It's funny because it's true

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Eh, most people in the West accept it with open arms

Why are such a homophobic piece of shit? Are you still following that 2000 year old desert cult?

No, it's mainly city dwellers who accept any ol' thing.

because if you dont you get ostracized

Why are you such a demented sperm-slurping piece of queer-bait Faggot?

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>Why are such a homophobic p
^when the AIDS starts eating their brains

very political much sage

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Do not confuse silence for acceptance
Some of the harshest counter-revolutions were schemed in the dark

I remember 10 years you would go to prison up to 10 years for saying something rude to a faggot, nowadays people are so sick and tired of their constant propaganda shit that they don't give a fuck about being homophobes and just call them faggots and cocksuckers, kill all fags

I call them AIDS Factories.

You can always ignore it, just like in February.

A friend of mine was in Holland in the 90s and got attacked by 2 guys. He defended himself well, smashed those fuckers good, -----and in turn the police charged HIM with a 'Hate-Crime' because the 2 attackers just happened to be a couple of faggots.
Does shit like that happen a lot over there?


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Don't worry, gay bro. They are pathetic incels and just hate us from jealousy. ;)

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Is it worse this year in particular, though?

So by mentally-ill faggot standards........anyone who's had LESS than 1,000 sexual partners is an "incel".
What's the score-card here faggot?:::
I've pounded 71 different vaginas in my life, while you've likely taken over 1,000 cocks up your pozzed shit-pipe.
Is that correct Mr. Scrotum-biting bug-chaser?
Do you have me beat in the sexual partner ratio by a log-shot?

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>I've pounded 71 different vaginas in my life
Haha, talk is cheap. There is no fucking evidence.
Try harder, virgin beta Jow Forumstard.

answering his question would have been a strong show of power
but your a faggot

If putting a male cock in a male's anus counts as sex, then so does putting a male cock in a male fist.

Leftists have been saying that masturbation is sex for more than 3 decades now.

That would make me a fucking chad.

I've even fucked more than 71, last one I counted I was around 92 pushing 100. Its not really that hard to get to when you did the whole USMC thing stationed in Japan and traveling. Oh, and you're retarded for even entertaining this shithead.

>There is no fucking evidence.
Is this some kind of faggot code for a fellatio-offering? The only way some faggot thinks he could verify how many chicks I've boned, is if he sucked my dick to try and see if he could taste all the remnants of condoms and Vajay-jays. Of course it would be a ruse because faggots couldn't differentiate the tastes of different pussies if their faggot lives depended on it.
Really fucking weak.
But I see you did NOT deny taking over 1,000 cocks up your Aids-infested shit-pipe, you mentally ill, sperm-slurping degenerate faggot

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getting fuck up the ass is chad?

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>I'm retarded for even entertaining this shithead.
Perhaps. But it's fun to tell a faggot exactly what kind of mentally ill degenerate he actually is.
If he's drunk-larping as a faggot for his own weird lulz......-----well , it'll amuse some lurkers
>last one I counted I was around 92
>USMC and traveling.
As for your score-card, it checks out. I've not 'served', but have traveled a LOT. Marines are in good shape that presents sex-appeal to the ladies. I've seen so many thots cream their panties at the sight of Military dudes. They have sub-conscious visions of highly violent testosterone thrashing around inside their pussies---- to the point of near instant tickling

>not pouring delicious maple nectar into your bovine beverage..

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