A JAPANESE oil tanker is bombed by Iran while the JAPANESE prime minister is in Iran

A JAPANESE oil tanker is bombed by Iran while the JAPANESE prime minister is in Iran.
Why would Iran do this? What's their benefit?
How can anyone seriously believe this wasn't a false flag?
You have to be retarded, right?

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>How can anyone seriously believe this wasn't a false flag?
Do you understand where you are?

Muh false flag! If not then you are retarded

when did Jow Forums become so full of muzzie lovers
why don't you fags move to iran if you want to defend them so much?

You are preaching to the choir.
Anyway, I don't even think your average warmongering boomer even believes it wholeheartedly. It's just a nice excuse to start war, so they wouldn't question it.

look at the soviet kike., go away

Then a japanese says it was shot by some flying object

Iran never hurts itself. They are just like us!

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they are russian mullah ass blasted the soviet union fell apart...they want iran to connect the kremlin kikes to their aistic ural masters.

The Persians are masters of intrigue. They have been since ancient times. This was a double false flag done by Iran in order to buy them time when they actually do make their first real move.
But I still believe this is Mossad all the way. The kikes have been getting sloppy with their attacks and propaganda over the last couple of years. I do not know if it is hubris or a loss of competence as boomers have died off or permanently retired but they are getting bad at at least one aspect of the game. I think they too went too far in reliance on computer nerds and lost the hands on expertise that is also needed.

Also, what the FUCK is up with these captchas today?!

fuck off pozzed kikeshit, Iran is awesome

Iran has taken 23 of the survivors of the ship they bombed hostage.
They have now surrounded the tugs trying to recover them with gunboats.


id love to move to Arya

Show your flag Moshe.

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When did Jow Forums become so weak stomached for war? We are supposed to be red-pilled. War with Iran was inevitable, and now we can give them what they deserve!

oh look, more muh joo shills
this place is a worse echo chamber than reddit
you zoomers should be ashamed of yourselves

yes goy. If you don't like unnecessary military action and watch more gentiles perish, than you love muslims. Fuck off Isaiah Herschelberg

doobs and iranians did it

>what they deserve!
What has Iran done to America?
What has America done to Iran?
Answer those two questions and then decide again who deserves it.

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workin overtime

this is like the whole assad gassing his own people situation all over again. it makes no sense at all and just seems like a lame ass attempt to pull america into wars that only benefit israel.

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Tell'em, ol' boomer. Tell'em how we're gonn' bomb'em.

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Fuck off you dumb fat slave of zog

>Why would Iran do this? What's their benefit?

The weak attain political power by effrontery. The strong can only do so be restraint.

Note how gay parades are allowed but straight parades are bigotry. This is a form of that.

Its pretty simple. Humans are not that complicated. Humans act in their own self interest or at least perceived self interest. This is not in Irans self interest so they didnt do it. The only one with the motive, opportunity and capability is Israel (or the CIA).

False flags are a pretty big part of US history and a typical way of how we justify initiating conflict against a nation the elites want to wage war on

USS Maine
USS Liberty
USS Cole
Gulf of Tonkin
Pearl harbor (this is not a false flag but a baited trap that was allowed to happen, so still showing high amounts of deception)

We need to sell Japan many nerfed F22s. #neverforget

>Just kill each other already goyim!

No we'll go for you instead

Iran didn't want to look like pussies after we did away with exceptions to the sanctions and effectively put them out of the oil business. They think they can get away with this nigger bullshit and shitpost their way out of it. Iran's navy and air force is about to get wrecked.

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I don't care if Jews trick me so long as muzzies die.

replace that photo with a bunch of trannies in your schools and libraries and you've got something burger

>one job
>erase black color with blue color

lmao holy shit it's so bad, I didn't realize because I had my blue filter on.

Because Iran knows our cucked leaders wont actually take millitary action

The sanctions are hurting and they want to show they can control an important trade route.

No matter how you feel about Iran, their leadership is very serious and doesn’t play games. They have very accomplished and talented people working behind the scenes there, so it’s very hard for me to believe that they would do something that they didn’t give a lot of thought to. Whatever they do, it’s safe to assume that it was carefully planned in advance, and I tend to believe that anything reckless and irrationally risky attributed to them is indeed a false flag. Most countries’ leaders don’t take major risks unless they are fighting for their lives and are in the midst of a fast-paced, multi-front war with their sovereignty hanging in the balance.

The goyim know.
Shut it down!

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Fucking idiot.

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Don't worry, I had a good laugh. We should use those Sun Tzu memes more often to counter false flags.

Imagine thinking anyone is actually going to go to war with Iran

Better crank up the "weapons of mass destruction" or "gassing their own people" shilling

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Seems mostikely the bombing was a message to Japan and Iran... from party (((their))) unknown

I'd rather another unending stream of refugees didn't flow into the west.

Can you show your flag?

I don't see what point you are trying to make. Trump is a cuck who makes meme threats in Twitter, there is a 0% chance he will actually stand up for our country and our allies.

No, I want total war

>Muh Iran, muh Based Muslim. No, they are not like Saudi monkeys, they are based and pure because they hate da joos just like me.

No one is going to war over this, at most there will be a symbolic attack on some meaningless structures but more likely ships will have a naval escort for a while. The US has already won, there is no need for war. The new oil sanctions will totally crash Iran in months.
Which can totally explain why they flex their muscles a bit. Everything has the be the joos with you tards, though.

Show flag, Moshe.

Shut up your cringelord, you don't even know what that means


Mr. Mutt, think about the consquences of this

Trump is a drooling retard front-man used to placate the average drooling retard American.

If the US wants to go to war, the US will go to war. And no, it's not to stand up for your country or your "allies".

None of the evidence supports the hypothesis that Spain sunk it but we must go to war with them because we don’t know for sure it wasn’t them - Teddy bottom 10 President Roosevelt

I'm of the opinion this was Iran, but it was a mistake. Some kind of communication breakdown in the military, some dippy cunt in a position of authority making a shitty call and now we are here in this retarded position.

Everything about this is too dumb and short sighted for it to be anything other than human error.