Does Jow Forums support Scottish independence?

Does Jow Forums support Scottish independence?

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The Scottish are a bunch of turbofaggots so it's irrelevant. They were literally inspired to do independence by braveheart but their most important causes these days are essentially turbofaggotry so it's all a big joke.

I believe in one folk one government, and a government near the people.
So in principle, yes.
In practice, no. You're not my monkeys and you're not my circus. But... being a Mutt, I'm 1/32 Scottish so of you wanna send some red haired bonnie lass my way sure, I'll support your independence.

Probably, the problem is the form it takes in reality. The overwhelming majority of power is within heavily leftist hands in Scotland and their idea of independence is to be annexed by the EU. I doubt most of Jow Forums would be ok with that. Scottish nationalism is heavily poisoned by marxism and anti-Angloism and very little actual concepts of nationalism. The closest you get is "we currently occupate this geographical location, and anyone else can do so too".

Scotland is cucked beyond saving

t. lived there for 2 years

t. lived here all my life

Nope, SNP are traitorous lying cunts! (openly for mass immigration.)

SNP have economically ruined Scotland having the bigger budget deceit in all of Europe, bigger even than Greece. But the rest of UK has been paying it as they are fellow countrymen...

But the SNP cunts now want to spend more & have the balls to lie to the Scottish public & say they are a net-contributor instead of the saying the UK public financing most of Scotland, if not for the rest of the UK Scotland would be bankrupt!

So the lie, I'm mean Bernard Madoff had more realistic accounting than this; so basically they are claiming UK revenue as there own; claiming nearly all of North sea oil is not British oil but "Scottish oil" which is not true even slightly because if not for the UK Norway would have rightful claim on 60-80% of this so-called "scottish oil" (I'll post the second picture.)

They even admit they are lying in there own "proof":

>Excluding North Sea revenue, the current budget balance for Scotland tends to move in line with the figure for the UK, although the deficit in Scotland is typically around 6 percentage points larger. In 2017-18, 2017-18 Scotland - Excluding North Sea 2017-2018 -£10,633 (£10,633,000,000)

Hahah the lying cunts! haha

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Where do you live anonkan? (west, east, north??)

I see 1 transvestite every 8-10 days in the streets nowdays.
Also I found your fellow countrymen don't like exercising and hunting/hiking in your pristine nature

Mid west nearish glasgow, where are you?
Im in a pretty small town so ive never seen one here but I remember seeing one in glasgow not long ago
Yea the people here for the most part are too interested in their booze and are just generally pathetic

a very left wing part lets say.

This. SNP are even more pathetic than Labour or the Tories. I could have supported independence if Scotland was heading in an actual nationalist direction, but it's nationalist in name only.

SNP Leader:
>anyone living in Scotland is Scottish
>what are highland clearances?


You will find more purebred Scots in Prince Edward Island than in Scotland.

>there are more x in y than x's homeland
Fuck off muttling, stop emulating stupidity from your neighbours to the south.

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Where the fuck do you think the people cleared from the highlands moved abdul?

>5% chance of me being abdul, less than 1% chance of being a mutt
>50% chance of you being non white, 99% chance of you being a mutt at the very least
Ok lol but no you're delusional if you think reality works that way and that the Scottish in Scotland aren't the only true Scots and that the population of Prince Edward island hasn't changed over time, far more dramatically then Scotland.

>dont enjoy the outdoors
>in fucking Scotland
If this is true Dixie should conquer Scotland.

If Corbyn is elected - YES

Otherwise, no. The break down of the union will lead to further patriotic disconnect in Britain.

Are you talking about siding with the EU, lots of Scots preach to me about how the EU will make Scotland independent. I very much doubt it. Why do you want separation so badly ? Methinks we have bigger browner problems right now than this old inter-white grudge.

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Absolutely this, but there are quite a lot of right wing people in Scotland with literally no one to vote for

it is 100% true my friend, people are completely oblivious to what we have here its infuriating.

no unless the kingdom of northumbria's territory becomes england, which leaves scotland with nothing of importance

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As a Scotsman no
not under the traitors in the SNP and not just to hop back onto the EU's cock like an abused housewife

can you imagine how quickly the demands for more immigration would come if we were independent. lol

Only if they pull through on the Jacobite succession thing.

