Well, pol? Are you just going to let them die?

Well, pol? Are you just going to let them die?

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Yes, is that not what they desire?

Annnnnnnnd Yes.

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Surgery has zero effect of their suicide rates.

So... No one does because they waited. They would have died anyways

Dies not does

Yes. There is no way to cure them of their mental illness in todays world due to the jews and their very existence corrupts society to the core.

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Cancer is more important. They actually have a higher rate of suicide after Tran operations anyway

Women get their teets cut off and faggots have to wait for fag surgery so they commit suicide. It's a win-win.

While scrolling and seeing that thumbnail, i instantly thought it was a giant jew nose

The women with breast cancer should donate their boobs to the trannies.

If only they could re-use the boobies for the trannies, it's not like the trannies are going to last long enough before suicide for the cancer to matter.

>Frivolous surgeries lower priority than life-saving surgeries
>But what about MEEEEE

>More than half of trans males attempt suicide
How many succeed?
Also, is that born female or male? I can never remember how they consider shit like this when reporting it.

How... devilish. I like it.

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might as well be

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I hope this is real.

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are they really trying to be bigger victims than those with cancer?

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this proves the link between transgenderism and autism
any normal person would realize the employee was asked to be there likely by a female customer or another employee

>We're totally sane for killing ourselves over a couple month wait time to cut off my penis/tits and some limb flesh to surgically create another non-functioning body part. Fuck cancer patients who need this surgery.

If he #WontDieWaiting then he can wait. He'll be fine.

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Oh the irony.

That's a parody account, right?

>my degenerate sexual fetish turned lifestyle deserves priority over someone dying of cancer

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Keep telling yourself that full blown retardation is a parody

is this legal? that baby is being fed a cocktail of hormones it shouldn't be fed. what the fuck?

At least that's a biological female, designed to breastfeed, unlike pic related

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Kek, these women just got redpilled on trannies. Who would have guessed that mentally ill people are mentally ill!

>give me fake titties or I'll kill myself!

>the harmful, nonconsensual puberty I was forced to go through
I doubt reality was ever any part of this thing's life.

Apparently we're suppose to kill ourselves for tranny justice. Please line up single file and adjust your height accordingly for the firing squad