Economist here

I've noticed there is a lack of fundamental economic knowledge on Jow Forums. Much of the truth of right wing politics comes from a deep understanding of the supply and demand curve. I am here to answer any questions and explain in greater detail any of the economic processes/theories/policies around the world.

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Explain the effect of immigration on the local job market, and the local economy.

Would this board like a supply and demand explanation of the sexual marketplace and the actions of the players within?

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Economics explains the behavior of individuals within the biophysical reality.

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The ability to be able to fluently articulate your ideas into simplified sentences is a key to red-pilling normies and enlighting yourself.
I suggest every one acquire some literature about economics, preferably nothing anything from Karl Marx, at least until you're intellectually capable enough to weave your way through that den of snakes.

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btw OP, I wouldn’t be such an ass if you would stop being such a fucking self absorbed freak that thinks he knows magnitudes more of information than everyone else, and insulting them in the process

Bro I know a fuckton about something and I'm here to teach you. Have some class and take advantage of the opportunity to learn from a master in the subject. Don't be a distracting little faggot. That costs us all precious time.

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But tell me OP, what do you think of a laissez-faire mixed market like in National Socialism?

Describe the derivative nature of economics from electricity.

I'm so fucking ignorant I don't even know what to ask. If I'm honest I would like to learn how to trade with a lot of money, I have been trading lately and after losing some I have started to learn the behaviors and I have recovered to the point of actually earning a couple of $ but I'm too much of a pussy to bet more money because I feel like other people will cash out as soon as I put mad cash. Its not that I don't have money I'm just too scared to lose it

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Not pretentious or belittling at all.

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Teach me senpai how to create a Network of companies to front and/or pay for a secret organization.

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>Economist here
Economist, 10 a penny

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It's hopeless op, Jow Forums refuses to learn economics. That's why they'll always be slave to the jews

decrease in prices is the end point. Unless ofcourse you have welfare that they sit on... Then everything is fucked because they take without giving.

sup op. What do you think of new monetary theory? As I understand it, the idea is deficits are acceptable so long as it is held nationally since gov can print indefinitely.

BUT I look at places which have done this type of stuff (IE Japan) and it looks like a sluggish hellhole where surplus of capital has led to a bunch of zombie corps they can't get rid of. But maybe I don't understand the premises

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I hate how (((Keynesian))) economists make the whole practice look bad to the uneducated. Just because they are doesn't mean all economists are. Some of us actually understand the first principles of economics.

No counter argument :(

Here's another diy concept, if the presented resources are available (near you).

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What is your end goal? You might just be better of sticking the money in an index fund and getting your ~7% interest.

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so far you've only replied to shitposting despite there being actual questions made

In economics, as in electricity, the capital or charge, respectively, seek to find the most efficient route forward possible.

Sorry but trading is not actually economics. Try to buy something for which the demand will grow faster than supply.

In a pure laissez-faire system the market would provide goods at the lowest possible price to the consumer and with the theoretically the fastest rate of economic growth. This economic approach has proven to be politically unacceptable. For example in laissez-faire child labor would be allowed, expanding the workforce greatly -good for the economy bad for humans. So people of the world have used their political power to establish the more-or-less regulated free-market system that we all share today.

In national socialism the effects on price are completely dependent on the policies. However it will have higher prices for the consumers. You would have to give examples of specific policies to see the higher prices in effect.


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>economist here
mhmm so you're still in school?

>deficits are acceptable so long as it is held nationally
Its a common trend emerging all social sciences that as long as no one can directly link a consequence to an action, some idiots think you can do the action and there is no consequence. Perpetual motion does not exist, no resevoir can expand without losing structural integrity, and every action has an opposite reaction, regardless of how long you delay the second event.

I stand corrected
Sorry OP
You are not a faggot.

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seriously, the most prominent people to bash economists are actually left-wing academic insiders looking to turn the whole thing into berniebro, inc

What is the Clinton Foundation really up to?

Do trickle down and Keynesian economics work / does one work better than the other?

Trickle down is a leftie spook. The actual term in politics is supply side economics. It's pretty good. Austrian school is best for theoretics. Not liked here because a lot of (((Them))) are involved with the school. Keynsianism is retarded:

If we make more money it fixes problems. Try throwing paper money to people stranded on a desert island.

They need shit to eat I.E. supply, not fucking monopoly money.

wasn't nazi germany 1933 to 1939 quite succesful economically? and didnt they have a lot of policies to keep workers happy? (this is coming from my british secondary education, not Jow Forums's sugar glazed memory)


Worrying about economics is good when the ethnic situation is stable. Migration issues and cultural issues are the most important now, quibbling about economics is good for once those issues are solved, economics is a distraction at the moment.

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only if you're able to include the role of honest/dishonest signals

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Why yield curve is acting differently now?

