This is the average mass in polish church (yes, they are holding swords, this is real)

this is the average mass in polish church (yes, they are holding swords, this is real)

thoughts on this?

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still doesn't make poles any less subhuman


larping sspx catholics who reject the pope.

ok Petyrvich, time for vodka and turnip stew before bedtime


Hahaha, if that's what Christians are like imagine how far Right the Pagans are.

Isn't sspx the sect that got busted for basically being a glorified pedophile ring?
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>still believing in an invisible magician in the sky
what went wrong Jow Forums?

back to r/atheism leaf

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i bet its not average, just some 1 church during some historic celebration.

>muh king of jews
>has more foreign troops in their country
>poland is stronk despite being a almost a bigger jewish safehaven than portugal

epic cringe

he's a paki muslim, he definitely should be scared

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The mass majority of modern Pagans are hippies who eat mushrooms and long to become druids.
The far right Pagan larpers are the minority. Real pagans are closer to hippies than warriors or Nazis.
Most Pagan statutes like the Hermetics are very peaceful and hold values like don't be mean to other people, respect nature by not cutting down trees, etc.

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notice that both shills posted the EXACT same shit
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Yes, I can confirm it's like that. We would rather hold ARs, but swords have to suffice for now.

There isn't such a thing as "far-right Pagans". This is a construct of your childish mind, you faggot...


Fucking LEAF.

I don't know if they're sspx, ,but they don't say anything that defies Pope tho

Haha jesus is a bassass whos come to reep your soul.

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This is not average (I think "regular" would be a better word) mass

Based and Redpilled. I want to live in Poland for a year and teach English so bad. One more year until i can do this.

>not believing some fairy tale bullshit equals to being a refugee cocksucker
Sure thing, buddy. Did I hurt your religious feefees? :(

You will be disappointed. Don't fall for memes user

time to use those swords against some refugees

My Dad told me about this last night. Did they promise to defend the church by sword?

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Christianity destroyed the degeneracy of the Roman Empire.

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>natalie mars

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That's an Orthodox chant being played with the image of Catholic warriors.

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