Greetings from San Francisco

Here we are in Nancy Pelosi`s district.

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placed and brownpilled



Cultural appropriation

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Not pictured: the seething hordes of assravaged californians desperately trying to insist that this doesn't happen and it's just russian propaganda


rearmolested. anusaddled. bootybothered.

I lived in SF for a year and I would see this exact same thing almost every morning on my commute. I've lived in a dozen different cities and San Francisco was by far the worst one. It has no redeemable value.

You did not see shit in the street.

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teach the homeless to drink their own pee and bathe in it.
it would keep the pee smell down, and make for a healthier, happier homeless community.

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The reason the patio is full is so people can make sure no one is smashing the windows out of their car. The only downside is to watch your car you have watch people poop and pee.

this is literally what leftist want the world to look like.

It's not enough that Brazil, India, and Africa looks like this for them. Every place needs to have designated street shitters.


SF here. It's totally fucking real man

Aren't they due for a devastating earthquake?

Saw my first in San Diego not too long ago.

Now you look like a minister of shit.

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Only in San Fransisco? What about pahjeet country?

Do they not have public restrooms? Or do they all charge 5 bucks plus tip to use them?

This is what the lefts wants for the entire country. Isn't it so diverse and beautiful? Fuck them.

Flyover cope

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It's spreading like a California wildfire. Do you guys have tent cities yet?

My friends are going to san franciso in one week. How fucked are we? WHY THE FUCK DID i DECIDE TO GO!? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!

To anyone who does live in san franciso, is this really how it is? Are there no fucking toilets anywhere!?


Yup, the city still moves them around though.

stick to the gated communities with armed security and you'll be fine.

>Tee hee, we have a severe homeless problem but at least we're not racists.
Fucking liberals and progressives are a cancer unto to themselves.

Get your shots before you go.

we are only spending one day there. I just am stressed because we will we walking around most of the day and what if I have to poop at some point? Christ, the anxiety is eating away at me.

we also were going to go to other parts of cali.. is it all like that on the west coast?

Well, why aren't you feeding the rats user? The bubonic plague won't just start on its own you know.

Why rats? Why not scorpions?

Step 1: enter a restaurant/coffeeshop/bar/w/e
Step 2: order a coffee
Step 3: go take a shit in their toilet.

Cause they already have rats, and fleas, and signs of a bubonic plague outbreak.

It’s all memes, SF is a world class city


That's disgusting

was in san fran 6-7 years ago? saw much poo in the street/sidewalk