Who're your favorite classic economists? Why?
Who're your favorite contemporary economists? Why?
Which economists do you think have had the greatest impact on history?
What is the most commonly misunderstood economic principle among uneducated people?
What are your thoughts on central banking?

The economics is why they are coming here in droves. Fix it and most of them will fuck off or starve.

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My youngest brother studied economics, your models are a joke compared to chemistry and physics and physics has cancer itself right now in the form of deeply entrenched incorrect assumptions backed up by the powers and principalities.

I am not saying Economics couldn't be a science, but the governments are going to have to die for that tree to be able to bloom.

I am interested in hearing your perspective though.

Tell me, what would the economic implications for a theoretically unbounded, arbitrarily large, supply?

What are the implications of demand calculations being an infinitestimal calculation, demand that still exists, but is more of a vector or angle calculation because it is unlikely for their to be demand for any one particular thing?

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Imagine being a trickle down faggot :D It was quite extensively shown that easing tax burden on the capital class (people who solely live on outside investment) didn't help anybody and just accelerated capital accumulation.

Easing tax burden should be focused on people who own majority businesses ie family company and income tax.

I chose the supply and demand curve.

For this you would require an accountant.

You will have to expand your question. Do you mean illegal immigration in the USA? Do you mean the effect on prices? In economics anything that brings about more competition is good.

It's not a bad theory because what you are fundamentally doing is trading is trading Local Currency Units -which will eventually be worthless- for economic activity which yields real wealth in the form of economic development. Everyone wins as long as everyone's currency doesn't crash at the same time. And crashing the currency is a last resort because you can theoretically spend you way out if you are "conservative" with your printing in the good times. Your quesiton actually goes into the fundamental issue that exists within the EU. Countries like Greece could have just hyperinflated their currencies to pay back their debts and started over with something new. They couldn't due to being part of the euro. So that is a point of ongoing economic friction.

Trickle down has happened it just has not happened to the americans. Americans don't realize that they are usually already in the 1% globally. The pursuit by the coprorations of lower prices and laxer regulations has led them to the third world and china to build factories. Those places have seen enormous economic growth.

Pic related

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>Who're your favorite classic economists? Why?
>Which economists do you think have had the greatest impact on history?
Adam smith. Despite his flaws in understanding value and how rent works. He helped significantly evolve our understanding of what we today call capitalism from mercantilism.

>Who're your favorite contemporary economists? Why?

Peter Schiff. His book on why an economy grows and how it crashes is a great intro to economic first principles.

>What is the most commonly misunderstood economic principle among uneducated people?

Subjective value. People don't understand that we value shit differently. Not just person to person but from time to time. So they try to put caps and floors on prices. These always fuck shit up.

>What are your thoughts on central banking?

All the eggs in one basket is shit. Plus it helped pave the way for fractional reserve's dominance. Fractional reserve should be a choice not the default. Also helped establish fiat currency. Probably the biggest mistake of 1900's america was trusting the fed.

>Imagine being a trickle down faggot

Just said trickle down is a leftie lie and here you are. Supply side retard. Try and focus.

>just accelerated capital accumulation.

Where did they put the capital? Under their matresses? Or did they put it in to some kind of investments? Banks? Stocks? Real estate?

Before we continue, do you understand the accounting concept of working capital?

What is an economic shock test?

Expanding upon the similarity between electricity and economics, in relating to the "most effective route" aspect.
Just like how electricity mainly travels along the outside of the metal, inside the wires, the same logic could be said for businesses. The goal is to get the most benefits for their buck, provided these cheap measures don't effect them negatively in the wrong one, yet I'll end that subject with there's a difference between the shareholders and CEOs vs the logo of the company.
Another comparison we can make is comparing the amount of electricity available to the amount of workers available. As we seen in Germany recently, they have had periods of surplus and droughts of electricity, due to their method of acquiring said energy.
If there are more workers than the amount of jobs available, the cost of labor will be cheaper because individuals are fighting for employment and willing to low-ball compared to the other people. This is one of my only complaints with modern capitalism or as our less radicalized brethen call it, crony capitalism.
Cough Rothschilds Cough

This guy is better

As in you need to invest in some way to make more money. yes. Stop trying to use complex terms to sound smarter.

As a man who has never been too fond of numbers nor ever possessed a talent for juggling said numbers and equations I shall leave economics to more capable minds. Though pic related is what all men should know about economics.

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Capitalism is just a system by which people who are better at shit do better and get more (Unless people make laws to fuck with it.). If you believe in your superior nature why are you afraid to show it? Out perform those africans like you did in the agricultural age all the way up until the industrial revolution and even a bit beyond.

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>he conjures the metaphor economics is like electrical engineering

>he says: whatever do you mean, voodoo economics?

