Did these kinds of people exist before social media echochambers/hugboxes? Why do liberals do this?

Did these kinds of people exist before social media echochambers/hugboxes? Why do liberals do this?

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I can't tell where the iris ends and the pupil begins. It just looks like a soulless blob.

I don't get why fat chicks who got a cute face let themselves go like that. If they just lost some goddamn weight they'd be fine. I just don't get it, you can lose weight

The face of a soulless cunt that loves seeing others in misery.


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Nope. Soon as twitter went live annoying fat people just poofed into existence. Damnedest thing I ever seen.

what a punchable face

>then I showed him my triggered face
Yaaas! You go girl! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Then everyone clapped

Andy Milonakis has a sister?

I mean, they existed, but they lived in the isolated pockets of their personal despair. If she had tried to tell this little self-righteous meetcute fantasy to someone in real life, the microexpressions of disgust would cow her into never repeating it again.

But, through the wonders of technology, they can get together and encourage each other's dysfunction with likes/upvotes/favorites/pins/whatever-imaginary-internet-points and all the raised eyebrows, frowns, and other disapproval are invisible.

And since depressed lonely people are more likely to engage in reckless spending in the hope of filling the hole in their soul with stuff, they are an "advertiser friendly" demographic and most social media platforms will protect them from being aware of the approbation of the general public.

A brave and stunning way to start a conversation.

There will be mass suicide. All single 30+ women I know are alcoholics, depressed, medicated and cries several times a week. They’re addicted to likes, to a point where these likes are now the highlights of their day. But like every addiction, likes wont be enough anymore, pills won’t be enough... thats when suicides will start happening in mass

I hate when people assume fat people would be good looking if they lost weight. You don't have xray vision and can't see their bone structure.

Being fat isn't cool, it's unhealthy

>Why do liberals do this?
"To end ______, we need to dismantle Western civilization."
Insert anything you've ever heard a lefty like in your pic has complained about.

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I'll take shit that never happened for $500 Alex.

I guess fatties are going in the mass graves too

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You do know the Federal Reserve is robbing us blind? There really are more important endeavors. And yes, people like that existed before social media.

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>Why do liberals do this?
Share stupid shit on Twatter™ so that other assholes will spread it?

Then you turned around and I made this face

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You're gonna need a deeper hole or more of them.

I’ll take stories that didn’t happen for $100, Alex.

But she probably practiced that facial expression a lot, took at least a dozen selfies before she felt it was just right.

There is no doubt in my mind she is an exceptionally happy individual living a life full of joy and meaning.

> He turned around and saw me.
> I made this face.
> But then he said, 'Be even more careful or you could end up looking like her!'

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Based Jeopardymind.

Found the fatty. You're just big boned, huh?

have sex

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>passive aggressive snark on the internet after the fact
Every time.

Let's say you don't need to be an empath to notice the alarming traits in that face expression. She is miserable, evil, and she loves to have company in that dark void she inhabits.


The body positivity movement, which is basically the worst thing that's happened to public health since the Advent of tobacco smoking, wouldn't have been possible without the internet. So as people that existed, but their attitudes we're vastly different. They lived in shame, as they should being people with little to no self-control and suffering from a disease of their own causing.

Yeah, he left because he didn't want to look at your pig face.

They worked as primary school (elementary for you burgers) teachers and librarians. Not the main librarians, but the assistant ones.

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read this list and you tell me what is going on. archive.fo/ZEYvx

I sexually harass my female employees. Regularly. I know they are powerless to stop it. Mostly single mothers.

I think I'll step it up to actual violence tomorrow.

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Evil white man raped me gib money

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Unironically some of the prettiest faces I ever saw have been sandwiched between a big fat head. Unfortunately the best bodies I have ever seen are usually topped off by a head that is alright, but more often than not, takes a 9/10 right down to 5/10

>Driving customers away
>In a consumerist capitalist society
This whale must hang bros!

