Just here to remind you that I absolutely called it about a month ago. Fuck Israel and fuck the United States

Just here to remind you that I absolutely called it about a month ago. Fuck Israel and fuck the United States

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Have a bump mate. Fuck these kikes.

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Didn't they pull the same exact stunt 1 month ago and then it went nowhere? How fucking stupid are normies? It was May 12, 2019 for fuck's sake.

Iran, Israel, and America until Trump came along, were ruled by the same group

I read somewhere that Iran didn't have a central bank, if it's true then they're not (too lazy to dyor right now)

>until Trump came along

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Lots of people predicted this, you're not unique in that. Blaming America itself instead of solely blaming the Jews who control America is retarded, you faggot.

>ask for someone to screencrap your post
>no one does it
>fuck it do it yourself
>post it a month later

(((America))) as a country is to be blamed. It was founded by masons around civic values. Any non-racial state is cancerous.

they have one but they refuse to join the central banking cartel and refuse to make peoples pay usury
usury is illegal and the kike doesn like that at all

Israel (and more specifically Netanyahu) has been obsessed with Iran since the late 90s. We would have already attacked them by now, but the Iraq war went so badly and is now so unpopular that they have had to put those plans for future wars on hold.

Ever since the late 1990s Netanyahu's been saying that Iran is "5 years away from having a nuclear weapon". Obviously its been more than 5 years since the 90s. Netanyahu just lies then moves the goalposts 5 more years down the line.

>betting on a race of parasitic vermin to behave as vermin

Wow what a crazy guess user. No one would ever expect jews to be manipulative.

Bump for the slaughter of kikes and the mongrels they call for.

>predicted accurate assessment
Seriously legit. Checked

how frequently do you screenshot your own post, satan?

Twice, the OP and one where i called Syria having a better standard of living than Serbia in 5 years

It is the only moves they have left, if we can weather it all the world will turn against Rothchild Israel.
Based and Serb pilled.

To be fair we all knew that this was the only path.

>Screencap thousands of my own posts
>Post them later on to say I nailed it

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ryan the autistic countersemitism guy called this 2 years ago.

A broken clock is right twice a day.