Lazy Milliennials could LEARN from this guy!!!

Bernie bros BTFO as usual!

Principles like this built America. Can't stand the heat? Get out of the kitchen son. Start your own business if they make you work 'too hard' (like any of the young kids today know about hard work lol!)

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Theres nothing wrong with taking a few weeks of vacation. Hell, with all the OT I work, I look forward to vacation.

this name sounds familiar... why?

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If you do OT, you deserve vacation. The only reason I work OT. I have 4 doubles over the next 3 weeks, and a few 4 hour weekends because of college starting up in 3 weeks. And I've schedule several 3-4 day weekends and 2 different weeks of vacation over the next academic year.

>I've never had a day off for 10 years
Weird flex but ok

>being a good goy slave
fuck you nigger


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>because i suffered from my bad decisions, i will make you suffer
>my employees are my property
sociopaths will get the rope

I'd be happy if mike rowe got shot

if you are only entitled to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness why are you accepting free government sponsored library cards you fucking boomer faggot

Imagine if you spend years upon years delaying gratification, only then to develop some life ruining disease or die in an accident or something. Live while you can, you can't guarantee that you'll be able to live in the future.

Just pull yourself up by your bootstraps, walk into the business you want to work at, dress to success, ask to speak with the CEO, give him a good old-fashioned handshake, look him right in the eye and ask for a job.
Now get out there to the country dance at the community center and walk up to your choice of pretty, white, christian gals and ask her for a dance, marry her two weeks later, and have 7 children before retiring comfortably at the age of 55 with a 10 million dollar pension. That's how I did it son. Honestly millienials these days are so lazy and entitled.


Why are we forced to live with these fucking humans

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Marxist world view is stupid. Yeah, he could work his employee until their death, and yeah his employee could behave like marxists.
Or they can just cooperate, as two elements of the same body, the race, and move forward together.

More evidence that boomers need to get the rope.

Wage slavery is just like male circumcision. Those that get screwed over hold onto their pride and literally cope to stay sane.

having a day off isn't a vacation you numbskull.

Won't happen as long as there are jews and niggers.

Germans work less hours per year than any western nation, still they are one of the most productive.
You can take month or two easily if you don't spend any work hours scratching your ass.

>employee productivity keeps going up thanks to technology
>Hours worked stay constant/ go up because of non logged OT by salary workers
>Wages stagnant over past 40 years
>corporate and executive profits skyrocket
>Middle class dying

Gee I'm so glad for my job! I should be so grateful and never complain thank you overlords for not letting me starve!

In the race to the bottom, boomers deserve every blue shell

Better dead than red

It’s so funny how Jow Forums correctly interprets the problem but hates leftists who are fighting to end it

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>Muh Prez
(((Dave Portnoy))) is a piece of shit

its called sacrificing to build a business or brand nigger tits

>Principles like this built America. Can't stand the heat? Get out of the kitchen son
You're a faggot. You know that right?
Dude literally refers to "his" employees being [his] "property". Yeah. That's exactly what we need in this country, right now. Dip shits who think that because they've worked a decade, they should then have the right to own anyone who has less monies then them.

>suffered for bad decisions
>invested time and energy to create a business to the point you can dictate timetables for your employees
pick one

>implying being a small business tyrant is a good thing

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are you 12 or just retarded
bootlicking refers to statism not corpratism
and talking about an individual making sacrifices to start a business is not corpratism
you absolute fucking joke

Ironically has Mike rowe ever worked an actual day in his life?

What a fucking boomer

typical 40's something year boomer

Quit reading at the word diversified. Did the same thing in college to. Go up and walked out the door. Enjoy your niggers and spics I told them. Into the night, vanished I did.

The weekend was created due to religious observances.
Socialists are lying subhumans.

>right to decide when my employees get their weekend

>be me
>be user
>feel tired and decide to ask boss for the weekend off
>he says no, he needs more money
>quit on the spot
i don't work for fun and money is a vain goal to waste ones life for.

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