Why were they so retarded?

People still view these meth-heads as an elite force, but in reality every Wehrmacht account of them was that they were fanatical, suicidal maniacs who had no real strategy and just LARPed about rounding up Jews to murder.

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England should have been turned into a floating ossuary for the greatest cucks in the history of mankind
gott straffe guten goyim

hey everybody look at me I’m english and one of the greatest superpowers let’s go to India for tea and bring back a billion brown morons instead and give London to them and we can start a war against other white people in order to give the Jews a new Zion who’s with me

hey everybody we’re england we survived the Black Death three times and then decided to give our entire country to brown people

If Germany was fighting for racial purity and sovereignty..... ask yourself, what was the west fighting for? . . . ?

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Seething. As you can tell I am quite fond of the Wehrmacht, not sure why you feel the need to shoehorn London being full of browns into a conversation about WW2.

Also interesting how people say Britain started WW2 even though Hitler and Stalin were the ones carving up Europe and France declared war on Germany at the same time us as because they invaded Poland on a phony pretext. How convenient that it gave Hitler a reason to invade France, a country he hated for treating Germany so harshly after WW1. Nazis were utter retards.

The Bong fears the Samurai.

Actually the bongs ended the samurai era.

Unironically yes, we got BTFO by them in Burma, alongside our Aussie and Pajeet forces. My Great Grandfather was in Burma as a Royal Engineer and subsequently spent the whole war in a Japanese POW camp, and never talked about what he saw there. WW2 aside Britain and Japan are pretty similar to each other in being islands off a large continent, that forged empires and don't see themselves as part of their respective continents. There is a cultural similarity between Britain and Japan that doesn't exist between Japan and Europe.

The Anglo-Saxon doesn't take morality from Gook robots.

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the greatest single defeat the British empire suffered was the Japs capturing almost the entire British army at Singapore

ive always seen them as the Britain of Asia too, especially since they had a feudal society too.

Why are you calling my grandpa a meth-head? They had more strategy than you brits. Why do you think you got buttfucked in france in the early state of the war?

This cant be happening! Im in charge here!

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Freedom to do what exactly, and everyone knows that voting doesn't change anything, meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

I don't see samurais on that picture.

No I see surrendering Brits.

Which doesn't disprove my earlier statement. I could post pictures of yanks surrendering the Philippines but honestly don't care enough to.

Cry all you like but our one crowning achievement in that war was the pacific theater. And none of your coping will change the fact that war was the final catastrophic fall of the British empire. You ended the Samurai period? They ended British dominion in Asia.

I was just joking around with what most people would answer. I do believe in a authoritarian dictatorship balanced by an armed population.

>still had Hong-Kong till 1997 when the lease passed.

>still have bases in Singapore and Brunei
Yeah they sure kicked us out of Asia alright

Rednecks love jewish LARPs, controlled opposition and authoritarian governments led by psychos. The third reich combined all three so it is like an orgasm for Cletus and friends.


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