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hello, reddit department?

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Nicker means underwear in europe.


I, too, love e-celebs and think that they should be promoted all over Jow Forums especially /pol
I cannot stress enough how pol needs more e-celeb threads, to go with the BLACKED, you mad wh*teboy and we wuz Egyptians threads.
I love e-celebs

I wanna sniff Bratass

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im not a christian spic pretending to be white though

Anyone who is stupid enough to support Yang can die in a fire.

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hello, yikes department?

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Not on reddit. I will watch the show mondays through fridays though.

Lol, this spic somehow managed to get BTFO by Destiny 3 times.

No thanks.

Fuck no. Never ever.

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We all passed that phase Kurtz

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underage mutts not allowed

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Gotta admit that his debates with Destiny are pure kino. He's also smart to be subtle and sarcastic when it comes to some of his redpolls.

Self promoting is sad bro

Destiny is an autistic center left brainlet who doesnt know fucking history while trying to debate political topics which have a deep historical context oh yea and he also likes avoiding questions

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Ya I agree. It's entertaining to watch him struggle and rage when he debates Nick the afro Latino.

thats cringe

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But I don't like nickelodeon.