How is capitalism fair when

how is capitalism fair when
"CEOs rake in 940% more than 40 years ago, while average workers earn 12% more. CEO compensation rose 940% from 1978 to 2018, compared with a 12% rise in pay for the average American worker during the same period, according to the Economic Policy Institute."

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>how is capitalism fair when
You need greedy people to drive the world - to enslave people to work and produce new items. Else, everyone will have a heavy lunch and just fall asleep.

It's not. It's just goyim shilling for their Jew Overlords.

stfu commie spaghettinigga

did you get dropped on the head when you were a child rabbi

Its fair when CEOs have 940x more responsibility than workers who cant be trusted with my toaster

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>CEOs have 940x more responsibility

>run company for 5 years
>cash a fat bonus and leave
>on 6th year company bankrupts because of my stupid choices
>I have zero responsibility

ask Lehman Brothers

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Let's assume that we don't pay CEOs exorbitantly. We restrict CEO pay. Then the greed of CEOs will be restricted. When their greed is restricted, they want less and they drive their subordinates less. That has a cascading effect throughout the economy and eventually the economy reaches an equilibrium where technology and culture stagnates since no one can be too greedy to push the current boundaries.

Do some simple research and you will find that young people in the West are increasingly congregating in the far left and far right, both anti-capitalist avenues. The wealth that is being generated is not finding its way back to the economy + the people that are on the receiving end are actively subverting the society through globohomo and destruction of nation states. Historically it's the equivalent of living under a delusional evil tyrant. It will blow over.

Fairness doesnt exist. ANYWHERE.
You are delusional.

and also the fact that the 940% number you brought up is likely mostly the result of jewish nepotism and shit, stuff that we don't support and complain about in every thread.

>Increase regulations against companies because "businesses are not people"
>Be surprised when plutocrats buttfuck you with no lube regardless


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Obongo should have let banks fail

bailout was a mistake.

Id be fine if the left wanted to target the banks and multinational conglomerates (bilderberg) but theyre too busy bitching about small time corporations and the prices of consumer goods being too high.

Banks yes, auto industry is worth the bailout IMO.

>implying Gillette didn't just lose 8 Billions $ for catering to trannies and sjw

the left is killing capitalism faster than the right lmao

My only issue with capitalism is the impact it has on culture. Reducing a society to such a low bar point to a materialistic view of life, which is constituted by consumption. I don't see Communists and Capitalists as any worse or better, they both compliment the other in destroying human progress.

>I don't see Communists and Capitalists as any worse or better,
they both can't assign "value" outside of price.

For example you can put a price on sex, but not on love.

Who said it was supposed to be fair, or that fairness was even a virtue?

The gains in productivity aren't because of the average worker.

Do you really think the average worker is a better worker than in the 1970s? No, the increases in productivity are from technology and global supply chains, which is why technologists and CEOs have captured most of the efficiency gains in compensation. The average worker isn't that much more useful compared to the 1970s. A good CEO is much more valuable to a company in 2019 than they were in the 1970s. Harsh and uncomfortable truth.

Learn to code, loser.

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obviously the CEO's have become much more productive
now get back in your wagie cagie you lazy goy

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At this point the right/left struggle is simply about what to call the post-corporatocracy world. That's also why the status quo left/right always leads us to the same direction. I think it would be fair and sane to acknowledge we have some very powerful rulers in our current system and they are probably the greediest and most malicious the world has ever seen.

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>Its fair when CEOs have 940x more responsibility
ok I hate commies but that's just bullshit
CEOs get scotfree is shit doesnt work out and just change corps

It works out for us because those businesses that were stupid enough to pander to the left get killed by them, meanwhile right wing and non partisan co.s steer the economy.

Stock options + buybacks turn CEOs into the shareholders they serve

Rly executives in general

Because the market will pay a CEO more. The market is fair because the market is uncaring.

