How do you manage your hatered?

I need an advice from you faggots, how to manage my hate, every moment I spend on this world with the knowledge I possess I hate the world more and more, how do you guys take care of it, desu Im tierd of this shit.

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I do a lot of pushups, gets the aggression out

is it beneficial, helpful? No. So stop doing it. All the rest is is blshit

I fight my hatred by turning into love
Love of my country, love of god, the white race and donald trump. Kikes and muslims will learn to fear the white man when we remind the world of might of the white pan. I pray to kek that he start war with iran so i can torture some iranian communist soldies

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get out of the house and have fun.

no u


Doesn't help, nothing helps, I feel like Im about to take the fucking gun and kill some people.

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you say you love God but then pray to darkness...

Oh shit, were we supposed to be managing our hate?

>Same ID
>Israel flag
Lmfao, This cant be...
I think you're doing that on purpose. You've already done that with the AnCap memeflag ffs!!

I just shut down my critical thinking part of my brain when I'm off this site in normie world, or not with *likeminded* individuals. It's the only way to stop myself from anheroing.

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It is, quite literally, your only hope.

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+ and I savagely fuck my gf

Don't you dare. Jow Forums is a board of peace. Go outside. Hang with some friends. Listen to music.

You need the clown pill or you will self destruct

I fantasize about killing people every day

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build a cell

I stockpile ammo and guns.

I lift and I play competitive shooter games.

Pray. Remember that no matter what the good guys always win. People are waking up faster and faster. Have a laugh. This is quickly becoming the most hilarious era man has ever seen.

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haha i love this guy

hate globally, act locally. Figure out who the enemy is, and then begin to systematically go kill your enemy.

It's hard to manage user I struggle with it myself

ake a break from this place for a while, its not good to constantly feed yourself redpills.

First, read some philosophy. Learn that you are on your own, that you can only adapt if you will, and how to adapt etc.

Then go, learn how to fight, check some basics of self defense, adrenaline is awesome, so maybe you will be sooner or later into MMA or Boxing whatever.

If you will know how to adapt to the world, how the system works etc. and you will know how to defend yourself, then even if you will not have money, well... you just won't be NPC anymore. You can say what you want, and do what you want m8.

hate is prohibited in the eu so i just don't carry any in me ;) simple as

Take the clown pill. Accelerate.

Have you found Jesus?
He is the Prince of Peace. King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.

He loves you very much. He came to earth as God in the flesh. Lived a perfect, sinless life, and became the sacrifice for all the sins of the world, past, present and future, on that cross. He rose again from the grave three days later, and that same Holy Spirit that brought Him back to life is available to all of us, it’s the free gift of salvation and eternal life.

>John 14:6 “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

Admit you’re a sinner and accept Jesus into your heart. He will change your life for the better and give you renewed purpose and hope like never before! Be blessed.

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by realizing if i don't procreate it's kind of like nuking the planet, which is what i really want.

Im here daily, 7h per day.

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Yes, but when you'll do it please stream it, faggot.