Should obese people be allowed to be presidents?

Should obese people be allowed to be presidents?

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Just stop. No one loves you.

If it was forbidden they would have to import presidents

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Obesity is a sign of addiction, drive, motivation, strength.

Which porn star?

This. Gluttony is a virtue and if you have a job where you sit on your ass all day then you're going to get fat no matter how much work you put in.

From where? Auschwitz?

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Obese, yes, retarded, no.

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Damn, Kamila Harris looks like THAT?

I know because the guards there gave the the potato ball story. chips and lard for days they would be well-chubby fatties.

unless.... they shat it all out in the typhus epidemic which is still taboo in your country to speak about.

I think the sun's killing you, you're being incoherent mate

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kill yourself shill rat

Lindsey Dawn Mackenzie
Got a reduction unfortunately but her tits were sublime

Dud you got one of the fatests morbidly obese and he was more than decent, Henry Taffy, those way of think will allow only for some kind of idiocracy where the fittest/hottest candidate will be chosen instead of the beteer one


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Huh. Who knew anime was real?

who cares as long as they do what the people want and need.

It's winter and it's snowing. Try to keep up with the seasons kidd.

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Since presidents are larger than life figures. Yes

>Implying Australia's winter temperature isn't practically the same as the German summer temperature.

That is absolutely fucking disgusting. What the fuck could be wrong with someone to attract them to that shit?

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Flat chest best chest?

Since you are gay, let's get in on princess.

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Who is she. I gotta jerk off to her.

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Propaganda. Ski season started 3 weeks ago.


t. post psychiatric "treatment" fatass

Her tits look fucking disgusting after a reduction.

15 celsius isn't cold mate. Your mountains probably have snow but any high enough altitude mountain has snow.

Linsey Dawn McKenzie - bad luck she had her babylons reduced.

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is he ok?

You are like a baby.

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If it's not negative then it's still hot outside. Try walking home in the Scottish rain during winter if you think you're tough.

got anymore lad? for that test boost

Treat yourself homo.

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>has a folder of gay porn on his computer

whatever helps you sleep at night little man :^)

Only if milkers are on show!

Imagine rolling around with her in the dark.

I think the president & congress should be chosen randomly, like jury duty.

What an ugly quadroon.

According to a death statistics book I read, decapitation is 100% So no.

a real aussie would ski down ayers rock

He's just sleeping

Next he'll say to you:
>b-but user I downloaded it why would I have that saved on my computer its not like I drool over black men haha

Are such fucking tits even possible?

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not giving you a (You) faggot
Tell me how I know youre gay

>if you have a job where you sit on your ass all day then you're going to get fat no matter how much work you put in.
Stop eating carbs and sugars lard ass.

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got a reduction then got implants

I like this idea. Only maybe the candidate pool would be selected randomly. Then they would be voted on by electoral college. Which would be selected randomly. So mostly random but with a human element thrown in to offset more radical selections.