You can restrict people's actions. You can't restrict greed itself. That's like telling people to reduce CO2 emissions and actually believing they'll cease to breathe. What will more likely happen is that they will lobby and lawyer up and fight tooth and nail to not have their monster handouts restricted. The way that they already are, only that irl they are doing so with no-one fighting back, no-one advocating to restrict them.
And because commies can't into class cooperation/racial consciousness, they will never understand why people of institutions intended to be opposed to the private sector, work hand in hand with the private sector to ensure the gravy train keeps going.

Dont pretend consumers didnt play a part in that choice. The reason capitalism and plutocracy excels is because people were dumb and material from the start. You need a serious paradigm shift or a renaissance to get people to reassess their value system.

Communism does not mean to distribute gibs to lazy people and social parasites.

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They created a job for you to work, that wouldn't otherwise exist. If you don't like it, go start your own business. It doesn't take much capital to get going these days, just determination and high IQ.


Why do you think life has ever been "fair", or ever will be?

It's called survival of the fittest. Either get good, or get out.

Yeah, it's literally easier than ever to start a business these days. Niches everywhere.

>people making 40k a year defending jews making 3M$ a month

I'll never understand why


I'm not defending anything. I'm saying that's the way life is and always has been. A brutal competition for resources. It will never change and never has changed, so you should start to see reality as it really is.


Human beings are not all equal, and neither is their labor. When I'm standing in a parking lot doing nothing but waving a lightstick and occasionally talking to drivers, I don't deserve the same paycheck as the man who's managing and directing the entire event. That said, the more and more frequent cases of upper management fucking over their companies and employees out of greed is due by and large to Jewish nepotism. You know what the solution to that is, don't you?

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What good is that if the megacorps have the government in their pockets and will poz you and your children through schools, universities, workplace and laws? Move to the forest? Good luck with that, don't Ted K yourself when you find out the truth. The thought of supporting a family with minimum wage is a joke. Globohomo will kick down your doors and shatter your windows to the point where just existing is agony. People are delusional with what we have at this point. I don't think some stupid China-made trinkets will make anyone content with being alone and dying as a childless slave in a borderless godless hellhole.

>I don't think some stupid China-made trinkets will make anyone content with being alone and dying as a childless slave in a borderless godless hellhole.
alas, it works for 80% of the population.

I don't pretend. People within a capitalist society are responsible for themselves for this reason. As you said, it's the simple fact that the majority were and still are stupid enough to deal in excess and naturally others will take advantage of that to meet growing demand, no matter the costs spiritually or culturally.

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>Want to take out a small loan and start a business
>Cant because Dems will unionize and trickle down my capital to the poorest workers
>They also vote to tax me to death so I can never reinvest
>Climb up the ladder in current job, lose subsidy so I can have the privilege of paying for welfare babies and hit a higher income bracket so I get less takehome pay

Thanks Democrats

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>others will take advantage of that to meet growing demand, no matter the costs spiritually or culturally

Sounds like a death cult to me. Sounds like a shitsandwich of a deal.


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>"CEOs rake in 940% more than 40 years ago, while average workers earn 12% more.
Is there a causal link between the two? Or are readers just supposed to be upset that some people are rich while others are poor?

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isn't it even worse if they are unlinked?

May as well be. Any thought straying outside the mainstream that calls attention to this gets you labeled a 'socialist'(when they really mean commie) from the right, and a 'racist' for wanting to preserve a 'colonial identity'(which just happened to be rooted in WASP culture).

who cares. inequality in itself isn't bad; even according to john rawls, a leftist, inequality is justified if the worst off will be better off than they might be under an equal distribution

Just be a CEO then. Start your company.

We have much bigger companies now... international operations.
What about the ratio of CEO salary to the number of workers?

Zero sum fallacies are democrat rhetoric.

>isn't it even worse if they are unlinked?

>>isn't it even worse if they are unlinked?
it means in 20 years CEOs could make +1200% and salarymen -20%

Interestingly enough, the backbone of modern technology was invented in the Nazi Germany. When you start asking questions like why is a Chamber of Commerce meddling in the demographic policies of my country and why are all politicians calling for LGBT shit and endless immigration, they will quickly say it's all a part of the best system brooo just trust the plan brooo just make money broooo don't be a communist.

>>Zero sum fallacies
hi Bernanke

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