Australian in Sweden. AMA

Australian in Sweden. AMA

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kill yourself?

Is the nigger cock better in Sweden?

How easy it is it to fuck swedish women?

Is it as bad as we meme about

You first shlomo.


Been here only one day. But very easy to approach.

Yes. It is.

wanna meet up and do some lines mate?!
Or are ya a fookin' virgin?

Degenerate Swedecuck.

wanna meet up and have gay anal sex

beat me to it cocksucker. You can come too :3

I'm not a cuck, I've got a wife and two kids mate...
Well fuck you then, fucking virgin! More lines for me!

yuck! I've quit two good job cause of fucking faggots! Disgusting creatures.

You just landed faggot. Come back in a week.

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I've seen enough already, cunt. Its really saying something seeing as I come from Melbourne. Swedes have cucked themselves into oblivion. I see Niggers, Arabs, fags and lefties more than when I did in the heart of Melbourne...

you can fuck my wife if youre black

whoa dude nothing gay about two bros having a little fun

get in line bro

Okay? If I'm in Australia for a day I haven't even left Little Beijing. Explore the sites fagot.

Kill yourselves

do you have a license for that hate speech? IM CALLING THE FUCKING POLIS NAZI