Isn't it kinda crazy how big Russia is...

Isn't it kinda crazy how big Russia is, Russia borders Norway and hold land in Central Europe (Kaliningrad) they also hold Islands right off the Coast of mainland Japan (kuril islands). Why is this allowed? Why have these Slavs been allowed to steal all these lands from the indigenous people

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r*ssia should be partitioned by White ethnostates and China


Not even worth a thought-out response.

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because they can

brits hold lands in every corner of world, but unlike brits, Russia kept lands it colonized as single country

>Why is this allowed.
For the same reason that you’ve got land from Maine, all the way to Guam.
Might makes right, and Ivan used to be mighty. They worked for it and they earned it
You’re a non country


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They *are* the indigenious people you fucking amerimutt

Australia, Scotland,Ireland,JewSA,Canada,South Africa, New Zealand

Russians are indigenious to islands off the coast of japan, Siberia, central Asia, and Prussia? ALl that Magyar blood has gone to your head you filthy hun.

Says the kike colony

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Why are Anglos indigenous to Maine, Georgia, Kansas, Florida, California and Hawaii?

Says the, perfekt land for German armored divisions that owes its independence to said kike colony.
If they own us and we own you, what does that make you?

>and China

Fuck off ugly slant eye. Don’t forget the tiennemen massacre 1989

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Russia took it from people which wanted to kill russians.

It was allowed by laws of nature

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Russia took a huge chunk of land from the Qing dynasty.

we will take alaska back as well

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Чтo cлyчилocь aнoн?


Russians are indigenous to its small western part the size of France
Everything else is stolen

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This is compensation, all who attacked us were deprived of part of their land.