Want an ethnostate? Vote Chairman Yang into power. 1000 bucks x 1000 Polacks equals 1 million bucks per month...

Want an ethnostate? Vote Chairman Yang into power. 1000 bucks x 1000 Polacks equals 1 million bucks per month. That's enough for us buy land and build a town in Wyoming or Montana.

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solid plan mate, i agree

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> he thinks his twousand dowahs will be in fiat money and can be used to orchestrate an ethnostate.


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damn i was hoping this was barry lyndon

This is literally the most cringe meme on Jow Forums.


Fucking kill yourselves.

You can use your money on whatever you want. Just don't start planting nazi flags and declaring yourself an ethnostate. Then it's just a few white people moving in. You could even say you're a Christian commune and get a nice tax break from uncle Sam.

Forgot to activate your vpn / add a memeflag you fucking retard you’re from the uk. Fake and gay.

>people from the UK can't have thoughts about America

Can we have Asian QTs in the ethnostate :D

Love the occasional yang thread. Reminds me of all those Astro turf eating faggots in March and how buttflustered they must be now.

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>Want an ethnostate? Vote Chairman Yang
China already has an ethnostate.

Did someone say Chairman Yang?

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No, faggot you won't. Your 1000$ will come in the form of a rent check and groceries. Stupid. Child.

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No, the whole point of ubi is that's its a straight up 1000 bucks, so other welfare programs, like ebt, can be eliminated. Ubi will be a 1000 buck dividend paid by a vat tax on amazon, Walmart, etc and from the money saved by cutting other welfare programs and their bureaucracies.

Don't be such a newfag, you won't win playing I'm their system, faggot.

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As long as you don't bring them home.

What Yang wants is akin to what they have had in Alaska since the 1970s.


Uh, Wrong!!!

Yang won't Save the White Race, But Instead, Destroy the White Race Because He's a Fucking Democrat and Democrats hate White People

What's he going to do? Hire niggers to fuck you?

who is this, shes look dead on the inside

If Brenton Was a Yang Supporter, He Would of Sipped on his Bottle of S O Y L E N T right after he killed all the Muslims and showing his S O Y F A C E. Brenton Would of been Praised by his Wife's Boyfriend Who is a White Male and a White Nationalist.

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I'm not a yang supporter, I'm a preg artist. There's no better option than yang. UBI will change things and allow people with similar views to build communities much easier.


>literal 1% candidate
>giving money away will only make the value of dollars go down, making them worthless after 1 year
>doesn't have any real policy apart from "le epicorz yangbukz xddd"
Can't wait to laugh at you faggots in 2020, also how much are you getting paid to shill now? Two months ago it was like 3$ per reply

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>>giving money away will only make the value of dollars go down, making them worthless after 1 year
Dumbest thing I've ever heard.
He's not "giving money away", it's money from economic activity. UBI will save money because so many other welfare programs and government departments related to those programs will become obsolete. Ubi won't need a massive government department to administrator it. It already works in Alaska, what Yang is proposing is the same concept, but it would be funded differently and be on a much larger scale.

>making more of something doesn't decrease it's value
>being this retarded
No wonder you're a commie

You are a fucking idiot, honestly, and haven't read a single thing about it. In total, LESS money will be used, for reasons I've already explained multiple times.

Ah yes, let's give money away for free, that will totally not be an incentive for people to stop working and destroying society as we know it, nuh uh, i don't see anything wrong with that

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They've been doing it in alaska for 5 decades dumb dumb and nobody has stopped working.
And fuck society, the world is controlled by a hostile elite, best things whites can do is take everything they can and tribalize. You have no good arguments, you are probably some anti White shitskin.

>W-well, it worked in the less populated state and in a small scale, so it must work on the entirety of the US too!!

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Imagine thinking neets are ambitious enough to collaborate like that. Or to maintain it if they did. No, yang gang communists want money for sitting on their asses. A neet ethno state would collapse after a week.

But you' re in Britain.

Or are you - gasp! - false flagging like a good little jew?

>You have no good arguments, you are probably some anti White shitskin.
You know that Yang is anti white, do you?
He wants to give niggers reparations too

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Who cares what he gives to niggers or anyone else? That's why whites take the bucks and move out.
No arguments, just pure emotional screeching, pizza boy.

Ur british/indian/who knows, you're getting Money

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Most people would be working, on top of getting the bucks. It's no different to someone working and getting welfare now. Almost all wal mart workers are on welfare.

Thinking giving every single citizen 1000$ and the prices will remain the same. Holy Shit, this is the absolute state of socialist's minds living in the western world.

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who the fuck would want to be around other Jow Forumstards
nothing would get done

Lmao, seething much?
Why don't you put some sugar in that tea instead of salt?
Also being pro black reparations is something only a nigger loving kike would do, and that's against "muh neet ethnostateh!!"

>thinks he's an economics expert because he read an article on mises.org

Yang is a puppet by China to take control of the US away from Israel and give it to them
You see, the jew isn't even bad. He just fucked up and the Arabs invaded
I mean not getting money

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You're seething which is why you've been spazzing out like an overly emotional retard from your first post, Donatello.

The people who support yang are not workers lol. They’re parasites. And any ethnostate they build would be parasites feeding on parasites. Doomed to fail.

Not only that, but can you imagine how brutally land prices will spike when intelligent, fiscally minded people have an extra $12-24K a year to throw at real estate? If the neets didn’t organize immediately, that $1M wouldn’t even be able to buy them a trailer park in bumfuk Egypt.

Ohhh, so that's why when you ran out of bullshit you started namecalling, yeah got it now

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Also shill and seeth all you want, he still has only 1%

Can i keep them in my sex dungeon? I promise not to let them out.

That's that blacked pornstar Hannah hays or whoever it's spelt. Yes she's dead on the inside

>The people who support yang are not workers lol
Prove it. Plenty of successful business men support UBI. Men richer, more successful, and knowledgeable than you.

>let me ask for proofs to a belivable claim while making a claim and giving no proof my self, that'll show'em

Bill Gates, Branson, Musk, Zuckerberg, and even Buffet are all in favor of it. People who are harder working and richer than you will ever be.

Bezos too.