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This is real news

when tv is banned


Based and red pilled

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It’s why I don’t trust polls even if they have Zognald Miga up by 5 10 or whatsoever dumbass margin. He will get his second term and nothing will be the better for it.

The polls are rigged against him.

In reality he's up by like 20.


I wish that 2020 will show us the most honest election ever so that Democrats can see how small of a voting base they really have.


No, they’re not. Hard as it is to believe, enough people genuinely dislike everything about Trump personally that it hampers his popularity significantly, no poll rigging required. He’s put off too many people.

Hi Occupy Dems!

>he’s put off too many people
...on the internet


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He should stop looking for someone to blame for his failure.
I still want all of the crazy shit he said he was going to do when he was campaigning.
It's clear he lied to get elected and has no intention of doing anything for anyone but Israel.

The only people failing are those that go against him.

The country is being flooded with feral spics because I stopped trusting the plan?

where is the wall and why isn't hillary in prison

Hey shills. Nothing you do works. Israel will never get a war with Iran and Netanyahu has no future.

i don't give a shit about israel I wanted hillary in prison and he hasn't done that

DOJ will expose Israeli collusion with Hillary and then Trump is gonna let the muslims invade your illegitimate terrorist state while people get mass arrested here.

Nice try shill.

ok cool man I suppose I'll just wait then

You are delusional. He is going to have a much harder time winning in 2020.
First of all he has let in millions more shitskins who will vote against him.
Secondly democrats are perfecting vote harvesting methods to change elections.
Thirdly boomers still get all their info from cable news and believe everything they are told and will not die until they have completely destroyed the civilization they were born into.
But most importantly Trump is a out of touch boomer who has no concept of social media or the internet. He has allowed Google to have the power to determine elections without any fight whatsoever despite the numerous laws they are violating. This is why I truly hate Trump. He has ensured there will never be a conservative government in this country until the day it collapses.

until hillary is in prison the only people shilling here are you cucks

Imagine being this blackpilled, either a shill or a smoothbrain

If you are not blackpilled, you are not paying attention. I suggest you read Tarrants manifesto. There is simply nothing we can do about our demographic replacement and when the current generation of whites being born grows up as about 15% of population with every law designed to repress them, and the shitskin majority being taught from birth that whites are inherently evil, our only hope is that governments collapse and balkanize before we are exterminated in an organized fashion.

100% you're a zioninst shill

Lol. I just called out ABC on this and got immediate salt. This wound ran deep, they'll never get over it