How do you cope?

How do you cope?

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get new idols or cope

Subvert the children on your enemies.

How do you plan to do that

niggers tongue my anus

Never quit no matter what

idk i just do

Just keep trying

rock bottom means we only can rise
the taller they are the harder they fall so just keep a steady crouse and naturally youll make it. your idols are not dead they transcended reality and now guides us all. nuture the young, keep the flame lit and march on faggot.
hail victory

Your only enemy is yourself. You are your own worst enemy unfortunately. Btw stop doing so much coke you delusional wack job and people might start to take you seriously.

Fuckin junkies

I don't need to

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kill my enemies .

vote for yang

>It's afraid.jpg

We both know the jews have lost, don't we now ?

No drugs whatsoever.


Why expect others to do that which you are too cowardly to do for yourself?

Draw plans against them.
Prepare to do terrible things to make the world a better place.

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>having idols
peak cuckoldry

Fair point, but bold claim from a leaf.

>his idols are the cum stains of society
I think you're emulating them perfectly.

idols are gay. I'm glad jesus christ pulled me out of this world.

Become your own idol
Retake what is rightfully yours

Don't have idols and do what has to be done yourself. Fight your enemies. There is no right in the wrong, so you might as well fight it on all levels. Btw, they are very powerful, but they do not have won yet.

I go swim in high surf. FTW!