people have sex? Is it because they’re not having sex with you?

didnt read

Shut the fuck up, remainer cunt. When we leave, we'll have a fair and equal immigration policy for everyone, and, more importantly, we can set our own terms for it, too. Nobody wants shitty fucking Bulgarians here. They lower the tone and have about as much cultural savvy as any other coon race.

why should i want polish spoken as the common language in my small english village?

>when we leave
2 missed deadlines already lmfao
The 37% BTFO

From what I've heard of it, Robinson Crusoe is incredibly individualistic, so this doesn't surprise me.

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Go do one of your little circlejerks on twatter, with your little EU flag in your avi, remainer cunt. Nobody cares about your bitter tears. No Brexit on 31 October, means guaranteed Brexit Party wipeout come the next GE. Stay mad.

Why do you want to fuck castrated children in your fully automated communist utopia?

Yeah, this. Fuck eastern Europeans. Less than niggers.

why do you want patois-speaking niggers and arabic-speaking muslims in your english village instead?
No-one is offering that as a choice and the people will not vote for it since our culture is trapped in WW2

n e v e r

l e a v i n g

I literally don’t care you nonce
Stop thinking about childrens genitalia

my village was 100% white english until the last decade

Why do you want to have sex with trannies?

> No-one is offering that as a choice
lol you remainers are hilarious. What is a 'parliament', dumb cunt?

You’re a nonce mate, you’ve been found out

>we'll have a fair and equal immigration policy for everyone
yeah we should have point based system like canada like based brexit man wants

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Never leaving

Free and fair immigration system for all. We can set our own terms, in the interests of the British people, for the British people. Less Euroniggers, more based Australians, Yanks, and Leafs. Win win.

well its going to be going down a percentage even further. Everyone will prefer the replacement be white EEs instead of 3rd worlders. Bite the bullet.

Whatever you say, remainer cunt. You're outgunned, and outplayed. Get your tissue stockpiling sorted.

how about no replacement

2 missed deadlines
Only 37% support

Yeah, because the only skilled migrants that would have to qualify under a proper immigration system would be shitskins, and not people from elsewhere in the massive Anglosphere.

Little EUriner. Get a grip and stop being so cucked.

>if my political ideology wins i can fuck as many tranny axe wounds as i want

>, more based Australians, Yanks, and Leafs
more like more mexicans coming here to abuse our welfare system while educated british whites go abroad to austrarlia and canada

I like using Uber but I hate giving any money to pakis. What do?

This guy gets it. Based Farage always banging on about gettings more nigerians, indians and pakistanis from the Commonwealth!
Farage never mentions immigrants from Australia, Canada or NZ because we havent had a meaningful economic tie to them since we joined the EU decades ago and they have moved on economically. I dont know why youre wanting amerimutts to come here. Totally insufferable and 56%.

>only skilled migrants that would have to qualify under a proper immigration system would be shitskins,
well that generally seems to be case of "skilled immigrants" too america

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Says the guy talking about childrens genitals

Fuck you britbongs. How about you close your fucking mouth and do something about your country becoming a shit tier 3rd world country? It's OVER. Sharia law and roaming packs of migrants own your homeland. You are nothing, you have nothing, you live in a decaying nation of savages.

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again, as much as id like that, no-one is offering that as a platform and when they do they are villified by the media and hated by the public.
you didnt read my post but you know im right when i say there is no great desire for people from NZ, AUS and CAN to come here. They have a higher quality of life in their own countries that here.

why would a third worlder in this country as a skilled immigrant move somewhere like here when theres fuck all work? id rather immigrants go work in the cities which are lost anyway instead of settling in the only parts of england left still english






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Oh no, did Farage not say? Well, I guess that proves whatever your 'theory' is then, stupid fuck. Learn to logic.

Anyone have the seat translation?

boomer tards will never stop voting labcon

OP, seeing as you're here shilling for this rat faced cunt, why don't you show everyone what he looks like?

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USA+CAN + AUS+NZ = 409 million

Asia population = 4000 million
Africa population 1000 million


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think of the gdp growth

> skilled IT guys and doctors are not desirable
> Bulgarians that shit in bushes are desirable

Lol remoaner cunt.

? Those 409 million have a higher quality of life, are more intelligent, are more culturally civilized and similar, and have more wealth to spend and invest than the other shitholes.

china does

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I bet first past the synagogue would still somehow give Lab/Con a majority

H1-B is a meme visa that can essentially be bought by corporate multinationals. Our existing system is better ironically.

Asians are better than whites


>skilled IT guys and doctors are not desirable
if they are smelly pajeets

You do realise he says that as cover to hide his true intentions, right? CivNat is merely an idealogical stepping stone to 90% + Ethnat in the current metapolitical paradigm.

Points based system with strict limits would drastically reduce low IQ immigrants (aka 3rd world shitskins)


Personally I prefer returning to sender

Was talking to the parents at dinner today, they were always the shy tory, voted for brexit etc.

Some news came on about Boris Johnson, I brought up the terrible comments he made about them and my parents burst out laughing, saying he's only telling the truth. Went on to say that women don't belong on the football pitch and there shouldn't be a women's world cup.

I thought society was meant to be progressing? What the hell is going on?


Hunt anybody?



On the plus side FPTP has kept the Greens, Socialists/Communists and Lib Dems out of power.

I bet they wished you stayed in your bedroom when you ate your pot noodles

Bug detected.




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I hope her based boomer parents disowned her

Whats some good Norf kino?

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Enoch “Indians are superior to Europeans in many respects, intellectually for example” Powell

Enoch “if he’s willing to fight for England, or play cricket for England, he’s English” Powell

Enoch “decriminalise the gay” Powell

FPTP helps labour and lib dems though
only the greens on your list get hurt by FPTP

You do realise that to even *acknowledge* that Enoch made "some good points" in current year +4 is really pushing the boat out in the current paradigm regarding demographics and immigration, right?

You wish

Someone should do this song but replace orkz orkz orkz with norf norf norf

I hear his talking points agreed with in the media almost daily

>no mention thereof.

this could have been filmed by a muslim.
lets say its not for sake of argument
i mean (inb4 doomer) we are losing our own people very easily. we need them to unite.
do you think these people would survive a race war whist they are too busy mourning the death of the Jeremy Kyle shoah

Haha imagine if we trained up natives in order to improve their financial lives instead of importing foreigners to take the roles HAhAA

Granville thorndyke just got taken down. RIP in peace.

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>10 years ago
British MEP Nick Griffin talking about how white are getting genocided in the european parlimer

British MEP talking about how the EU is an evil racist moster that discrimnates against are commonwealth

wow nigel has really pushed the overtoon window

in 20 years mabye were be allowed to say darkie without being arrrested

Seriously, though, what kind of chromosome deficiency is this? There's DEFINITELY something wrong with him. This shit ain't right.