Stream or it never happened.

I'm gonna miss the grand canyon but sacrifices must be made


>Did these kinds of people exist before social media echochambers/hugboxes? Why do liberals do this?

Yes. They were called crazy old cat ladies in the olden days and they were very small minority in every community; usually dispised and avoided. The internet and SSRIs and a number of other social factors has somehow made them prevalent and abundant.

At least some of them exist. They even started their own movement (leeching off the third wave of course) and "fight" against "fat shaming" by demanding doctors to stop telling to lose weight.

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I'd offer her a massage to help her to relax.

she smelled like shit probably

Brave and stunning. Cishet shitlord got what he deserved.

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We're sincerely sorry for not beating Sofie Hagen to a pulp before she left denmark for uk


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Yes, they did and it was just as funny as it is now to see them cope so hard.

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>cute face

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>he came back the next day
>hambeast wasn't there
>they went on a date
>had kids
>enjoyed life
Sofie Hagen was still fat and alone

I know a fat chick who lost the weight... Turns out she has a huge head and now it looks weird.

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I cant tell where human begins and screen ends

She still gets 3-4 times more matches than the average dude

You're thinking small time.
Step 1) Round up fatties
Step 2) Dump in volcano
Step 3) Run away before it overflows
Step 4) New fertile lands for farming

>that guy holding his urge to vomit
every time

Yellowstone threat averted, humanity saved, leaf redemption achieved

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its true though
you can see a good looking but too small face on a too big forhead like cheap CGI in the opcomming Cats movie

Point at her and say
"See this is what I'm talking about "

What the hell? Scales are an objective measure, they aren't judging them

To add to this, every generation has its segment of low IQ sociopaths who seek the path of least resistance when they lust after control over other people. These are the energy vampires Alex Jones warned us about.

nope and I think she think she is comedian or somekinda entertainer

>and then, as he ran away in shame, everybody clapped

Tfw I'm that friend

truth, sadly. i'm guessing 9/10 of those are dudes that think that she'll bang them bc "no else is hitting this bitch up lol" and the other 1 is an accidental swipe

shitty brown eyes BFTO

They are delusional user. One of them in Germany demanded doctors to stop using the BMI to empower hamplanets.

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Checked. Also, some chicks are just fucked up with crazy levels of estrogen and it makes them crazy as shit. Women spread their crazy by manipulation and vocally, very rarely physically.

I did with a black man.

Well that's just disgusting. Genocide of the fatties is needed.

>be careful you might get fat! haha
>turns around
>fat libtard face
>yeah...like you

Cute cashier at my local shop. Looked at her previous pics, she was a whale. Now, with with weight loss, she's actually passable.
Only issue is, once they've taken the weight off once, they can very easily become complacent and put it back on with ease

I know a fat feminist and she is unbearable to be around. Everything is an affront to these women because deep down they hate themselves.

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They existed before. Just back then, if someone made such a face after a joke like that a quick guy would have said: "And here you have the example" leaving the store, because it is not polite to take offense of comments not directed at you, so if you did, then you presented yourself as a target for ridicule.


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Is this him?

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>tfw I think most women would better overweight

To be high test in a s.oy society is a lonely life

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races of people are prone to make enclaves in a very mixed society. Same goes with all kinds of people that only may gather via the internets. So yeah, they did exist, but isolated and not notoriously enough

Even if they were cute under the fat, a fat girl who loses weight turns into a whore/is super easy because they just don't have that natural self-confidence a long time fit girl does.

Wherever she goes, there she is

Holy shit I love this explanation. Post more faggot.

yes bitch, being fat is bad and you deserve to be shamed for it.

you're ugly fatty, and losing weight may or may not make you attractive, but NOT losing weight grantees you will remain unattractive.
no amount of social engineering will change my sexual attraction, sorry.
my dick doesn't understand logic

Yes in medieval times they were known as the "witch who lived in a hut far in the woods"

What a fuckin retard