Dixie Got One More Victory

Great news for all of us confederate renegades. Remember that big bunch of shit in Charlottesville? Of course you do, because the media is still howling about it to this day.

On that day, many good people came out to defend confederate heritage, and were met by a horde of communist scum who sought to destroy even the memory of us. A fight ensued, and the forces of the right held their own in spite of being massively outnumbered, using the ancient war-tactic of the shield wall to drive the communists back again and again.

But one man made a mistake, and the leftist media jumped on it like a shark going after a fat kid on a raft. Many felt that our side had lost.


The courts just ruled that the Robert E. Lee statue is protected under the laws that govern veteran memorials, and cannot be removed, even by the city authorities.

Lets take this for what it is: A victory.

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They'll just remove it, or rip it down anyway. Laws change, and if the statue gets melted into slag, that won't change. Why not let them give it to someone who wants it? Maybe put it somewhere that the people surrounding it will respect it? Just seems like some kind of pissing contest to try to force them to keep it. Especially if you care about the well being of the historical monument. It's like ISIS was trying to get us to take all the stuff they blew up. Why not take it and put it somewhere safe?

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Yeah but James Fields is spending the redt of his life in prison and whites haven't done a damn thing about it.

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>The courts just ruled that the Robert E. Lee statue is protected under the laws that govern veteran memorials, and cannot be removed, even by the city authorities.
The courts ruled that Unite the Right had a legal permit to assemble but the governor and city outright ignored that, too. I wish I had your optimism though

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So pathetic

Defacing that statue will now be a federal crime, although I do see your point on some of that. It is a pissing contest, but its kind of nice that our side won. Im not saying the fights over but this is definitely a win. Lets savor it while we can.

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That kid was expelled for honoring his ancestors


Unfortunately, the video shows that he could have backed up and gone down another road. By speeding forward (even if he did it out of fear) he made himself look like the aggressor. I feel for him, but the mistake was his alone. Antifa deserves to be run over, but he should have exercised discipline for his own good and the good of the movement.

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Nice cope. Jews don't stand by and let one of theirs suffer punishment simpy due to guilt.

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Because jews dont generally believe in personal accountability...well, not for themselves anyway.

Although I am a Northerner who hates Southerners with a passion I am glad that you guys won this small victory. No one deserves to have the memory of their soldiers desecrated.

Also we are forever in your debt that you are the ones who get stereotyped as violent and racist. Because if the world knew just how malevolent and racist the average Northerner is they would have backed you unconditionally. Also the niggers still being here is on you, Lincoln was going to send those spear chuckers back before you cut his plans short, so blame yourselves for that one.

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Praise God. To desecrate the memory of a fine and outstanding individual, like General Lee, is the entertainment of self destructive nihilist niggers. For the state to back it up is reason for CW.2.

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Thats a matter of perspective Yank, but Im glad you have the decency to respect the memory of our dead. No more brother wars.

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>t. non-southerner with ambivalent feelings about the outcome of the Civil War (like everyone who isn’t pozzed)

Indeed good sir. Lets think about some of the other things niggers do for entertainment...
necklacing, mass rape, beheading, gangbanging of all kinds, selling crack and heroin laced with fentanyl, and (of course) raping any white woman they can catch.

And they say we're evil because we made them work!

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>Unfortunately, the video shows that he could have backed up and gone down another road. By speeding forward (even if he did it out of fear) he made himself look like the aggressor.

I guess he had a shit lawyer? Unlike the zim-zam man.

Or was it just a shit local jury.

Seems like there was reasonable doubt there, but it's tough to beat federal prosecutors.

I thought it's always been state law that war monuments can't be taken down, at least ones on public land

The deck was surely stacked against him. I read some of the court documents (those that have been made public anyway) and it seems that they convicted him on the basis that he could have escaped and didnt. I truly feel sorry for James Fields, as his anger was justified. He made a mistake and theyve took his life for it.

>Lincoln was going to send those spear chuckers back before you cut his plans short

He bruited the idea, but there is much evidence to the contrary respecting what he would have done if he'd lived. (Just read a detailed account of his last month to six weeks.)

