Can someone explain what the fuck the "third position" is supposed to be...

Can someone explain what the fuck the "third position" is supposed to be? Movements that identify with third positionism always seem to be far right, except they might be environmentalists or might oppose capitalism for nationalistic reasons (not economic reasons). The only ideologies that actually seems "beyond left and right" are Strasserism or National Bolshevism.

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Recognizing flaws in both capitalism and communism

that actually seem*

An attempt at subversion.
Imagine what the Green movement was for hippies and the extreme left, the third position is supposed to by the honey pot for libertarians, rightwingers of all kind and classical leftism of many kinds

I get that, but almost all movements that identify as third position seems to be far right. The American freedom party, the falangists under franco, they all embrace capitalism.

also those who fall for (((eco))) fascism or any other (((eco))) (((rightwing))) movement is securing the jews monopoly on energy

Third position is th ideology that had no representative in Yalta.

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Socialism(fascism, communism, nazism, maoism) isn't election of political parties. Third positing is political party being the state. In USA or Europe political party isn't the state, they work for state, they work for money, they are a private company created by market bankers.

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It's against Hitler, pro-capitalism, affiliates itself with communism, against national socialism and pro-Judaism. Don't fall for it. Führerprinzip above all.

It means you're some retarded (((NatSoc))) or (((Fascist))) who thinks (((National Socialism))) or (((Fascism))) are actually a third positionist ideologies when they both advocate for and maintain a (((Capitalist))) economic system.

Oh really, where did Hitler or Mussolini advocate for capitalistic system? They ran a country, you joined their political party, you joined their movements, their education, their worker union, else you weren't considered to be working for country aka not being a nationalist.

Fascism is third positionist, as was Nazism, as is Ba'athism and Peronism. Jamahiriya in Libya was also third positionist. National Anarchism, Odalism, "Eco-fascism", it's all third positionist.

Just a question regarding your heuristic
(((Fascism))) =/= Fascism
(((Capitalism))) == Capitalism

/thread but leftism is not liberalism

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As far as I understand facism advocates for corporatism where government exists to make sure industry succeeds and fuel class collaboration not class warfare. Fascists are okay with private property and free enterprise, just not globalistic free market capitalism

no objection. Both are centralized statist cuck ideologies.

Liberalism is the only pure form of leftism.

Fascism advocates for political party of Mussolini being the country, the state, the culture. Obviously market isn't above the political party, do i even have to fucking tell you that, Jesus Christ. In USA obviously market is capitalistic, therefore not influenced by government, more like market runs your government aka Juden investing into political parties.

I agree that all of those are third position except for Nazism. Nazism (not Strasserism) is far right

Liberalism has nothing to do with left wing. Liberalism is founding principles of USA and nothing to do with leftism of Communism.
Nation = nationalism = nationalization of property by political party that rules.
Communism = ownership in hands of native people and nationalization of only big industry in hands of political party that rules.
Capitalism = market owns everything, even your state.

If fashism & ns are possible in a capitalist economic system, why did the capitalist countries side with ussr against the Axe ?

Capitalism inevitably encourages vice and worship of the stomach and genitals, of course it's leftist.

Third position means everybody works for political party, since there's literally no alternative. Either you work for country or you are a traitor.

Communism doesn't has bosses in Facebook, YouTube..etc. and surely doesn't has stocks where Republicans invest into those companies. That's all right wing aka free market.
You screwed yourself buddy.

You can be an environmentalist without getting jewed.
Just don't fall for the co2 is killing the earth shit. I can't believe anybody falls for it.
But I'd happily re-forest England to 70% forest, recycle more just because I'm not a faggot boomer, and deport all nogs. If people ask me my political opinion, I call myself a Zykloniolist.

Tucker Carlson is the most influential american third positionist at the moment and he's very anti-corporate, pro worker and pro regulation. Are you just an idiot who thinks anyone who doesn't want to aggressively redistribute wealth is a capitalist dog or something?

Call it reforesting, recycling and be done with it. No jewed labels like Green, environmentalist or eco. Just say as clear as possible what you like to do.

