Is Jow Forums a Democrat board now?

Considering Ilhan Omar is the queen of Jow Forums and we're all voting Tulsi Gabbard for president is Jow Forums officially an arm of the Democratic party?

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Fuck you and fuck her

You'll come around eventually, friend.

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bräunen raus

/pol is a trump board that gets invaded by shills round the clock.
always was, always will be

Tulsi will be out before yang, we're gonna be stuck with kamala...

Remember to always link to CHRISTIAN PRINCE on youtube, it scares off the Dawah faggots.

In this video Christian Prince shows a Muslima that Islam mandates adult breastfeeding:

She is crying hysterically by the end of it!!!

>behold your God muhammedans!!!

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Fuck off.

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reminder that faking a marriage to get someone into the country is illegal

I can find common ground with anyone who hates Zog and the Zog World Order and especially someone like Tulsi who tells the Sauds to fuck off despite Bretton Woods and the Petrodollar. But a Democrat? Fuck no.

If your group gets its kicks by pretending to be retards, don't be surprised when it gets taken over by actual retards.

>queen of pol

Once you get out from bluepilling there is no way to come back.
Pathetic thread like that won't do a thing, your kween is a stupid brainlet who name them only bc she hate them for palestine nothing else.
Democracy is for emotional cucks
Jow Forums is, and will always be NatSoc

We have many political opinions here.

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Get that nigger off my board

>somali nigger overwhelmingly supported by leftist jews
>queen of Jow Forums

Were you hit on the head by your handlers cock?

Is it politically incorrect to be a dem now? No? Then fuck off retard.

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Does that mean the democrats love the Nazi, racist, misanthrope, homophobes now? Good.


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