Sherman hated all politicians, especially Lincoln

It always has, but it took a judge's ruling for it to be recognized for some reason.

A graven image of a man who has already been cast in hell or gone to heaven and cares nothing about satanic world politics.

Damn right. "almost" only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. He didnt send them back, so I say God bless John Wilkes Booth.

Just look at this dapper southern gentleman. What better man to send a tyrant to hell?

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>Sherman hated all politicians, especially Lincoln

Sherman hated Lincoln? Taint so, Magee.

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Someone draw a nine month pregnant Anne Frank putting her hand on her belly while sitting on a park bench with Lee’s statue standing in the background like he’s guarding her

he had a better lawyer but the judge made him change to a shittier one because the original lawyer was part of this case. people tried to raise money to hire a better one but they all got shoahd.

good for you southern user. i hope things get better for all of us.

you mean a monument of a virginian who fought for virginia erected to remind virginians of when they used to have balls.

The civil war was necessary. The south struck first and they got what was coming to them for doing so. There were numerous peaceful resolutions in the works that would have let them keep their sovereignty and way of life relatively intact but they rejected them all and refused to compromise (the Corwin Amendment for example). Had the US remained fractured we would have devolved into a state of perpetual warfare, poverty and balkanization. If you have "ambivalent feelings" (or whatever pussy excuse passes for reason and logic were you come from) it is because you know nothing of the subject.

An important victory that sustains us.

The North won the War, but the South won the peace.

The "redeemed" state business, and Reconstruction generally, makes me want to vomit. No disrespect to you, sir.

The interesting question to me is whether, if Lincoln hadn't died (with his death, arguably, giving the South a "second wind") whether Reconstruction might have turned out differently.

There's no question, in my mind, that the South outmaneuvered the North from the end of the Civil War to whenever they retook the House (1874 or thereabouts?), and thus effectively ended Reconstruction (although it dragged on for another decade or so).

When judges find reasons to make criminal defendants get rid of effective lawyers... it pisses me off.

Struck first? No, yank. The federals struck first when they refused to remove their troops from Confederate soil. They were given many chances to evacuate Fort Sumter, and instead they began to fortify it! Therefore, the Southerners saw that the federals had no intention of honoring their sovereignty, and attacked a foreign army on their own soil.

Dont forget who invaded who, yank.

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Pretty hard to do anything when you are dead Johnny Reb.

> “I can hardly believe that the South and North can live in peace, unless we can get rid of the negroes … I believe that it would be better to export them all to some fertile country…”


Once again you got fucked over by your own shortsightedness and temper. In true Southern fashion you continue to blame the North for your own fuck up. Things didn't have to be this way but being stubborn and getting petty revenge was more important to Southerners than solving the race problem. Good job guys, you killed the one person who would have removed the nigger menace from your lands once and for all.

fuck off altkike

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>The deck was surely stacked against him
James Fields was as "guilty" as the Tsarnaev brothers - innocent young men whose lives were destroyed by the tyrannical state in a show trial.

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The north won the war, but the south won the guerilla war that followed. The original KKK did that, along with some other groups like the White Camellias. When that was done, they disbanded and that was the end of the real KKK. Thats why the federal government creates fake klan groups who do nothing but incite. They do it to tarnish the memory of a guerilla army that defeated them.

Pic related is an example of the original kkk. As you can see, they look nothing like those larpers in white sheets. They did wear pointed hoods but thats the only thing the fed shill groups got right.

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Oh nice, we won. This really needs to be rubbed right in their big nosed faces.

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Again, Lincoln bruited the idea, and he may have *personally* favored it, but there are a couple dozen hard pieces of evidence that, as a matter of **public policy,** he had *no* plans to physically remove the negros -- but rather was, e.g., talking about giving black soldiers, and other "worthies," the right to vote.

Jow Forumslocks post remarks like yours on the regular, and have been doing so for years, but the claim finds no support in the facts of the matter.

Congrats america, I'm happy for you.