Socialism never redistributed wealth you fucking KIke, Socialism doesn't even redistribute money, that's what dumb charity Christians do and their Jewish lord of capitalism who do the same. First they take your ownership, then they feed you little bits of pieces like a chicken is fed corn. Communism and Socialism owns country, not banks, money isn't important, money doesn't decides work, the government does, either national government or people's government, surely not some capitalists or dumbfuck Christians of wealth redistribution. Do you know what market index and stocks are? That's where you decide the value of things in capitalism aka wealth. Socialism doesn't has that and stop bullshitting how Communists need money when they are the fucking owners of land and companies. People who need money are renting cucks and other type of consumer shit.

Another dumb bolshekikes.. go away and serve your menshevik masters in moscow and isreal, kike

Tge right represents capitalism and conservatism. The left represents socialism and liberalism.

A social conservative and socialist cannot be the "far right." You don't see people calling capitalist liberals "far left", right?

Why do you think putin went into ukraine?? To serve his jewish master billionaire oligarchs and open up more (((shipping lanes)))

What is the "third position" subverting?

>implying the government doesn’t influence the market in the USA
>implying the USA isn’t run by oligarchs and lobbyists that allow for a “capitalism” shell game to be played to appease the masses
We haven’t hade anything close to a free and competitive market since FDR. What you see currently is a government slush fund that pushes worthless money to people so it’ll eventually go back to the government. It looks like capitalism on the surface but when you read the laws here you’ll realize that the government is business, and they get paid first.

sure. But what has that to do with anything?
In a global recession it doesn't really matter, the comment was more toward the attempt by the oil and gas jews keeping nuclear down
classical c&d of clear ideologies

The wealth of nations is property and business, you say the communist governments own those things but they took them by force and didn't pay for them, how is that not wealth redistribution? There's tons of companies that are profitable as fuck and not publically traded by the way, the stock market is just one facet of capitalism it's not the fucking sum total

All being third position means is that you put the interests of the "volk" or ethnic people above all others.
You can be pro or anti capitalist on this basis, for or against enviromental regulation, even for or against the existence of the state (Ergo the "ancro-national socialist")
However this definition does not actually include "national bolshivics" since as all marxists do, they put the implementation of theory above the good of the people.
Strauserets however DO fit under the umbrella term of "third position" since they truly mean to implement their policies for the good of the volk.

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"The third way" essentially the masonic dialetic. Its the plan they had all along. Kinds of like the hegalian dialetic only the synthesis was decided from the start.

It's another name for fascism. Ranging from the economic centrism of the Hitlerite Natsocs, and Italian fascists, to the anti-capitalism of the Spanish falangists and Strasserites.
It can mean pretty much any strain of fascism as long as it's opposed to both capitalism and communism.
Third positionists generally oppose capitalism due to it's harmful effects on the nation, and they generally oppose communists for their internationalist tendencies.

>>implying the government doesn’t influence the market in the USA
They influence it, but they don't own it. Big difference. Every law comes from government in either political system. Your government makes laws based investment they receive from market, they don't even write the laws, market lawyers do, they just pass it in senate. They have no clue how even to write a law, they are bunch of elected retards who dance the tune to music, not understanding laws, they even have people writing them speeches, they swing around with their pen signings, not even understanding fully what they singed, but they got money from investors to sign that. No, government surely doesn't runs the market, more like opposite. The only real reason why you even need government in capitalism is to enforce central money, else you basically don't need them.

>>implying the USA isn’t run by oligarchs and lobbyists
So like Roman Empire? Not quite, since you have little goys who willingly feed corporations by dreaming of getting rich aka capitalistic investment.

What's a clear ideology then? I don't think you can just use a single axis to describe everyone.

Ideology is an antiquated concept anyway.



I'd call Hitlerite Nazism more or less economically centrist since there was a partial nationalization of industry.

Im glad you've decided to show your true colors.
The meme flag was already a giveaway.

>one word response
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use your words
you have to over 18 to post on this board.

>what is ideology
>follow this ideology

no point of addressing you any further than calling you a retard fellow user

The wealth of nation is whatever bankers decide, ok faggot. If bankers decide some land is worthless even if it's lush like in Iran where they make ton of grapes, then it's worthless. Bankers like to devalue land into shit like in Ukraine or somewhere where somebody is going to buy land in future, then when that (((special person))) buys it, after that land becomes very valuable. Communism or Socialism doesn't has changing values, it's always the same value and salaries are more or less the same, you don't need salary to buy a company, finance a company or to go out of debt, don't need money for that, you at best need money to buy some food, but even that isn't needed since you got a house with land to grow own stuff. Do i need to buy seed in Socialism? No, surely i won't buy from corporation their GMO garbage to ruin me, we will redistribute seeds of native plants when people request it.

