Brit/pol/ - Rory Stewart For Prime Minister Edition

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>Historian David Starkey speaks up for Conservative MP Rory Stewart

>Rory Stewart second-favourite candidate among Tory members

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Stop saying Rory for PM
You faggot its not going to happen.

What percentage of 46,500,001 (total electorate) is 17,410,742 (leave voters

wots for tea mum

37% fellow big brain

And 37 is a smaller number than 52, right?

stop living ur life online you specky neeks

Only 72.2% of electorate voted
God bless our NHS

>46,500,001 (total electorate) is 17,410,742
you want me to keep reposting this?

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I think so.. I'm not really that good with numbers but it seems right

That’s not an answer to my question?
It’s okay if you can’t answer because you’re bad at maths

>culling populas
>not going private
>keeping yourself NOT SICK.

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Why can’t you answer the question?

he doesn't understand population is not the electorate. can you view pics on your icrap?

I did

rollan 4 raab

Just got back from the World Cup games with my girl. It's been a great time but wish I stayed for the remaining 3 weeks

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But the population is about 66million??? Are you stupid?

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thats on every 5 years years we just had that last year WTF? world cup in what? basketball?

The answer is 37%

Rory is a patrician Blackberry user.

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What are you doing here then Champ?

are you just going to keep looping?

i have already told you we voted to leave by 52%

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Women's football you spaz

It's 41%

guys if you stop by Kingston Upon Thames ill buy you a pint no questions asked.

17410742 is 37.44 % of 46500001

But what percentage of the electorate voted leave? Is it 37%?

Shit wi sugar on

No? It’s 37%???


No no no your all trolling
its 52%

It's every 4 years, and it was world cup for males last year. this is it's the females

sorry i get confused between elections and world cups and Olympic time dates.

Thought I might chop a cucumber in half lengthways and deep fry it then use that as a base for a stew.

current Crystal palace women side beat the England men side of 1996 earlier this year. robbie fowler was seething

You must have been dying from boredom. They are not even playing in swimsuits, what's the point.

Stop spamming this rat-faced remoaner cunt here. Fuck off.

>doesn’t know what electorate means

Just drink water

It's some kind of psyop I reckon.

Stuck on my maths homework

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>women beat old men

you happy with yourself user?

More than the percentage to stay

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Bet he uses medicine and indoor plumbing too
What a philistine

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id rather be a philistine then a jew.

Yeah I will
Will see if it gets better over the weekend, if not will go doctors

People tend to think that pub side would beat a pro women' side. I'm sure that a bunch of 50 year old former pro footballers (who lost against women) would beat a pub side too, right?

desu, there's many goals

Boomer work camps.

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He looks like the green goblin

This image proves me right???

Westminster voting intention:

BREX: 26% (-)
LDEM: 22% (+2)
LAB: 19% (-1)
CON: 17% (-1)
GRN: 8% (-1)
CHUK: 1% (+1)
UKIP: 0% (-)

via @YouGov, 9 - 10 June
Chgs. w/ 6 Jun


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I don't get it


yh just got back from new dely init well nice none of those pakis there

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it actually makes sarah a cunt. what kind of ridiculous woman keeps over 46 million sweets. more the point why does sarah hang round with fucking nutcase freeloaders like mary who also wants an ridiculous amount of sweets?
what for?
what problem is thing going to solve?
and she wants them for free i take it? fucking socialists man. where does sarah keep these sweets? in a warehouse? you cant keep that ridiculous amount of sweets in your home. where would you put them?
Stupid t.brainlet

>CON: 17% (-1)
We need to go lower.

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Why are swarthy and med looking English/Welsh/Scottish people often darker than those in the Iberian peninsula despite having lived up here for thousands of years?

i dont care about arabs they are going to be genocided anyway. we cant help them only ourselves.

Eating too many baked beans makes them turn orange like what happens to sunny D addicts.

Bull fucking shit, the majority of people in the iberian are fucking dark

>america and britain allies with the arab negroid mutts

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a friend of mine is part irish/english but has thick black hair (it's like concrete when you touch it), but light brown/green eyes and is white as fuck.


Pick one?

he's a flying fucking faggot and should do the decent thing and step aside

get him to get a dna test. i thought i was anglo irish but i am more british then irish and like 14% finnish.

Found out i was gaelic today from mixed irish-scottish ancestry. What the fuck does that mean.

Is he 37% leave?

Imagine a remain advocate winning the torie election

Rory is Theresa may 2.0

Fuck right off

Your daily reminder that boris wants to fuck your wife and beat you up

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do you know the 'briton' meme from here? you know, the one with fuzzy black hair, dotted eyes, and the black beard? yeah that's basically him

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i see.


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Stop calling him "Jezza". He's not your pal or your mate.

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not true, only 70%+ of the electorate voted

So it’s true that 63% of he electorate didn’t vote to leave the EU?


>this is considered logic in the mind of the retard

>99% of the world didn't eat an apple today


>YouGov snap poll finds by 58% to 25% Brits say Jo Brand's battery acid joke was appropriate.
>Leave voters (74%) are much more likely than Remain voters (46%) to think the comment was inappropriate.

What percentage of the population voted to Remain in the EU?

lol you got some tart who looks whored to the max / tranny
hancock and raab please.

>attacking politicians is good teehee

It's considered a fact

no, 63% of the electorate didn't vote remain, a minority did, which is why they fucking lost

might be good to get another in minecraft.

100% of Jews are Jews.

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Riddle me this remoaner...

What is 13% but also half?

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voted to stay?
as in actually voted?
uhh that would be 48.11%