Why the hate?

I'm intriged as to why homosexuals were hated and distrusted in every society and every culture in history.

What could be the evolutionary benefit to hating such artistic people?

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Oh! You believe that stereotype? Then here's another one: 90% of gays are narcissistic sociopaths who have trouble hiding it.

Well Leonardo, Raphael...

not sure about Carrivagio

Many of the masters were gay...

Then Oscar Wilde...

Alan Turing...

Because they are spreaders of disease both moral and physical and molestors of children.

Yep Caravaggio was gay apparently.

Leonardo Da Vinci? :/

Was Michaelangelo gay?


Homos are basically incubating hundreds of new strains of disease annually in their anus.

Before antibiotics, STD's killed people.
So, all sex outside of that needed to produce children were outlawed, to stop the spread of disease.
Yes, you literally had to have a license for sex. Even fornication was outlawed.
Now, homosexual men were the worst spreaders of disease.
And yes, people knew you could get these STDs by contact: afflicted touch their sores, they they touch you and it might spread.
But we have antibiotics that work... for now.

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First, because it's a psychological issue. No one is "born gay". It's a demented, deep form of narcissism. Homo sapiens social structure evolved away from individualistic to familial.

Secondly, because they target straight men. Straight men do not appreciate this, nor do their women.

Every gay, lesbian, bisexual needs therapy, not acceptance.

>inb4 1 post by this id

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never forget

Four of them all dead.

Modern day there are millions of gays so get your brain spaghetti pumping out some good ones or so help me I'm gonna go 1950's phrenology on your ass

Probably because the all have aids and ass cancer

Why were so many artistic masters gay?

They weren't that oppressed, they just weren't allowed to spread their degeneracy and child molesting ways to society. You could be a homo, but not proud about it.

Well I like the classical style of art you see

You can kiss a man or woman upon ascension to the Republic after your heroes journey and Plato formed the basis of Christianity...


Straights are vegetables, homos are weeds. Can you live off weeds?

What happens when society artificially starts to pull vegetables to let the weeds grow. How long can you survive on chickweed and dandelions?

>How long can you survive on chickweed and dandelions?

It's much harder to kill a human being than you were taught in school. You can feed them like a seagull and they live for twenty years ++


well dandelions have far higher nutritional content than a lettuce

I accept this answer.

Yes and they are also full of oxalate. Enjoy your kidney stones.

So is Spinach?

I consume a lot of citric acid.

they are degenerates who are defined by their inability to resist being ruled by passion rather then use logic and reason

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You might want to re-consider eating raw spinach.

lmao Wilde got his ass kicked by the Marquess of Queensbury and he literally wrote an entire book about people being named Ernest, "master" indeed.

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Versus the number of the rest who were heterosexual, "gay art talent" is a microscopic speck, and as an artist I'm frankly fucking sick of hearing this canard. It's propaganda and a LIE. All the gays do is infest what straights invent, harass men out of it, suppress women out of it, invite their pedophile allies into it and then paste a naked male body over whatever art contains the beautiful female figure. That's not innovation it's pathology. They're not artists, they're largely Jewish or Jew friendly frauds.

Anyone that licks his own shit off his boyfriends cock is a degenate, mentally ill fuck. You shill trannys need to up those suicide numbers from 40 percent to 100.

Why are so many gays artificially dubbed masters by a media controlled by gays is the real question you're avoiding.

This is a perfect analogy.

Because it is disgusting*. Fuck, I think more than half of homos have homo sex addictions due to the simple fact that lot of people are turned on sexual by disgusting things. the worst of these are anti-gay closet gay republicans.

* It doesn't raise or produce kids in a traditional home which despite kike propaganda is the best way to raise kids.

Most of our demented "elites" and their pawns are faggots.