What did she mean by this?

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Incest is the new gay, we gotta go baby steps before children/babies can legally consent to black bvlls.

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Incest is the biggest thing going now. Porn has been pushing it hard for the last several years. As long as no inbred kids are made, it is fine for this clown world.

She fucks her uncle and her father hates her for it

This is fake, right? Gross.


Wait wat

A jew cunt fucked her uncle, and had an abortion.

my dick is so hard rn

Salil as sawarim, neshideel uber.

She has sex with her uncle. The absolute state of whiteoids.

Mashalla, brothers and sisters.

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she's headed for a life of degeneracy
I'll take her away and train her properly

>A jew cunt fucked her uncle, and had an abortion.

I think she is saying her father says that she was a mistake and she should have been aborted plus she is a dumb cunt.

she had sex with her dad and uncle
sex with dad: boring
sex with uncle: great

If I was her uncle I would lick her ass hole like an absolute lollipop.

Should the father be offended she aborted his kid?

You call that white? nah.

typical redneck

Low IQ bitch just wants attention. And you are giving it to her. If she is not showing her tits I don't care.

no wonder the lake of fire will happen.

She had sex with her dad, it was a mistake, she got pregnant and had an abortion.
She is now the girlfriend of her Uncle who she finds hot and funny.
I'm going to guess that she's making this public because she's trying to "own" what others see as psychological damage and twisted coping behavior.

She is banging her uncle and her dad resents her and believes that she is disgusting for it.

white people are sick

more news at 11

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just jewish things

>when your bro can't get a girlfriend so you make him one
Is this the final redpill?

She fucks her dad and uncle? Idk

Jews are white. The holocaust was white genocide.

That daughters are a burden to the family.
That' why the Cretans don't refer to their daughters as their kid.

Kids on Tictok are into some weird shit, I seen one where a girl that must have been 16 had words popping into the video about "when my dads hot friends are over", or another I seen about I don't like boys but guys that are 10+ years older than me. The kids are the ones getting creepy now.

And then on day, for no reason at all

>16 had words popping into the video about "when my dads hot friends are over",
Girls have always been like that.


I understood it as:
>My dad thinks I'm a mistake, an abortion, etc
>His brother thinks I'm hot and funny, etc

If I caught my daughter using tik tok I would make her wear a Quran for 6 months and see how she likes her loose women liberal utopia then

just searched her username. she has amazing milkers.

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fun fact about canada:
famous for uncle fucking



I was molested and raped by my much older sister for years. I was about 4-7; she was 9-12. Touched breasts, handjobs, full intercourse - everything. Mom found out somehow. Sister was taken to Planned Parenthood for a check up and sex Ed course, I was drugged up to keep me from acting out from the abuse.

Parents were also mentally and emotionally abusive; Dad was a Obama-level narcissist, mom and sister I suspect are bi-polar with some sort of psychopathic tendencies. Brother (7 years older) is mid-level autistic. I was the black sheepmof the family - born normal. Really messed me up; still in therapy.

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shes a fucking indian it all makes sense they all interfuck.
fucking degenerate drunks.

She looks very jewish.

shut your fucking face uncle fucker
you're a ball-biting ass-licking uncle fucker
you're an uncle fucker yes it's true
nobody fucks uncles quite like you

someone see if she responds to being called jessi or brianna

are you a tranny?

>I was molested and raped by my much older sister for years.


If your her hot uncle and you don't get her pregnant then your basically a fag

her humour is shit but heres her tiktok profile. her titties are about the only interesting part about her.


*getting sex is le bad*

Really shows how bad they fucked you uo user.

i think this might be an edgy joke

You know, that's an insightful possibility, too!

Basic English requires you to have a subject and a verb. Without those two important elements, no one has any idea of what the fuck your are trying to say.

mass genocide Jews Hitler Palestinians Orgasm

It's like keywords when you write a post on Stackexchamge.

I'm sorry to read that dude. I hope you're able to work through your shit, but if push comes to shove you'll be 100% justified in brutally murdering them all.

Tiktok? What the fuck is that? What kind of fucking weirdos actually go and sign up for these useless social medias that nobody actually stays on

I've always wanted to fuck my aunt

Puerto Ricans AND Jews are white

But they aren't Nordic

>solving the problem

You're welcome

Poor dad

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>coomer threads get deleted
>this garbage stays up
the absolute state of this cesspool imageboard
the jannies truly are trannies and cumbrains

also the girls are 15 and have huge fucking knockers and hips

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>"I got free heterosexual sex, feel bad for me"
You'll get over it eventually, homo

jewish milkers are my weakness

the good thing about it is that you dont need to sign-up for the browser version of tiktok, only mobile app cucks do. oh and i forgot, her tongue could reach the bottom of a pringles can.

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I see why dogfucking is legal there.

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Jobless blacks and attention whores.

her milkers are blessed by god

ig: mimiprlx/

Ok this is too much

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So Im a pedo for wanting to fuck her right? She legit looks more developed than a white woman in the 1920s.

Move to America and kill some whitey you 1.64m spiclet.

Nigga its a fuckin tiktok

What's going on here?

wew, i remember playing this mp3 on winamp.

Who is it

Clearly a sock larp. Just another jaded young bratty bitch trying to piss off her father in the worst way she can.

lol fucking boomer

>child face
>tits n ass
>long tongue
make hentai real

she's fucking her uncle

Wow it's almost like catering to one of the most popular fetishes on the planet will get you the attention of thousands of males on the internet


no you're retarded

this is common with niggers in the hood.
explains the severe...dumb

how old is she

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And she prob aborted his child.

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25% of black womens first sexual experience involves molestation by a family member.

Like slavery, Europeans are the only group who sees this as wrong and actively shame the few who transgress these standards.

This shit is normal for most of humanity.

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as long as you remember to pull out, don't need little mutants running around

How is getting raped as a kid ever a good thing, especially by a family member that you are stuck living with?

user, the jews have the money and manpower to promote that through tictok in order to normalize it and make it pass as normal for the ones not doing it, like they did with gays a little over a decade ago through social media and news articles aimed at women before it was propagated to movies and tv shows.

>Long, pointy, demonic reptilian tongue

user, thats called a jew.

Quick rundown: She dated and fucked her Dad resulting in her pregnancy which she "aborted" and she now regrets her relationship with Dad because he's "dumb" and the relationship was a "mistake" now she is in a relationship with her Dad's brother her uncle who she says is hot and funny. Then "I love you uncle".

I mean...
I don't really blame him.

Based. Fuck Leafs.

what do they feed Canadian girls, to grow titties like that?

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it's a joke


She said she fucked her dad. Got pregnant and had an abortion. It was a dumb mistake. Then she said she fucks her uncle too who she thinks is hot and funny and is either his girlfriend in some twisted way or also fucks her uncles girlfriend.....I'd assume first.

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Are zoomers that autistic?