Opinions on racemixing?

Opinions on racemixing?

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love is love

if it's brown
flush it down

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Whites mixing with Asians and Hispanics are OK
Whites mixing with blacks is a no no

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If she is part of Mongolian, i am fuckin pure Aryan nigger.

All I see is coon poon.

enji night is a mutt

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She has a wig and a nose job. Might also be a tranny

>29 repeating
Trips of truth, even if they are abstracted. Very nice.

Based goddamn mongorian

100% mutt

Hitler views on multiculturalism sums it up

Looks like an alien and good luck to anyone in that bloodline finding a bone marrow match

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If the percentage is 25-30% it really doesn't count at that point due to dilution, imo.

Bitch is neither of those things.
Even the Ghanaian part might be questionable.
Niggers have a inferiority complex.
For years they've given themselves so called mix heritage because just being a produce of US slavery or from a nameless shitholes of Africa hurts their pride.
For decades it was being part Native American, then it was being part East Asian, now it's part Latino.
This cunt slathers her self in skin lightening cream, gets a nose job, and packs on the make-up and fools thirsty scumbags into thinking she's this exotic amalgam of races.
Fucking just die already.

So which one does she identify as?

As long as they leave their tribal child-raping cultural habits out of our civilized first-world countries then no problemo.
But you can't, sadly. One day little williy's nigger instincts'll kick in during recess and he'll gut some poor white kid with a knife.

"'Do not have sexual relations with an animal and defile yourself with it."

It's ok when the man is white literally Aryan conquest

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Take a seat

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this especially with spics you're literally deleting brown people and producing perma tan whites with healthier genetic diversity

her forehead has enough room to stamp her two digit iq on to.


> t. Nigger

She is the only nigger ive found attractive in my life desu

greasy faced hair hatted nigger

>whites mixing with hispanics
Hispanics aren't a race, some are mulattos, some are morenos, some are white and some are black while others are entirely or mostly native american.

And mixing with asians is no different from mixing with blacks

Societies that don't exclude outsiders, friendly or not, do not survive.

>Hispanics aren't a race
That's why all Brazilians look like pic related
Fucking ethnicities

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This image just proves that no matter what, the nigger always shits up your whole bloodline. Racemixers get the rope.

s l o p e h e a d

The further you cross breed from your own phenotype the worse it is for the offspring.

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.... diosito querido...


Fuck race mixing.

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If we're talking about mixed-race I'm not in favor of it, but I'm also not against it. Its not ideal, it should be 'nipped in the bud' and not happen in the first place.
Thank you user for agreeing with me. Hispanic Women on average are as socially conservative as Whites, so they make ideal mates to marry and start families with.
>And mixing with asians is no different from mixing with blacks
Terrible opinion

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I agree. Jewish women should breed with Hamas BVLLS and have cute mixed babies.

>altered colors test.png
what did he mean by this?

you think that would trigger me but it doesnt



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No I dont. I think race mixing with arabs is great solution for Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If jews turn over their women to arabs, the problem will take care of itself within few generations.

race mixing doesnt bother me because culture is not tied to race

>race mixing doesnt bother me because culture is not tied to race

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