Lincoln made promises, but thats not the same as actually getting it done. And if he had left the south in peace, niggers wouldnt be a problem. We figured out what you didnt: That Christianity and hard discipline are the only things that can civilize the nigger.

Just look at that pathetic C U C K!

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General William T. Sherman, a Union commander, forbade the entry of African-Americans into the army. Sherman did not hide the fact that he was a white supremacist. His view represented the views of many of his men, who came from the Midwest, where racism was widespread. He said that he would “not trust blacks to fight yet.' (Smith, 229) Rather than employ blacks as solders, he sought to employ them as laborers. He believed that blacks should be kept in jobs that were not that different from what slaves were doing for the Confederate Army.

So if I declare your house my property then shoot you I'd be in the right? Yeah top notch reasoning you got there. Maybe if you had calmed your tits for two minutes you'd realize that ONE fort was not going to be the difference between victory and defeat. Opening fire on it, on the other hand guaranteed that you'd get your comeuppance. Sure hope getting that sucker punch in was worth the war Reb.

>the Southerners saw that the federals had no intention of honoring their sovereignty
Wow they must have used the same crystal ball that told them Lincoln wasn't going to send the niggers back! Incredible!

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Regardless of what you think of the Civil War (I actually support Lincoln's plan of shipping all the blacks away) the Confederates are an important part of our history and show that rebellion is in our heritage. It's an important reminder.

Hell, I'm a Union guy overall, my ancestors were pretty evenly split between Confederates and whatever the emigration movement was called (I forget right now). Seven fought for the CSA, Seven fought for the USA back during the war and couldn't stand it if my Dixie line wasn't represented.

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>The north won the war, but the south won the guerilla war that followed.

True. But there was more to it. There was a purely political side, also. The case is made, very persuasively, imho, in Michael Perman, Reunion Without Compromise: The South and Reconstruction 1865-1868 (1973).

Anne Frank would be pregnant if we had won

>Although I am a Northerner who hates Southerners with a passion
Why, do you actually internalize the same kike prejudices of your masters?

Thanks Sweden, and I hope that one day soon your nation can unite behind reichsmarshall Pewds and chase out all the swine! The south would gladly help, but SOMEBODY (points at the yankees) stole our country too.

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P.S. There was also a *cultural* war that the South won -- the whole romance of the Lost Cause mythology, the apotheosis of which may be seen in Gone with the Wind.

>I don't like it, therefore it isn't true
Wow you sure showed me. Never mind the historical documents and proposals that directly contradict you, your disbelief is all the proof you need! Cry more faggots, you bring misery on yourselves and then refuse to learn from your mistakes. That's why you lost the war and why you will always lose against the superior intellect of the Northern master race.

Friendly reminder: Lincoln supported the Corwin Amendment and did everything he could to appease butthurt Southerners until they attacked Union troops unprovoked and forced his hand.

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Lincoln was going to let the South go peaceably, until a midnight visit from his New York ((((bankers))) who explained that the Federal Government was funded by slavery.

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Its not rocket science yank. They were given a chance to evacuate southern soil, and the south had every right to secede. Instead, they fortified their position and refused to move. Its pretty obvious what that means.

As per the tenth amendment, all powers not delegated to the federal government by the constitution are reserved for the states and the people thereof. Since secession is not mentioned anywhere in the constitution, it rightfully fell to the authority of the states.

How can you call your country "free" when we have no freedom to leave?

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Sounds like an interesting book. Ill check it out. Thank you sir.

im really confused, i thought we were the communists?

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Yeah I've seen some of the footage of that incident. That kids got some serious nuts.

He's an inspiration and I'm proud of'em.

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Shit i got here late.
meh we are libertarians.

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Because the war wasnt about slavery you moron. You have already mentioned the Corwin amendment so lets talk about that, as it is the single best piece of evidence for this fact.
Lincoln offered to basically make slavery a constitutional right, if the south would only stay in the union. This only proves that the war wasnt about slavery! They turned down his offer because they wanted independence. Slavery was of secondary importance to our right, as a people, to be independent.

