This is what they took from you

This is what they took from you.

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I still have this.

Why would they do that?

That was my house and my family.
Then the wife turned into a Bernie bro SJW commie lesbian at the 10 year mark, and got incredibly fat.
Now if I divorce her, it's life long alimony

>tfw from a dysfunctional family with alcoholic parents

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Still have it, loving it.

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Our vengeance will be terrible to behold

How? Was it because of some of her friends?

They get a greater proportion of the overall wealth if it's 1% them and 99% mulatto serfs

1story with basement, split level

>you will never fight in a honorable war against sub humans

feels bad.

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what subhumans? Germans? Nips? Koreans?

>shes already incredibly fat.

just feed her into the grave user. offer her food and snacks every chance you get

I lived it and it's all gone.
Fucking criminal.

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Your flag tells me that you're probably one of them,


>I lived it and it's all gone.
Same. It was indeed wonderful.

>This is what they took from you.

>ugly suit
>boring job
>house full of asbestos
>mentally ill housewife on Valium
>two pesky shitlets aka still underage boomers

no thanks.

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Oh well. It happens

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I remember u from another thread walmart user

You're our Londonfrog

I still have this. I just have to live in a White refugee camp (suburb) and commute 45 minutes both ways for work.

Turn it around. Go to therapy, work through the issues your parents created in your life, avoid alcohol, have kids and raise them as you should have been. End the cycle of neglect your parents started.

No, just the swiss.

I had my fingers in a lot of pies today. Which one are you referring to?

Who's that?

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But unless you're willing to look like the man in the pic every day, and keep the house and family in the condition they're in every day, why would you expect your surroundings to reflect this?

you (yes YOU reading this) would have been happier back then
most of what you're spewing is fake agitprop

can't remember what thread was about, i just remember pictures of this room and the throphies.

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go creampie that big eared bitch

Still have it (thankfully)

Romanticized bullshit

I miss seeing those housing blocks when my best friend from Zoetermeer showed me around his neighborhood.

>tfw I'll never chill on his couch while getting high af watching the New Kids movies in a double feature

He's highly successful anyways. Early Bitcoin eye doctor and is a multi-millionaire. I want to be still with that Chinese girl he was fucking from London.

Nahson. I'm twice her age with no sexual market value.

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>This is what they took from you.

"They" being walmart, union busters, and republicans grinding wages down to nothing.


Women are no longer thralls of men. So the traditional family model doesn't work.
I propose we pay women to be mothers. In return, men don't have to marry them and deal with their drama. No divorce, no custody battles, no child support, no accusations of abuse, just a flat fee to pay a woman to have children. And richer men/corporations could pay many women to have children, so they could have a bigger impact on demographics. poorer men won't bother paying a women to have children . The men funding the mother(s) could have a say in who they choose to be the sperm donor (smart and healthy, of course).
This will create semi parallel societies, where women will not be dependent on men, and can live more stable and peaceful lives with their children. These female dominated social circles of professional mothers will have few men, perhaps 8 females for every man. Men will be employed for various tasks like how it is now.

Why are the restroom pictogram heads yellow

>just spend MORE money on women

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feels bad man

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fuck off whore

They're smileys

Smiley faces. Bitches LOVE smiley faces

its okay we're free now, we can shit in daipers and fuck animals

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>A fucking nigger
Already ruined

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That would just lead to being overrun with said mulatto serfs. Who would want that?


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Make that dream real frens


have sex

damn you still holding up :)

You can see the cliques and personality genres change every 3-6 people. Nice pic.

Hitler took this from me by pussifying everyone because he went too hard

Lol at those creepy kids especially the girl lmao

>Fell for the meme & married an opinionated career woman who now listens to CNN and tries to work in mah Drumph into conversations.

We have 3 kids, WTF do I do? I've told her multiple times NOT to discuss politics in this house, fucking threatened her, told her she can get lost if she doesn't like it, etc.

She loves me to death & is totally committed, but I can't take this shit. I'm about to move on to just slapping the shit outta her if she goes down this road again.

God damn, anons. Never EVER marry a career woman that wants to discuss politics & is easily influenced by figures of authority like (((MSM))).

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the era of closeted perverts

maybe some beating would help but don’t risk it in this environment. Maybe start go to church together.

No one is talking about this?

>not influencing your wife’s opinions
Failure as a man

it was in "the south", we have those around here. A few got imported a while back, blame the democrats.

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Just tell her trump is a Zionist then Red pill her on the Jews and hitler, then Christ and how he called out the Jews and will again and that she should be obedient to you as said in the scriptures. Good luck, don’t lose your temper and strike your wife, you’ll lose your children and she will be the one indoctrinating them.

>threatened her
You done goofed, she can now take you for all you are worth an then some.

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>just spend MORE money on women
u don't get it, the idea is to spend less money on women. the idea is to give incentives to women to have children, but not much else; to put a price on motherhood. What is the minimum amount of payment a woman would accept to have and raise children? 20k a year?

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At least they got rid of the sugary Jew at school cafeterias since then. Here at least. Coke is not a food staple especially not for six year olds.

A necessary stepping stone in the destruction of the western world. You may hate us, but you are a radical fringe majority. The rest of world celebrates your destruction and cheer on as we kill your civilization!

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I do, bit anything that halfway sticks gets washed away by her kiked job (she's a professor)

One of her good friends is Jewish, so that's a no go (already tried) & she swats any criticism away. And I KNOW for a fucking fact that this "friend" tries to subvert her any chance she gets. She'll send her degenerate videos to check out, say such n such black man is hot, etc.

If Greece was kept like this after 1980...

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The vending machine where not in my schools until years after I left.

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Time. To. Rally.

If it was so good, no one would have wanted to change it. There's never been an ideal world, and there never will be. The best you can do is improve the lot you got.

You really think this pussy grabber wants that??

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It's about optics. As long as the 99% mulatto serfs don't realize they are mulatto serfs they'll keep babling about petty shit. Media is all powerful.

>token nigger


good I don't want to be a wagecuck

The white man voted to keep it. The jews just pacified them with drugs and sex.

it was in the local paper so yeah, that's blacky the token.

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Stay strong, friend.

This desu desu senpai alam senpai

Since you will attempt to fill that void in your life with even more materialism as you not reproducing means less goyim to worry about knowing. This is how (((merchants))) think they will prevail

So? You could go and make the family and household you wished you had

Things are always darkest before the dawn.

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Damn user, I feel your rage. Nothing is worse than a subversive kike hurting one of the most sacred unions. Good luck and keep your patience, things have a way of working out in the end.

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Walmart Bro good to see you again

I will probably never be able to afford a home. Home prices have rapidly outpaced wage growth.


Jow Forumstards could still have it if they weren’t escapist losers

Very wise

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>taking a woman seriously
fucking hell, be a man and laugh at her every time she brings it up.

He is talking about not beig able to fight FOR them, he was born, may the lord forgive me for uttering such a word, an American

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I have this
All is not lost

Who are you kidding? B*Lgarians NEVER had that lifestyle

High iq

I'm a slav, I neved had it in the first place.

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Jews do since they they make the ultimate good goys content with their weed, their hip hop beats and limited edition $400 sneakers

I ‘member I member it all. Shooting hajis from the gate 2 tower at Camp Blue Diamond. Watch 25mm rounds tear mud brick houses into dust, when I ETS all those memories will be lost like tears in the rain.

This. If you don’t have it maybe you don’t deserve it

>they took from you
Coal burning?
Also that looks like boring shit regardless.

I never wanted this