Based priest. Sadly he has some tattoos

based priest. Sadly he has some tattoos

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Is he a real priest or is this some kind of gay gimmick?

This guy is a complete tool imo
Similar to a big assed thot posing for pix

He's gay

>Yea, i do suck a literal who dick, how did you know?

Everyone who becomes a priest is gimmicky and gay, even in the 1900s

pick two

His name is crossfitpriest and I can only imagine he posts pictures all the time of him doing bro shit but "as a priest" for girls.

>Woman spends all her time trying to look good and posting selfies on Instagram
Dumb basic thot bitch

>Priest spends all his time trying to look good and posting selfies on Instagram

"cross fit priest"
he probably took some online crossfit course one weekend

You can just tell he is one of those christians who think homosexuality is fine and should be encouraged. Probably is proud to have a trans daughter too.

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Your flag gives it away

What is wrong with tattoos

Levictus 19:28 is what's wrong with tattoos retard. A priest should know that, but US pr*testant "priests" don't care about celibate either.

Normally this kinda thing comes off as masculine, but I'm getting some serious soiboi vibes off this pic

Stop shilling for this fag. He isn't based. He's just another dipshit Instagram attention whore

I think it's a homosexual roleplay

Is it the floral apron, perhaps?

bingo 7th post best post

"He" has tattoos. QED.

>being afraid of flowers
imagine being this insecure you closet homo. i bet you drive a lifted truck and have a beer gut.

>t. crossfitpriest being butthurt in his dainty little apron

>cross fit

Fuck this guy. I hate em

Next he's gonna skateboard his way into the aisle towards the cross

I dont understand the hate on tattoos. If the person got them when they were young and then never got any more, what is the big deal?
Yeah i get the whole face tats are retarded and shit, but fuck man, besides that who cares?

Personally I draw a line between when people get a tattoo for some commemorative personal reason and when it's just for show. I don't give a fuck though, I wouldn't get one but to each their own.

why? He's not exposed. It's not his fault he's relatively handsome. And tattoos might be reminder of his past life. Not all priests were priests since young age, you know.

he's Swedish and a priest with the church of sweden