Irrefutable evidence against the global conspiracy of the round Earth

Imagine being delusional enough to actually believe you're a monkey-man living on a spinning ball that came from nothing LMAO

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but which way is down in space?

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south, obviously

where the pacific ocea is, because that the most ater .
gn and and we have an oce on the atlantic river

does water form a perfect a sphere in a vacuum?

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That's not how gravity works dipshit. Gravity pulls things toward the center of the earth.

Wouldn't everything always be going downhill if the earth were a globe?

How can you be so fucking retarded to the point of thinking the image is serious ?

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this is it, i'm convinced

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>tfw you're a physics graduate and are educated enough to realize how ridiculous is the flat earth "argument" but still encourages flat earthers into thinking they're onto something

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then Atlas would drown and drop the earth, dumbass


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Holy crap, you just convinced me that everything we've been observing and gathering empirical evidence on for hundreds, even thousands of years is FAKE with your irrefutable genius-level understanding of physics.

Wait... I thought it was the ripple in space time pushing things toward objects of higher mass.

Isn't that how they get around the law of entropy?

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Things get pulled toward a center of mass. If you had two objects in space of equal mass, they would pull towards each other at an equal rate.

>water flows to the lowest point
Then how comes there is water in the mountains you absolute retard?

There is no graviton. It has to be imagined as a particle of zero mass in the standard model. Just because you experience pulling doesn't mean you are being pulled. You could just as easily be being pushed.

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Flat Earth is the master troll job because it pisses off everyone.

And when you do 'convince' someone, being a Flat Earthier becomes a drug like state of pure Euphoria. Now it's the classic case of us few smart people against the ignorant masses. Those in the know realize it's all duper's delight. But damn if it isn't what trolling was meant to be all about.

>he took the bait
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Even the fact that 'gravity'(,magnetism,) is always the same, no matter the distance....its a fucking joke
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Its a fucking religion

Then why isn't the water all at the center of the Earth?

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Anything with mass curves space-time, thus gravity doesn't actually pull on anything, earths gravity for an example is just what we call the feeling or effect of space-time pushing us down towards the earth. It's just easier to think of gravity as somekind of pulling force.

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It forms a perfect sphere in zero gravity

People really believe the earth is flat nigger no amount of stupidity is off limits

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if gravity pulls things towardsthe center, then why can butterflies fly with their fragile wings? Are the stronger than gravity?
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Waite !! What ?? So let me get this straight , whatever this magical force is its pushing all the water ( H2O @ 8lbs/gallon ) towards the center of the Earth. But Helium balloon( negative weight) beats that force ?
Ok gotcha.

i believe gravity actually pushes things towards the center of the earth