Is open (((antisemitism))) ultimate red pill?

is open (((antisemitism))) ultimate red pill?

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As oposed to closed?

you mean gas chamber?

I make no secret of my hatred for kikes.
My friends just play it off as me being "le goofy meme guy" though.
Not sure if they actually think I'm joking or if it's just an attempt to disarm the situation, like with "racist uncles"

No, stealth anti-semitism is.

Take off that meme flag and I'll tell you.

dick chopping cult.

never give them an inch the real victim is american children.


No. What most people on this board fail to understand is anti-semitism (at least in the form practiced by Jow Forums) is a false redpill.

The true redpill is that the only antidote for the current degeneracy is Christ and his Holy Catholic Church. Now Jow Forums has it partially right when they say jews are the cause of the current state of affairs. However, where they are wrong is their motives. The end motive is not creating an NWO (but that is part of it). Their end motive is winning souls for their master (Satan) in retaliation for God opening the one true faith to the goyim.

Jow Forums is often close to the truth but misses the critical element, resulting in users going in all sorts of absurd directions. And its also not all Jews. Its mainly seculars who are at the top of society

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No but it's funny. Best laughs I had was caused by a antisemitic jokes in college


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Really, unironically, yes.

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And its only just begun.

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peak boomerpost, my friend.

Open (((antisemitism))) is mutually satisfying for both goy and jew. Goy gets to express himself honestly and jew gets to live out his ultimate fantasy of being persecuted. Win/win I say.

Oh shush neo-jew, your cult is long dead.

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The greatest fantasy of literally every single Jewish woman is to be tied up and rough fucked by a blue eyed blonde SS man, with it starting as rape and ending in obsessive love on her behalf.
But then, jewish women are all psychotic mega-whores and always have been.

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>Your cult is long dead

Tell that to the 1 billion Catholics globally. We are the foundation of western civilization. The west did not start significantly declining into degeneracy until the Catholic Church started falling into heresy


Catholic church has been corrupted unfortunately. Only you can be the priest for your family now.

If one of my friends did that in my group I'd fucking put him in the shadow realm

You're a fucking idiot. The antidote is anti capitalism.

>We are the foundation of western civilization.
What's a Greek pantheon?

It's true. I dated a kike girl when I was 18. She obsessed over my eyes and uncircumcised dick.

are (((they))) open?
are(((they))) successful?

Is that before or after you pick the wedgie from your dainty panties out of your obese asscrack?

It started off as memes for me too but once I saw the memes about the steinburgs my nascent jewdar started beeping constantly and I started noticing things in the news so be sure to meme about the names specifically so normies can develop their jewdar and they might start noticing things too.

i'm not sure what you're implying because they're both.

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Herp derp muh nazees... you must be new here, islamophobia is the ultimate redpill

>never give them an inch
I see what you did there

Who knows, if they arw comfortable doing this, might just be.

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Shieet, my b

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antisemitism is the socialism of fools

The ultimate redpill is that most people agree/are indifferent but most people are cowardly and respond instinctively to leadership. Openly confronting the Jew is great, but the real redpill is that few are chosen to lead.

what a surprise

>compares modern arabs to ancient israelites
big oof shekelneger.

yep. Use your freedoms while you still have them.

No, it's the ultimate blue pill


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Last Septemberish...I told a Jew to his face, in front of my employees, that I wouldn't help him with his kike scheme to put in a (((subsidized housing development))) and I would use my political clout to drive him out of the town and the county. He recoiled and bared his teeth in the jewiest manner I've ever seen. Like a Reptoid-neander creature. It was glorious.


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Luckily most people hate Israel and can find justification in hating all Jews. Left wingers hate Israel for palestine and right wingers hate jews and Israel for controlling us. I found you can make it work with just calling them "Israelis" instead of jews.

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