Iran dindu nuffin tho

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Fake news

Fuck off schlomo.

>fAKe nEwZ

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Iran rescued them is what other news agencies are reporting. Even if they were involved nobody believes you kikes at this point because you lie about literally everything. Boy who cried wolf. Having said that send our transgender military nobody cares here

Iran tried to attack ships carrying its own oil, and then detained Norwegian crew, because reasons.

It's about as believable as 1 million Jews being burned in 50 ovens in 6 months.


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actual holocaust when?
fucking KIKE. FUCK OFF
we dont want your fucking faggot shekelgrubbing wars

based pentagon

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>Iran rescued them is what other news agencies are reporting.
If that's true how did they get on the US ship?
Let me guess the jews used deep faked particle beam weapons from space or some other completely absurd shit you would make up to make it seem like the worlds #1 terrorist sponsor a fucking radical Islamic military theocracy run by fanatics are the fucking good guys here just so you can blame jews.

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hi kike. kill yourself

another kike. fuck off

Israel is the #1 sponsor of terrorism in the world. Menachem Begin was the self proclaimed father of terrorism. Educate yourself.

remember when they "rescued" us navy sailors. amazing how fast people forget.

either way truth will come out from sailors firsthand soon.

>belive establishment goyim

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If that's true then why did you just post a story saying Iran kidnapped them? My point was no matter who did it, jews have lied to the point that they have lost credibility. I literally laughed at pompeo's speech wondering if he thinks people actually believe the shit they say at this point. Dancing Israelis, WMD, Hotel David, same old shit.

How many acts of terror has Iran committed in the past 3 days?
Cruise missile attack on Saudi airport killing what 22 civilians waiting for a plane, rocket launches into Israel (not that this is new), 2 oil tankers hit by explosive devices, 5 terrorist suicide drones were intercepted just last night in Saudi Arabia.
That's actually only 2 days of terrorism. This shit happens EVERYDAY and it's funded by Iran & Russia.
Don't you people understand what a Islamic theocracy is? They force their people to follow Islam to the letter, they fucking stone innocent people to death kids & women even AND they fund terrorism to that end. If someone tells them they need x amount of money to kill the heretics Iran blows up a fucking tanker to raise oil prices to fund a terrorist cell in the name of Islam.

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No one is coming to help you moshe when Turkey/Iran/Syria/Hezbollah come knocking at your back door. I can't wait to watch hezbollah gopro footage of little jew noses getting curb stomped. I will drive to Dearborn and buy a Gyro from a Shia shop.

#1 Drone attack by houthis, Suadia Arabia started that war so thats their fault.
#2 Isreal shot rockets near the border back into Isreal parking to blame arabs.
#3 Houthis again, suadis fault.
Isreal and CIA created and funded Osama bin laden to Isis and their leader so STFU.

Then you're just an idiot without even the slightest understanding of geopolitics. I guess your only here to jew bash I suppose you would fit right into a barbarian Islamic horde.

Ok rabbi, Jews should stop bashing Europeans.

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fuck off kike

Jews are sand niggers
Turks are sand niggers
Saudis are sand niggers
Iranians are sand niggers

I am sick of all these sand nigger conflicts we get involved in

You are both faggots. More isn't there to be said. We've got lots schizos lately.
>muhh Iran dindu nuffin!!!11

Yeah fuck me anons, the kikes aren't better and they dominate the fucking world, I am absolutely on you with that. But seriously, if Iran saw an opportunity, why wouldn't they go for it? I would if I had the ability to put pressure on the US Gov.

if the americans could see this happen why weren't they rescuing the nord crew?

So when Iranian ships got near they could take grainy photos and blame them for kidnapping the crew and for removing the mines Israel placed in a Qatari port.

The Ayatollah Asshola has lost his damn mind we need to rescue our Aryan Nord brothers

Nobody cares. Kikes can fight this one themselves.

>We didn't lie about Iraq, it turns out our intelligence agencies never really did their job and we had no real information at all in the first place! That's different than lying.

Iranians are returning to Zoroastrianism, they will tear down their theocracy eventually, although if we openly traded goods and idea's with them it would happen faster. War will push them closer to Islam.

Damn chill mossad


Why do Jewish women love black men so much?

My thing is, the last time the Pentagon, the White House, and the media all got together and said "this bad man, bad man do mean things with super super big boom booms. Bad man have mass destructive weapons." It's was all a farce, and there were no super super boom booms. I suspect this is no different. You not only have to provide sources that Iran is a threat, you have to prove those sources aren't the same ones that lied us into Iraq.

>Iranians rescue sailors
>Iranian bomb squads diffuse undetonated bombs and remove them from the ship

Every fiber in my body right now wants Israel and ZOG to be destroyed. These creatures are the biggest threat to not just the western world, but to mankind as well and they must perish as soon as possible.

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Because USS Bainbridge rescued the crew of the other tanker, the Kokuka.

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This. Iran is not just the good guys, they are heroes for standing against the overwhelming might of ZOG.

Our wonderful intelligence agencies made to eat their humble pie.

The sailors of the Front Altair were rescued by the Iranians.

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/htg/ predicted the false flag in April.

>Iran Bad

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>It Is IRAN who funds terror

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Iran was on that hit list of 7 countries without a rothchild bank. BIBI head of the jew mafia in Israel is rothchild attack dog. So he is getting the American Golem to do their dirty work again.
So obvious and tiring at this point.

