I will post some charts about US media.

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Why did this happen bros

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bump, all saved

How was thus data collected?


American Renaissance is the shit. Read "Colour of Crime" Watch Jared Taylor and do research.
"But.. Jared Taylor doesn't adress the JQ!"
Shut the fuck up, he did. He realizes the huge part Jews are playing in our societies and pushing deneragy, but he understands that we shouldn't be such easily manipulated and we need a mass awakening before we can take care of the JQ.

because we have freedom of the press but no accountability if they lie

What the fuck happened around 2011-2013?

obongo lifted the propaganda ban is all i can think off

Re-election of obama was in need of big propaganda and collective jewry.
American Reneissance YT
Good quality facts.

Obama lifting propaganda ban sources

Occupy Wall Street

Not an explanation. It was the same in 2000, and in 1990, so why did it happen in 2010?
My suspicion is that it has to do with Obama. But idk how they pulled it off.

Software update

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So what I'm getting from this is that suddenly racism is a big deal now that we live in the least racist time in american history. Makes sense, wonder (((who's))) behind it

This is the best thread in the history of Jow Forums. Puts the coup we're under in bad relief. Finnanon: show statistics for the dramatic rise in gay and transgender news stories

Trayvon Martin died in 2012, sparked a whole new level of racial debate in this country that hasn't really stopped.

So what if there's just way more articles being put online nowadays, because of internet and especially smartphones?

>As some of you pointed out, any search term is likely to see an overtime increase (if only due to growth in the number of news outlets/publications). As such, I think it's better to limit the searches to single publications.
If a news outlet started putting out WAY more articles in general, since so many people are zombies on their phones nowadays, then obviously there will also be a (huge) increase in articles. Also those that mention these terms. So I'd like to see the same graphs with different terms.

thing is nogs get shot all the time, what was so special about trayvon? If anything it wasnt even a white guy who shot tray either which makes it weirder. Was it a minor thing that was blown out of proportion by the media?

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It was a "minor" thing in exactly the way you describe. Black people are shot and killed all the time. Social media took his story and spread it around as much as it could, then the media picked it up, then people started talking about it irl. This all developed into Black Lives Matter. I'd say Twitter was a huge part of it, but there's no single reason why Trayvon's death changed debate about race for the last decade, it just did.

>changed the debate
it didn't really change anything. just more excuses for nigs to chimp out. nothing is different afterward.

I definetly think there is big chance that Obama took the propaganda ban off and jews conspired this. I can't seem to find charts after 2015, they would be worse i suspect.

Couldn’t you just do a per capita analysis then? What percentage of articles are of the subject matter pointed out?

>Trayvon Martin trial threads with play-by-play shitposting
Jow Forums will never be that comfy ever again.

It obviously did change the debate. There's a dozen charts in this thread that illustrate that.

Micheal Brown thing happened a year or 2 after that. Then the Ferguson, Missouri riots. And the media and especially Obama were race baiting like crazy. I remember. I was there.

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Weird, i wonder what happdned in 2015/2016.

Then Eric Garner's bitch ass got strangled.

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Do you maybe have the medias approval ratings in a chart?
It would be great to contrast these.
Good job OP.

He was used as a propaganda tool to better control Blacks, and it worked because niggers truly are that stupid.


the useful idiots just eat this stuff up!

Stfu Tim Poole, no one cares about your channel.

The only chart you need.

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Finns always making quality posts.

Jow Forums needs to push this hard. Literal SCIENCE that shows how the left has become brainwashed and radicalized in the last few years far more than the right. It's a silver bullet against most of their attacks on the "far right".

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Whatever could have happened.

who took control of the NYT newsroom 7 years ago?

America's favorite past time: sucking jewish cocks

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The media is as American as the refugees are European. Exactly as much.

>"But.. Jared Taylor doesn't adress the JQ!"
gotta disavow the guys on the frontlines

maybe cause obama said if he had a son it would have been like treyvon

Just post the entire thing faggot

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Holy shit this is ridiculous.

The mainstream media is the enemy of the people.

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This. So much of this.
Calling everyone that can have any pull on the right, a kike is one of the successful leftists tactics(left=Jews for the simplicity).
They are winning this because they understand Jow Forums's "conspiracy" of the Jews.
This one thing seems to be working on the Jow Forumslacks that have the tendency to think in the black-and-white terms.

Seriously does anyone have the support rate for the NYT over the years?
I will look for it because it has to be somewhere. So far I couldn't find anything like the long time chart.

This is a good thread all the faggotry started around 2010 and now they are all acting as is it was always this way and is an established fait accompli

9 years is a lifetime for the NPC's.

Ok I found something. I don't think I agree, since it's only from Gallup but we can see which one is the most brainwashed group.

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Occupy is the answer. Once the powers that be saw people discussing the globalist 1% vs everyone else, and class consciousness arising, they sent plants into the demonstrations to derail every conversation about wealth into bullshit arguments about every fringe identity group.

Also the politifact "checked" it, so now I know for sure that the statement is true.

Pic related, cause I forgot to attach it

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Because of social media.

And this is the only decent thread up at the moment. Bump.

Jared Taylor is amazing for recruiting people. He adresses the role of the Jews on some videos, but he doesn't make too big deal of it. He doesn't wanna get called nazi. He is a white advocate. He is openly alt right.

Ding ding ding!
People started waking up and somehow the occupy protests got flooded with identity politics and fell apart. The banker kikes knew people were sniffing them out, so they got everyone arguing about sexuality and skin color to change the subject.
It worked, "white people" are now somehow responsible for the massive income inequality and trash wages these jews are keeping as the status quo, and social media (also run by kikes and billionaires) is here to remind you every 10 seconds.

The answer is so easy to find user that I am surprise you have to ask.

Maxine Waters slipped up during a 2013 interview with journalist Roland Martin. In this interview Waters said –

…I think some people are missing something here. The President [Obama] has put in place an organization that contains a kind of database than no one has ever seen before in life. That’s going to be very, very powerful and whoever …and that database will have information about everything on every individual in ways that it’s never been don before.”

Democrats are incredibly dumb. They wholeheartedly believe propaganda.

>Doubles every three years
At this rate, all 2 million news articles published every day will be about diversity and inclusion in 45 years