Jackie Hollywood doesn't deny being member of #pizzagate

Look at the coonections she has to celebrities, and ARS Technica. Pizza stuff all over her page.

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bump for truth

what's on the necklace?
she isn't showing off her tits, she is showcasing the necklace

>hollywood is the pedosatanists heaven
more news at 11

*and the blue bracelet

Both the necklace and the bracelet are there for people who know to see.

This. When do we storm Hollywood and kill the rich?

Shut up cuck

you first

Jesus Christ can you fucking fags explain WHO the hell you're talking about when you shove this stupid e-celeb bullshit here. If you want us to care give us the CONTEXT and make us care. Who the hell are these nobodies getting under 100 likes for a post and why should we care?

It's not clear enough to make out. Looks like a rectangular symbol of some kind.

she has fucking milkers i’m gonna dm her and see if she’s into jack skellington lookin dudes

necklace looking like this desu

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She's Jackie Hollywood. Apparent slut, possible pedo.

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Pizza tattoo

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pizzagate is real

bump, why haven't any of these people been charged yet?

I have no legs, someone is going to have to push me

Patience now bro, it's coming.

Because brainlets like you let them get away with it. Honestly all you faggots are gonna do is just stomp around and throw a temper tantrum meanwhile they will continue to laugh at every single one of you

>just way goys it coming no no no sit and wait

But who the hell is Jackie Hollywood? What does she DO?

The necklace kind of looks like the Trilateral Insignia that represents the Grey Aliens from Betelgeuse in Orion's Belt

You seem shook, shlomo

Hilrious coming from someone who lives in a 1984 style country youre the one thats to shook to do anything

You're glowing

Some literal who pedo
Same old excuses just accept the fact you're to much of a pussy to do anything about it

she tortures murders young boys

cunt needs to be purified

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Glowniggers are running a big operation right now on Jow Forums

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So... what are you waiting for?

Glowshits are nothing but a bunch of brainlets lmao

PIZZAGATE threads always brings these pedo glowcucks out of the woodwork.

wonder why... who controls the jewdicial system? oh wait i answer my own question

Im not defending them shit teeth im just pointing out that not one of you have it in you to do it. Infact, dont even bother contuine to be cucked I mean shit youre in bongland you wouldnt be able to do much anyway without a license kek

You work for the pedo elites, you're complicit.

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The hell is this?

Show me where I defended them shit teeth ill wait

shes fucking trolling all of you

>lets just sit here and play with ourseveles!
>w-what you wanna do what to them?
>y-you glow y-you work for them!!!
pretty much sums you up

rot in hell pedo scum

>just a joke goyim
>haha so what if I love pizza and make jokes about pedophilla im not pedo you pedophobe!!!
>lol child porn and pizza pedo jokes amirite?
>cant provide evidence except project
You got a license to post that shit?

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If ameriSHITS werent such KEKS we wouldnt be having these problems now would we shit teeth?

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X for andro masonry

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Yeah anons are to busy responding to likely slide threads than to respond to this ill keep this thread bookmarked for future threads

No she's not. Don't think pedos are exclusively male. There are lots of fucked up, sadistic women out there. We'd all probably be surprised at the statistics.