I keep seeing threads talking about the supposed BBC takeover here on Jow Forums...

i keep seeing threads talking about the supposed BBC takeover here on Jow Forums, but are we really going to ignore the latin menace? White wymen can't get enough of these fuckers.

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Cuckposting reflects a lack of self-confidence


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reminder that all those categories added together are less than 10% of white women

more like top 10% women

i just went to grocery store an hour ago and legit saw 3 hispanic dudes with the most gorgeous white chicks i've seen in the last couple of months. Meanwhile, most white dudes were with low tier white women or mid tier chinkoids

this is an unclean thread.

> white man and Latinas

Always based af

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imagine being such a loser to post such a loser pick
keep coping

Pic related

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niggers can't into marriage, dumbass.

white men + latina = white babies

its because shes hot enough
that basically all women
= hot enough dates a white man
= cant get a chad = hates white men

Hispanic includes Cuban, and most American Cubans are white.

White women are always jealous of Latina women

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It’s more than just skin color. It’s about preserving the high IQ genes which mestizos lack.

you mean white man + latina women = white babies

>BM/WF is that low

No joke and cuck posting aside, why does it feel like I see it so much more now? I live in Texas by the way, and I’m talking about in real life not in entertainment.

or are you also some sort of delusional cuck loser

you're just saying that because you're a spic yourself
nobody wants a low self-esteem, used goods, daddy issues racemixer

"One in five include a Hispanic husband and a white wife"
Meanwhile there's more couples with White men and hispanic women

Odd choice of a headline HMMM

thats why the biggest interracial marriage is what man Hispanic woman?
rofl cope post

Yeah I thought the same thing ... it’s about an even split between both genders though but still

most common interracial white man Hispanic women
just rofl at these cope posts
any women who can get a white man will rather get a white man if they can
thats just a fact

Cause it's for marriage rather than dating.

more like
hot and smart enough = date white men for that greencard

latinas are the most default women, they don't care about race, since they are mutt themselves they always go for general attraction or status instead. The whole just be white thing only applies to chinks to be honest, i'll give you that. They are sexless whores that just want status and money so of course they are going for white men in the west.

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Nice try, Juan. White women hate spicdic even more than they hate Asians.

I mean... ops photo kind of proves otherwise


cope. it's really common to see spics/wh*te couple, is undeniable. I saw more UFOs in my life than chink male/white wymen couples