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THis is what that sack of lard should have done instead of looking away like a bitch-made pussy.

Fuck off dixiecrat. You shame the memory of our glorious nation!

i would have spat on her.

im a transexual and my friends told me i should be a democrat, according to wikipedia im in the right place, right? i told them i hate niggers and want to bring back slavery but we need communism too

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Envy much, Schlomo?

>im really confused, i thought we were the communists?
A. Wants to break up the USA and install central bank. Funded by the Rothschilds with Judah Benjamin at the helm as Treasury Secretary.

B. Follows Natbol Richard Spencer into false-flag.

C. KKK created by the gnostic occultist traitor Albert Pike.


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>back when democrats were based
i miss those guys.

It's literally a few posts up from yours
He knew that America couldn't be at peace until we solved our race problem. Not only that, he wanted to do it in a humanitarian way.

Thought it already was long ago, being a war Memorial.

>the Confederates are an important part of our history and show that rebellion is in our heritage.
I respect one thing about Southerners only and that is that they were willing to stand up for what they believed in (even though they were wrong). They could have worked things out peacefully and spared us suffering the nigger menace, but to their credit they did put up a good fight.

Yes, Sherman is a perfect example of what the actual sentiment of Northerners was towards non-whites. Even the Northerners who rejected slavery mostly wanted to ship them back to Africa after they were freed. Southerners meanwhile kept niggers around and even reemployed former slaves because not suffering the presence of niggers was simply unthinkable to them.

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The confederacy had ONE JEW in the government. How many kikes are in the US Congress right now? Yeah thats right, a lot more than one. Cope harder.

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those fags who think they look cool in black are communists? they dont want to sieze the means of production, they just want to steal, destroy, and do drugs. in a glorious union of soviet socialist republics, they will be the first to go, either rope or gulag


wasnt he an actor by trade?

>Had the US remained fractured we would have devolved into a state of perpetual warfare, poverty and balkanization.

and it would have been beautiful

Military bases don't work like that you disingenuous Reb bastard and you know it. You attacked an extension of the Norths territory and you got your shit pushed as a result. Deal with it.

>Since secession is not mentioned anywhere in the constitution, it rightfully fell to the authority of the states.
Seceded into their own sovereign country, attacked another sovereign country, lost all of their territory as a result of losing. Yeah that's what happens when you lose wars Johnny, the victor gets to impose their will. It's not rocket science. Be thankful we weren't as vengeful to you as we could have been.

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>>Had the US remained fractured
No "Manifest Destiny"
No Spanish American War
Not involved in WW!
No WW2 at all
Probably no USSR
No Cold War

Same old argument. Might makes right, huh? Yankees are still hypocrites.

>We have a free country guise! Love it or leave it!
>But if you try to leave it, we kill you.

And your own constitution gave the south the right to secede. Like Lincoln, you toss away your principles whenever its expedient.

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Why yes. And he gave his greatest performance on April 14, 1865, when he gallantly fought his way past the security detail and blew that tyrant bastard's evil fucking brains all over the cheap seats below! Hahaha, thats how we make it rain in the south!

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But we’d have pregnant Anne Frank :)

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Every battle has casualties...

I think has a good chance of getting an appeal

Im gonna stop and smoke a blunt in honor of General Lee's statue staying up, and to honor the memory of John Wilkes Booth, the man who blew Lincoln's brains all over the theater! LOL!

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so if the germans told the americans to leave the army bases they occupy in germany and we not only said no but pointed guns at the nearest german town would they not be justified in attacking?

Great. We have statues, and now they have a pretext to take our rights and eventually our humanity. Big win my guy. Good job retards.

>Harvard Lampoon sexualizes Anne Frank
>uses nigger-tier photoshopping instead of properly drawn hentai of a heavily pregnant Anne Frank getting fucked by a Confederate soldier

Why do these lazy faggots have such utter shit taste?

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imagine his fat fist punching her boney face

Not unless your rights involve desecrating monuments.

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>violating state law is a federal crime

are you NBF from dixie generals renamed or a different namefag
based captain

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