>Be Scottish
>Elect fake "Nationalists" who want to seceede from UK.
>Same "Nationalists" want the power to bring in more non-White immigrants

You can sum up spn's nationalism as do the opposite of England. It's embarrassing for me to see people blindly following the SNP to certain death.

Yeah, forgot to mention they whine about joining the JEWnion.

Scottish culture will be wiped out in two generations if we become independent and join the EU.

You have already had your referendum for a generation, Scotland. I am not contributing with my taxes to bankroll yet another referendum. If I can help that, anyway. Use some other suckers money you aren't getting mine for your neverendhum's.

> You voted to stay in the UK, get over it.

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I support beer, weed, sodomy, and Scottish independence.

why do you think this, you have been a member of the EU for ages

I will be the Emperor.

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Why would Scottish culture be wiped out if they become independent? I'm not pro E.U but some countries within it such as Hungary have managed to avoid mass immigration so being in the E.U isn't the end of the world, Scotland should be independent like Ireland and be a ethno nationalist state.

From the EU, yes.

Britain has special rules that mean that you have to have a reason to move here. Without the influence and power that the whole of the Britain we wont have any control of our borders. People will move to Scotland just so they can get into England.

Hungary is a shit hole people will want to move to Scotland just to get to England. Economic instability with being part of the euro.

*Will cause people who are here to leave.


wtf is wrong with scots?
all of them here are obsessed with freemasonry shit...

independence from what, the EU?

Not to mention Hungary is way more nationalistic than Scotland.

what is the issue?
ok, so you want to go independent and join the EU?
don't you need to adopt the euro to do that?
ok, but before you can adopt the euro don't you need your own independent currency with a centrally controlled bank?
but you can't use the pound can you?
right, so you want to leave the UK, make your own currency, then join the euro so you can abandon that currency you just made so that you can join another one that you have no control over what so ever?
and that causes less instability and uncertainty than remaining part of the UK outside the EU

I fucking hate the SNP with every fibre of my being

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I saw some movie set in Scotland that isn't that old it looked white as hell

My ancestors are direct descendants of one of the original clans that fought with Robert the Bruce and were sent to the American colonies during the Jacobite revolt. Of course I want Scotland to be independent, but looking at their current state it's probably better to let them die off and leave it to the Scottish Americans to keep on the torch.

>My ancestors are direct descendants of one of the original clans that fought with Robert the Bruce
fuck off

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The SNP are pro-mass immigration. They complain about the lack of immigrants coming to Scotland, and have called for the devolution of immigration powers with a view of attracting more immigrants. Imagine the sort of party that would complain about not having enough immigrants, that's the SNP.

>Govanhill, the First Minister's constituency.

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>Govanhill, the First Minister's constituency

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No. Scotland belongs to the ANGLO.

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>My ancestors are direct descendants of one of the original clans that fought with Robert the Bruce
Fuck off, you aren't Scottish.
what a magical place it is
>pakis at war with romani gypsies
>constant fights / cars being torched etc
>landlords let 2 bedroom flats out to families of 10
>plumbing doesn't work in many of the old tenement flats
>they literally throw their shit out of the window
>streets covered in litter / shit
>Sturgeon takes fuck all to do with them
must be Westminsters fault though

No no no, Scotland is a part of the UK

>Govanhill, the Sturgeon's constituency.

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My family emigrated to the US from Scotland. This shit is terrible, I am proud of my heritage, growing up as a boy in Scotland, I have many fond memories and still keep in contact with my extended family there.

>Govanhill Primary School.


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Glasgow and its suburbs are all shit. Easterhouse and Ferguslie Park especially. Always good for a laugh going on gumtree and looking at the shite flats

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will your independence affect whisky indusrty in a good way? cuz if it'll make scotch more affordible I will protest for you guys, no doubt. and if it will make things to worst so stay with the bongs.

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Actual Scots are more liberal and left-wing than their English counterparts, that's why the Blair government flooded England with immigrants

I thought this was common knowledge?

Also, it says a lot about the Scottish people that the only parts of their country people genuinely like are the uninhabited mountains and lochs

Jow Forums supports the reestablishment of the British Empire

small homogeneous populations who migrated are more "pure" than where they're originally from. these people are from Cornwall.

