How do we put an end to this degenracy?

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why is everyone a tranny all of a sudden?

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>That like to dislike ratio

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Reminder that most children grow out of shit like this normally... provided they're not mutilated and chemically rendered into robots.

Something like 80% of trans don't have any sexual interest.

>implying Hitler ethnically cleansed Poland because of Weimar trannies

have sex.

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>spent the 1990s and 2000s mocking church ladies and making masturbation jokes
>sexuality isn't taboo anymore

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The comments, and they're the real deal.not trolling.

tourette hero
1 year ago
Do you have a link for the really small archer I believe you called it? We recently had a 6 year old come to the gender clinic and I'd like to give his parents this option as he suffers greatly from bottom dysphoria.

Phoenix The Fox
Phoenix The Fox
6 days ago (edited)
Thanks for the video! I'm a 12-year-old trans boy so this was super helpful! I love your videos!

1 year ago
Every video I've come across just says to put the packer in, but how do you position it and know if it looks wrong? I don't want to go out in public and look like I'm hard..

Ethan Rommers
7 months ago
What's the best packer for a 5'0 13 year old?

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Heterosexual sex involving adults among the same race is fine. Being chaste for your whole life is kind of weird. Pedestry is the lowest form and these queers promoting it should be gassed.

it's all going to get worse

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>i have no arguments except basing my world-view on my sexual preferences

Why is the left better at pushing me further right than the right itself?

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>children being exposed to sex is okay now haha what's the big deal?!?!?!
dude even back when I was an obnoxious nihilist and didn't give a fuck I understood that parents have a raging boner for protecting their kids. you are making the wrong choice here just a heads up

Kill all the queers

Let god burn the queers

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Being gay is one thing. Making videos promoting pedophilia is another. Seems awfully suspicious that they intertwine though.

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The state and its corporate hitmen will kill/destroy any number who try to fight this. You have a lot of kids and don't enter them into the public school system, its the only way to fight any of this. Grooming children with awful parents to be sex playthings for fags is now legally protected.

It's a strange world these people live in where they believe gender conforming is wrong and there shouldn't be any gender roles or specific look, but if people and especially children aren't stereotypically like their gender, they're a tranny and need to be chemically castrated/sterilized at age 8.

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You're wrong


I don't want to play anymore.

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Bro I'm literally seething right now. This shit makes me so fucking angry.

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By not listening to the trans activists?

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There is nothing wrong with pederasty if you are banging qt femboy.

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>catering to penis envy this hard

If you don't like it vote for politicians that will lower AOC.

Lol. Kys muttboi

reported it

Lol kys intersectional feminist penis mutilating no ilk fag boy

Lol wrong. I'm just some bisexual left-leaning centrist.

what the fuck, whats so bad about a 4 year old with a 16 cm flaccid dick in her little cute panties ?

Gas yourself please

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Imagine that none of those comments are actually real, but actually posted by a (((group))) of people that is pushing a certain agenda.

show flag faggot

Honestly this. I hate to say it, but we’re going to have to fight fire with fire.

U salty muttboi? Did I hurt your feelz?

It’s like (((they))) want is to sperg our or something... hmm

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Too bad It's Okay to be White got hijacked by these fucking nazi slobs. It was just supposed to be 5 words. These fucks didnt get it. It was supposed to be a completely innocuous obvious statement to trigger the left and turn their own bullshit against them. Now everywhere I see that its followed by some facts or bullshit.


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Nah, I just needed to inform you that you are a god damn Memeflaggot and using a commie one to boot so you are irrelevant by default.

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Also it is considered as hate speech in NZ. Enjoy your epic troll, righties.

honestly i dont even get mad anymore
those people will bring despair on themselves, the universe and god will ensure it
And after some time, we will have a great war, where we can kill all those faggots
Which will be so great, that all the badness we have expierenced those years leading up to it will be gone instantly :)

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good, the fire rises

I just use the flag I like. What is your problem muttboi?

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does the like/dislike ratio on this video is that high?

I highly doubt it will cause the real backlash.

Not even mad but furious

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Good. I hate jews, occupants of the Palestinians' land.

Death to fags

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Really makes you think, isn't it?

how can they even suffer from "bottom dysphoria" since we already have learned that men can have tits and vaginas and periods and pregnancies and abortions and women can have cock and balls.

No internal logic.

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>that hand

Just that you throw insults to anons based on them not hiding their country flag while you cowardly hide behind your meme flag. That’s all.

fingers crossed


Guns and rope.


Because this is intended to humiliate us:

If a trans activist even look at my daughter I will beat the shit out of the faggot.
How the fuck these parents allow it?

>cowardly hide behind your meme flag
LMAO. You are taking it too serious.

Start a campaign to harass these girls for becoming misogynists, they'll revert really quick when it isn't cool anymore.

>nazi slobs
faggot those were the maga cucks and sargonites

TDOTR in Minecraft

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This. In Minecraft


Seems like (((their))) M.O.

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To be fair, I think it's because normal people haven't seen the channel before. I mean I know I havent.

Time for a child abuse report

White Sharia? Well, Poland is “Catholic” and doesn’t cuck to the (((Pope))) and they have /ourguys/ Gif related.

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Agreed. We’re going to have to fight fire with fire.

these videos are monetised

trans isn't about sexuality but about identiy.

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keep cope posting
you know whats coming to poland
keep dreaming weak christian

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on it

>Do you have a link for the really small archer I believe you called it? We recently had a 6 year old come to the gender clinic and I'd like to give his parents this option as he suffers greatly from bottom dysphoria.
What the fuck does that even mean?

>Hatred of JewTube intensifies

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So they wwant to give dildos to young girls?

I swear to fucking God. I switched parties to vote for Biden because I make good money and want stocks to stabilize and reign in Trump's madness. Why do faggots have to do shit like this? I am torn again now


I’m not ruling out white sharia, (just a meme right?), I’m simply trying to see how it can be applied to keep shitskins out, that’s all. Granted, Christianity does a terrible job keeping nations white. Again, pic related (an issue with Islam is that it also works with (((them))) temporally to attack white nations, despite many Muslims despising Jews)

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You dont white men cant do anything unless their jewish daddy allows them to.

>weak Christian
I’m a Theist. I see Religion as a tool for the 14 words. Protestant Christianity used to be based before (((evangelicals))) took over.

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HEY FAGGOTS You all said my kids were safe. YOU FUCKING LIARS WILL BURN. And I'm not talking about hell. I'm talking about dropping napalm on pride parades.

This is mental illness.

shut up you gypsy faggot


dont forget the even weaker white women who cant do anything at all besides contribute to their own extinction

And if I dont you will do what? Write another angry post on Jow Forums while your children get fucked by the elite?

What the fuck? No black one?

Youtube will not delete this video, but If you say HONK, you're fucking banned!