Voted for Hillary, but if Trump doesn't start anything with Iran I will unironically vote for him

Voted for Hillary, but if Trump doesn't start anything with Iran I will unironically vote for him.

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>voted for hillary
kys senpai

more like 11th
>Germany accuses the "neutral" Americans of smuggling ammunition to the Entente
>Germany gives out notice that it will shoot "neutral" ships because of this
>they chimp-out at this "baseless accusation" and "aggression"
>1982, 67 years after they sinking they finally admit that the Lusitania and other ships were indeed used for smuggling ammunition to the Entente

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Why is their pattern so consistent?

U.S presidents haven't had any influence on foreign policy since JFK. How cooperative they are determines how much slack they are allowed in domestic policy. Good boy points with Israel are important because of howmany congressmen act on behalf of Israel.

>if Trump doesn't go to war with Iran for Israel's benefit, I will vote for him


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I voted for trump and I’m not voting again in any foreseeable future

>user knows about the Coup of '63

Based and redpilled post desu.

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I haven't voted since the 2004 primary, when the final head-to-head matchup for the fucking presidency ended being between 2 members of the same Yale secret society, Skull And Bones.

(((Democracy))) is a fucking joke.

>Gulf of Tonkin Lie
>subsequent Vietnam War
>Israeli Weapons Program
>Pro-Nigger laws
>Immigration act of 1965
>Gun control act of 1968

He was the turning-point for the USA, wasn't he?

Yeah, pretty much.
Also, you forgot the USS Liberty.

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desu I'm a full blown globalist commie but Trump's foreign policy of maximum pressure is legit what America should do for the rest of the century: suffocate the economies of your adversaries without going to war (iran, venezuela, cuba), bait rogue states with the promises of riches (north korea, palestine), strike a deal, it's the most moral thing the U.S. can do on the world stage while still perpetuating itself as a superpower

if he resists BBB chirping war tunes on his shoulders for the 4 entire years of his term, I'm sold, the man is the most good hearted person to occupy the potus chair since Carter, the reason I backed him in 2016 over Hillary, despite not liking him or his policies at all, was solely because of their attitudes towards war

>[their] graves were inscribed 'Died in the Eastern Mediterranean'

Damn, I didn't know that. That's cold.

Look it up, along with the Lavon Affair, and the 5 dancing Israelis of 9/11.
If Iran nuked Israel tomorrow, I wouldn't shed a single tear.

Trump is a stooge. He'll go wherever his leash is pulled, just like the military, and just like you.

>Voted for Hillary
KYS retard.

>Israel publicly denied any involvement in the incident for 51 years; however, the surviving agents were officially honored in 2005, being awarded certificates of appreciation by Israeli President Moshe Katsav.[3]

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>but wait
>there's more

I'm sorry (((they))) tricked my grandparents into stopping him, Krautbro. At least there's still a chance to correct the timeline.

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You voted for someone who wanted war with Iran and will vote for Trump if he doesn't go to war with Iran? Ok sweetums.

The Lusitania wasn't nearly as important as the Zimmerman Telegram.

never claimed it wasn't.

Germany tried to play subterfuge with subterfuge and it backfired. It's hard to blame America for entering World War I when Germany could have captured a civilian ship and revealed the arms smuggling instead of making war plans with Mexico.

Yep that's how we get people to our side.

>Voted for Hillary
y tho