Why should we trust the media?

Why do you trust the media?

How conflicts work:
>media machine starts ramping up discontent for certain country through fake news
>An attack happens
>blames said country

It's like clockwork.

Then the Iranian coast guard extinguished the fire on the Front Altair.

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where's the evidence? should we just take their word for it?

what some dumb cunt retard named lucas believes that the pentagon "believes" tells me nothing

Haha mossad agent on the tanker is going to get weeded out. Eat shit Shlomo.

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And this is a video of the crew from the Front Altair.

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Sloppy job, Mossad, again?

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DEEPFAKE Sloppy Toppy Mossady

How many acts of terror has Iran committed against the west in the last 30 years?
Oh right, it's zero

Iran better do as their name says. Shit skins about to get glassed




>Iran: We did this :)


More Jewish lies.

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We would have already been at war with Iran if it weren't for the internet.
Some user was posting last night about the internet being switched off for a while... is he onto something?

>Be spain
>have aircraft carrier
>Juan Carlos

You can't make this up!

>Some user was posting last night about the internet being switched off for a while
You don't even need to 'switch off' the whole internet. Just groups who aren't going to work with one narrative.
Conspiracy theorists and 'right wingers' on youtube for instance can be shut down.
Reddit is good boy points country and only the right opinions won't be banned etc.

I don't think platform censoring is working the way they wanted it to... Outages are becoming common and many folks are convinced they actually cut off the internet in certain instances.
They kicked off Alex Jones from Youtube, now people just reupload his videos under different accounts.

Fuck off, if they knew too much Iranian gunboats would have sunk them and not taken them home.

A book recommendation for you, given you love sucking jewish cocks so much.

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Testing the waters. Besides, vague wording on 'hate speech' and 'antisemitism' especially can easily get any "Israel provided false evidence, here's proof" videos pulled for antisemitism.
It'll happen. And big tech will work with the government to avoid antitrust issues.

>Mission False Flag

What do you Anons think Plan C is?
I think nuke a major American city.

how does anyone fall for this shit lmao it's so fucking obvious it's almost embarrassing

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lmao, all these schizo JOO posters

What if I told you.. you don't have to be a Jew to call Iran a shit

either you support russia and iran and all the arab countries
you support duh jews
there is no middle ground bro REEEEEE

Plan C is "Iran just nuked itself! How despicable!"

I saved this post from some user yesterday:

Psssst, hey user, don't share this with anyone else okay? Just before the Iran deal, Norway went into a financial crisis due to oil prices tanking. Tens of thousands of jobs were lost within the oil industry during the following years. After sanctions on Iran were lifted, Iran grew into becoming one of the largest exporters of petroleum oil in the world just behind Norway, making them a direct competitor. In may, 4 tankers were claimed to be struck by large objects in the Persian gulf, by whom? None other than Saudi Arabia, The UAE and Norway, two of which are direct enemies to Iran, and all of which are petroleum oil exporters and would directly benefit from sanctions being reestablished on Iran's oil exports. SA and UAE would only claim their tankers being attacked after Norway being the only country willing to provide any evidence, they've both yet to provide any actual evidence of their tankers being attacked. It is no coincidence the second tanker being "attacked" is Norwegian too. Reestablishment of sanctions would directly bloom Norway's economy back to its former glory and lift them from their financial crisis and create thousands of jobs, they have everything to benefit from the US going to war with Iran

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I don't care if they did or didn't. Americans are through dying for your tribe Shlomo Shekelberg.

Didn't they already try this same narrative a few weeks ago?

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Trump might not want it but the traitorous Praetorian prefects John Bolton and Mike Pompeo do and they're the ones in control of the government.

>If that's true how did they get on the US ship?
m8 there was 2 tankers. The japanese ship got picked up by the US navy. The norwegian ship got picked up by the Iranians

What reason would Iran have to blow up a Norwegian oil ship and hold the crew hostage? I call bullshit. They're coming out with these (((new developments))) because even normies are suspicious.

He is Jewish, he and the media have the same goals.



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but user, didn't you see the low quality blurry footage with no colors to identify anything released by the US that PROVES iran was taking a mine off the ship?

>first rescued by a merchant vessel
>a merchant vessel
you just can't make this shit up

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>like the worlds #1 terrorist sponsor a fucking radical Islamic military theocracy run by fanatics are the fucking good guys here
you're talking of Saudi Arabia Qatar Dubai and the Emirat right

right ?

riiiigh ?


Look at Iran attacking that ship with water cannons!

>Let me guess the jews used deep faked particle beam weapons from space, there were just two different ships, sperglord.

This is just USS Liberty 2.0. False flag, except the US has top Jews like Bolton and Kushner supervising this mess. I'll say that right before the 2020 election, we'll be at war with Iran.

Again? The first one never happened tho

Nigger trump will lose if he goes to war
Nobody wants this war and as dumb as the American public is, this ain’t 2003 no more

Shut the fuck up you disgusting kike

Who could it be now?

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We didn’t lie we were just wrong. Too bad we sent thousands of American troops to their deaths killing million of innocent Iraqis.

No. We took intel that said "maybe" and said "It definitely does". That's lying.