What do I do bros?

>Have a job, but a shit one
>Have no idea what I'm doing or how to advance my life.

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End yourself. Life ain't worth living.

Is your life worth living?

we all have shitjobs
you can live on neetbux tho

Yes it is. I'm a proud white man with 7 white children who need to learn the teachings of hitler and St.Brenton.

look into the labor movement, talk to your co workers about having eachother's backs on and off the job

I'm happy for you, if you're not larping. I hope I can be like you one day.

Learn to Code. Get some certificates in online courses. Get a ton of em, many are free. Fill up that resume and get coding.

Good idea man, I was thinking today about forming closer bonds with my male co-workers, a lot of them are good dudes.

What kind of skills or qualifications do you have?

Pretty much nothing, dropped out of uni, been working low skilled stuff since then.


Ok burgerbro.

Do you feel you are talented or well-suited to any specific line of work?

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Get a trade

I'm just kidding I'm a 16 year old Filipino kid.

fight for communism

you need some sort of apprenticeship my friend.
it's a few years of focusing yourself, working hard and learning a lot, but a trade license will give you a lot of autonomy and opportunity

Maybe you should post some more off-topic shit threads. kys loser.

I'll help you for $50

I'd love to write about politics one day, I do feel I'm pretty talented at it.

What are you hoping to achieve or attain in life?

Your unhappiness is likely a result of not having what you want, or think you want. It's just about practically working towards that.


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>just become an engineer bro
Jow Forums advice in a nutshell

I guess what I don't really know exactly what I want, I know I want to start a family and provide for them.

save money
no debt
buy land
socialize with good people in person
become increasingly self-sufficient
have children

That's a good start. And realistically in order to do that you'll need to work on self-confidence, potentially making friends (to wider your social reach and practice empathy and social skills), and perhaps finding a better paid job / career. Doesn't matter how old you are, and how fucked you feel you are, these are achievable goals.

I turn 28 soon and have never experienced love, am a virgin, have no friends, and will need to retrain if I'm to find another job. But there comes a point where self-pity becomes boring and predictable so you just need to ignore how you feel you're perceived, stop comparing yourself etc, and just go for it.

mate you need to look into commercial trucking, it's what i'm gonna do. you get to drive round your country and get paid doing it. here in the states you need a commercial driver's license and the training can last about 1 month and costs 5000 USD in total, but the trucking companies NEED more drivers and i have heard some of them offer students jobs before they even finish their training. i don't know what the trucking market is like down under though. be good ya cunt.