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Hello (((economist))) care to explain how the concept of consumer surplus is reflected in reality by using a real life example?

Capitalism sows distrust and unhealthy competition between countrymen. It leads to extreme poverty and extreme wealth and that extreme wealth in the hands of wrong individuals is what is causing the globohomo today. Fuck capitalism and marxist socialism.

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That's really more of a history question. The history of national socialism in germany is just the climax of a repeating series of events where france, england, germany, and russia vie for domination of europe.

>Peace, easy taxes, and a tolerable administration of justice

>Who're your favorite classic economists? Why?
Adam Smith. He discovered all of this and wrote it all down in one book.

>Who're your favorite contemporary economists? Why?

They are all really smart and their theories have their ups and downs. I think at this point it's more of a social preference than a true incorrect situation. Bernanke and Geitner saved us all.

>Which economists do you think have had the greatest impact on history?

Adam smith

>What is the most commonly misunderstood economic principle among uneducated people?

That the supply and demand curve is one of the fundamental laws of the universe. It is inescapable and everpresent. You can use it to describe and analyze and define almost anything. It goes beyond humans and is beautiful.

>central bank

It's working well enough for me so far, tbqh. I don't see a way around it except for Crypto which might be good for the economy but it might be bad for humans.

>what would the economic implications for a theoretically unbounded, arbitrarily large, supply?

Supply of what? If the supply of something were infinite the price for it would be 0.

You are describing what is called elasticity in demand.

It's not a contest. Economics is like a book that goes in all directions. He may have seen parts of it have not. I'm reading his replies too.

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>Capitalism sows distrust and unhealthy competition between countrymen

Actually a great source of co-operation for consumer benefit. We call this co-operatition.

>It leads to extreme poverty and extreme wealth

Only when the state is allowing companies to act the jackass via regulatory capture. That's corporatism like what the US has. If it's a free market the companies are beholden to consumers and also we know that even in shitty bastardized free markets most families have to go through the working cycle again if they don't provide value to others and just waste the money.

Nice bit on supply and demand. I'm stealing it because most people think supply and demand is optional.

I'm not doing anything clever dude. Try some schiff. If that's your thing Tom woods does some good lectures on economic history of the united states, also his bit on free market fallacies and facts is a big red pill. If you want dry academic shit there loads from hazlitt and rothbard. If you wanna throw a commie from a chopper read Hoppe's what must be done.

>doesn't understand the path of least resistance being applicable in two different fields of study
>probably uses the longer grocery line and pick the route with extra traffic for the drive
home too

>concept of consumer surplus
Your use of the word "consumer" is putting a restiction on your question. Surplus is any value above or below the price. If you buy a house for $10,000 that you think is worth $15,000, that is your surplus. It could be argued that a candybar that you buy for $0.50 that you would have paid $1 for is your surplus. It could be argued that all nearly all exchange has a surplus of value for both sides or the exchange wouldn't occur. Since value is subjective who we define as the consumer really impacts your question.

>Capitalism sows distrust between countrymen
Capitalism is at the heart of nationalism, because capitalism is rooted in the idea that you own yourself. The idea that we all own the nation together and are therefore responsible for it is identical to the idea that you own yourself and are responsible for yourself.

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This question is more philosophic, so tackle it at your leisure.
Provided we live in a homogenous society were we aren't various tribal groups fighting over resources.
What are your opinions on risk vs reward in regards to shady business dealings like gambling and debt based usery through loans?
Should businesses be allowed to operate under the knowledge that they could cause people to go into massive debt, even though the individual at fault would be responsible for their actions?
>Inb4 this question wouldn't need to be asked if we didn't have individuals on the back half of the bell curve and individuals who are just plain swindlers

In my opinion I think the local political will of the people is sufficient to regulate such activities. In the strictest economic sense, banning something does nothing to decrease the demand for said thing, usually leading to a lower supply to demand ratio and thus a higher price. In the case of gambling there were unregulated card rooms where anyone could be robbed or cheated as a result of the bans. Of course only those with a high enough demand to pay the correspondingly high price would partake, but that is a non-zero number. Even the threat of losing your whole life doesn't stop people from murdering each other.

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The other guy might think different but for me if a business wants to act shady they just get boycott. At the end of the day the way I see it is if you want to gamble your money you own the action. The risks and the rewards. You can hardly say I want to eat without first growing the food so how can you say you want to win without risking losing in a game.

Also without the risk of failure I think from a human perspective we would get so fucking bored as to blow our brains out. Without a quest of some kind to test you life is boring and we do weird shit. Some people make up imaginary Don Quixote style quests tiling at windmills (SJW's and the imaginary 'isms) and some like to challenge each other (Gamers and the like.)

Fundamentally we need something like private charity to support people with things like gambling addiction but there is no need for a ban.