>Nazism (not Strasserism) is far right
ideologically they might be, but they manage their economy like third positionists. Gadaffi was an underrated third positionist.

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The man did a great job for Libya and raised the quality of life. Now it's run by terrorists and it's used as a port of entry for African to flood into Europe.

capitalism due to it's harmful effects on the nation, and they generally oppose communists for their internationalist tendencies.

Capitalism is what degenerates into globalism. Thus harms nationalism.
Communism degenerates into totalitarianism. Thus harms the nation

Some ideologies are harder to understand or downright hypocritical (often controlled opposition).
I was trying to get an understanding of what you consider to be a valid ideology.

Im not telling anyone to follow my "ideology" if I have one. I didn't call anyones ideology obsolete. I think that in 2019 the concept of an ideology is antiquated because of the "less clear" ideologies.

The fact that you identify capitalism with the right is the problem. Capitalism is an outgrowth of laissez-faire liberalism, which is and has always been a leftist ideology.
pic related

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He was killed because he tried to become self-sufficient, not influenced by dollar pricing. Even wanted to create own banking system. When bankers can't control you with their salaries then you stop working for them and then they don't have anybody building for them, feeding them. The story of illegals in USA.


Culturally right, economically a bit on the left.

>everything apart from my ideology is the jews

Were are Communists liberal? Are you insane? They punished gays with prison and had no women in government. Still the case in China and btw it's illegal to buy land in China, that's not liberalism. Liberalism or libertarians want to do whatever they want, not what national or collective government decides. They want to migrate whenever they feel like, buy anything whenever they feel like it, they see poor people, they will buy them all, exploit them.

The political spectrum is a spook that should have been done away with long ago. "Third position" as a concept exists to distinguish fascist-adjacent ideologies from the capitalist ones we think of as the conventional "right" because having those two groups share space is retarded. A "right wing" capitalist and a "left wing" marxist have far more in common with one another than they do with a monarchist or a natsoc.

More sucking of jewish cocks wkth a different name

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A third positionist is someone who’s ideology rejects the labels ‘left’ and ‘right’
They are beyond these levels and represent the volk before everything else and sometimes the state (if you are an Italian fascist) they reject absolute socialism and absolute Capitalism economically, though they may favour one or the other slightly, for example, National Socialism is more open to laissez fairer economics than Strasserism

Communism is the child of liberalism. What defines Left/Right is whether you are anti-nomian or pro-nomian. You either seek to defy the will of God and nature (as communism and liberalism do), or you wish to follow it (as reactionaries do). Communism and liberalism lack moral ground to stand on. They lack a something to strive for beyond earthly pleasures. And they are full of internal contradictions.

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>market lawyers
You have no fucking idea what you’re talking about. You’re right in a certain sense but you don’t understand the case law that allows the system to function like it does.

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>Communism is the child of liberalism.
Only an American would say something like that. Communism does not have anything to do with liberalism user.

Here's my take on things, and maybe I'm an idiot but I think I'm on to something. Traditional politics are defined as left wing or right wing, left being commies and right being capitalism, correct? And then you get political axis which adds the dimension of authoritarianism, but a communist anarchist society never made sense to me. So I thought of this political triangle (and maybe I reinvented the wheel here) but basically as you become drawn more towards one of these extremes, it tempers the other. A pure capitalist cares nothing of the nation, hence you get people who advocate for mass immigration because muh GDP. Or communists who hate the "evil racists" and want to flood everyone into a mulatto underclass. And then third positionists who want free market stuff but also in favor of restricting rampant capitalism and want some social safety nets. Thoughts?

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There is to be made a distinction between third way politics like social democracy and third position.
Third position is an attempt at providing a worldview of its own which incorporates other elements than economics. So despite its economics being similar to social democracy it has a broader vision of society typically in metaphysical or militaristic terms.
The state that best incorporates third position thinking today is China. You can hate me for saying it but it’s true.