What makes Hong Kongnese so prone to being brainwashed? Are they really Han Chinese?

What makes Hong Kongnese so prone to being brainwashed? Are they really Han Chinese?

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They don't actually think they're honorary whites, do they?

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It is rather funny to see Chinese waving the flag of the crown.

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I don't think they're actually Han Chinese though, they derived from an ethnic minority, Hakka, which is why they don't want to be associated with mainland Han Chinese.

They would be better off under the UK than China.

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he remembers happier times

at least they acknowledge that their existence under colonial forces were better. Please let them stay there though

Based, I'd much rather live under the British empire than the Chinks.

I've visited hong kong for vacation for 2 weeks, better city than any shithole here in the U.S.

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i support this.
we have until 2047 to make it happen

>They don't actually think they're honorary whites, do they?
They could've been an honorary British flag bearer.

It takes brainwashing to think living in the PRC is better than being a British subject. The British gave Hong Kong autonomy, personal freedom, and made it a free market financial haven. It was a worthless island before the British and as soon as the commies finish breaking their last promise, it will be a worthless island again.

>Are they really Han Chinese

Is brown a shade of yellow?

the british colony flag represents their independence from china. it doesnt mean they want to be brits pets.

If you don't shed a tear watching this, you aren't British.


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Brainwashed? Hong Kong is the giant it is and it's citizens enjoyed the freedoms they did because of the British.
Why are you in Australia if you think China is so great?

I hope they can become one with the British :) how about another refugee effort by Europe? They can have their democracy and rights, China can have their piece of land and the whites here can finally virtual signal a bit hard to the world how empathetic and compassionate they are. Win for everyone wouldn't you say?

>start a campaign called hong kong-uk reunification
>'b-but they don't want to reunify with the UK'

To be a jew of course, you don't actually believe I want to stay in the backwards country long term, do you?

He's a Han colonist in Australia currently working as an internet influencer.

we the people of hong kong do not want chink insects rule over us. fuck off chink shill with australia flag, worthless animal

as unified as jamaica or new Zealand idiot

Based, I wish we could be friends again Hong Kong man.

And that's something to be proud of? If Australia is a backwards nation then China aught to be in the stone age. A nation run by psychotic engineers that denies it's own citizens the most basic of human rights.
That's rather obvious, finger crossed that our Aussie brothers cleanse their land of the insectoid menace

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who cares
>new zealand