>Die for Israel

get ready mutts

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Natural selection. What's the problem with putting meat into the meat grinder?


He has no style
He has no race
He’s one big fucking disgrace

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You're lucky.
The jews look at Europe and say "we have to get their IQ down" and bring in hoards of low IQ bad behaving people from Africa.
They looked at Croatia and said, "muh! Why bother?"

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so they want europe to be just like the US?
makes sense

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Hit it marines, go go go! The Zog ain’t payin you by the hour.

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nice meme muhammad

Only israelies should be drafted fist til they comprise the frontline of 200k troops then us troops get called for backup if they get their asses kicked.

That's a navy uniform, that motherfucker is not gonna die

Americans look uglier than Thai lepers

Well guys turns out the EVIL IRANIANS are our ENEMY and by that I mean they are the ENEMY of ISRAEL which as you all know is our GREATEST ALLY.

Prepare your firstborn sons Goyim, tomorrow they dine in hell.

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Can someome do an ms paint of this fucker?

Americans are unironically the most ugly thing in existence. And you wonder why are “art” is mostly unappealing. I rather be some jungle asian if it means not being apart of this decaying shithole.

Not enlisted, no fucks given.

thats a beaner, ladyboy

Underrated comment, healthy numerals.

thx muttface

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>so they want Europe to be just like the US?
Yes, and they're dumbing down the US; we got over a million new low IQ central Americans last year.... so it's worse than you thought.

>dios mio
la creatura

>unironically and unintentionally proves my backhanded remarks.

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i am an expert on this

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Nailed it!

D&c slide thread. Sage and report this threads

>mexican trash dying for israel.

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>shart in mart not even man enough to show his flag

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howd u get my yearbook photo user, wtf


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>Not us goyim, we very publicly declared we weren't getting involved a month ago

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HD Version

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So if we were to nuke Israel into a parking lot, would anyone on a global level actually give a shit? I mean obviously the muzzies would be upset over muh holy land, but would Russia or China even flinch?
Europe obviously would be pissy but if retaliation against the US meant a combine force of US Russia and Chine fucking them up I don’t think they’d actually do anything.

israel is a friend TO NO ONE!!!
No one would fucking care except kikes in foreign lands!!!
Well, and I guess some of their opportunistic luciferian allies would be against it for political reasons. But NO ONE LIKES ISRAEL.

You know how you have some affectionate notions about a handful of other countries, even if they're shitholes?
no one likes anything about Israel

Love me a mutt thread

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t. Achmed

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>tfw youre to old to re-up and kill more muzzies
Feels bad man

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Disregarded out of hand for /leftypol/ meme.