I just want world peace

>english flag
>fuck off yer not scottish
top kek


I hope it does or I'm moving to Europe. I'd much rather stay in Inverness.

Nuke Glasgow and North Lanarkshire though. It's gone.


As long as it makes a difference


the loch ness monster will rise from the depths like godzillas bigger, less friendly brother
nicola sturgeon will ride on its back as the monsters flaming, radioactive breathe incinerates london to the ground

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She *is* the Loch Ness monster.

Ok, chill, lads. You all faggets anyway. Here id some humore to make this thread less political. I fucking adore Scotish accent

Look at the demographics of the area he speaks of and you'll see why it was a silly thing to say, especially considering any mixing with Irish/English was done within Scotland centuries before any migration.

Any kind of secession is ultimately good.

.>little Englander who ran away from all the muzzies

spineless cunt, we always fought while you cunts slunk away like the vermin you are

Yes. I support the independence of every people and nation. I stands with my white brothers and sisters in Scotland. Stay strong and don't ever give up the fight.

>great big fucking saltire staring him in the face
>english flag
lmao most English monarchs in the last half-millennium have been descendants of Robert the Bruce
Even I, an Anglo who is as far from aristocracy as one can get, have traced my ancestry back to Robert himself. Stop WUZZ-ing, Cletus

I am from Scotland; what you are listening too is only one kind of working class accent, there are other more articulte accents. One example:

Scotland is part of the UK. We we're never colonized or annexed by England, and basically every war between 'scotland' and 'england' could more accurately be described as dynastic struggles by extended families over property, with the religious aspect becoming more important during the reformation. Throughout these wars, Scots have fought against and beside English. Genetically we're as similar as two peoples can get, we speak the same language, have a shared history, shared values. The development of Scottish Nationalism in the last two decades is more to do with disillusionment with the governance of the country by inept liberals and cynical tories. Most people when confronted with the clusterfuck that an independent Scotland would actually entail decided it's not a good idea, because you lose a lot and gain nothing. Brexit, when it finally does happen, will put any real threat of independence off the table.


I talk to sirius and say I love her so I will be spared when the AI take over

No, because this board is frequent by more English than Scottish and the Scottish folk who do post are usually fat fucking Protestants who would love nothing more than to lick the shit from the queen's arsehole.

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>Also I found your fellow countrymen don't like exercising and hunting/hiking in your pristine nature
most scots were raised to take pride in being working class, because it's easier than trying not to be working class. "you're getting to big for yourself" is common on council estates. wanting to improve is taken to be an insult to those around you. no wonder that liking the outdoors is a non-working class thing. misplaced ego is the downfall of scots. you literally have to move away from your hometown if you grew up on a council estate so that you don't have to live the shadow of council estate mentality.

England has more Catholics than Scotland has people, myself included

Get back on your crannog, Ciaran

Correct MacCorrectly

Pic related is (you)

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>contact Ahuja Holdings
paki slumlords renting out to single mums on housing bennys. £300pcm. fucks sake.

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>implying ireland is an ethnostate

its getting filled with sand niggers

Scottish independance movements have existed since the beggining of the Union. There were riots in Edinburgh when the union was announced. And 2020 marks the two hundred anniversary of an armed nationalst struggle in Glasgow. You are ignorant of your own history.

>If Corbyn is elected
If anyone elects him it would be because the scottish finally push it over the edge and give him enough seats.
The UK would never have had a Labour Government if not for the Celtic nations.
I like you chaps, but stop voting for outright traitors.
At least the Conservatives are covert traitors.

>X has more Ys than Z
Bully for you. The actual SCOTTISH monarchy (not larping Dutch/Germans) was catholic.

If OP wants a proper answer, just be unashamedly pro indepence in a thread and reap the infinite (you)s from people shit talking your country and thinking the SNP are the only pro independence movement.

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No. They would import so many niggers they would ruin the whole of the UK.

the most hardcore unionists come from north lanarkshire - can confirm

They had their chance and blew it. They can do whatever they want but I won't support them one way or the other. They'll figure it out.

or it was direct scottish influence that created the union - please note the stuart dynasty

>would make possibly in the future
Last I checked England was the one full of rape gangs and urban youth while Scotland was 97% white. Cope harder.

if that's what they want

but independence wouldn't separate the crown, only parliament?