How can we stop the White Genocide?

How can we stop the White Genocide?

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Can’t stop white genocide by posting on Jow Forums

Well Israel and ZOG would have to be addressed to stamp out White Genocide sense your tribe's ZOG World Government aka One World jewish Government is what occupies our nations and White Genocides us. Until that is 'addressed' there is no solution to any of it.

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Why do Americans have such ugly eyes? It's weird how Americans look so freakish and disgusting compared to native European whites.

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Can't stop it in general. Whites had a chance during Nazi Germany and whites were actually stupid enough to fight against their ethnic interests in favor of jews.


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A. Move economy to a steady state that doesn’t require growth, stifling potential technological and scientific advancements and creating lower standards of living
B.Start mating like animals to not only keep population at replacement but keep it growing, would require 6 children per white couple to work

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The answer: we CAN'T stop white genocide, because it doesn't exist you fucking moron.
"Genocide" would imply that white people would be exterminated on mass.
We have to accept that America will be subject to Latin American culture and customs. Whites will still exist, though

>In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

>Killing members of the group;
Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
>Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
>Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
>Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Nope retard

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Unless every white family has 6 kids each, you need to drastically change your economic system or else migration is necessary

Look at that anglo faggot. No wonder the rest of Canada is getting invaded. Québec was the first Province and will be the last one standing.

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By having more white babies and redpilling the youth through internet culture.

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>you now realize it was an Argentinian flag

Nothing's preventing whites from having babies, and there's no forcible transferring of white children to another group

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You could argue that media propaganda encouraging lifestyles that result in lower birthrates is responsible for this. But at the end of the day, it’s still white peoples choice.

>Nothing's preventing whites from having babies, and there's no forcible transferring of white children to another group
Sure, all us whites have to do is have more children than the spics, the niggers, the chinks, COMBINED in our own country to maintain majority. Genocide by numbers and displacing a population in their own country is genocide.

Economics, media gaslighting, distortion of history, etc

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Being a minority isn’t genocide though, it weakens a race yes, but it doesn’t cause it to have lower birthrates.

*weakens a races political power

In their homelands. Homelands. Such a strawman

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>Being a minority isn’t genocide though, it weakens a race yes, but it doesn’t cause it to have lower birthrates.
Being a minority in your own country isn't a genocide goyim, because I said so. IF THE END OUTCOME IS THE SAME AS IF A GENOCIDE DID OCCUR, THEN IT'S SAFE TO SAY THIS IS GENOCIDAL IN NATURE. DIE KIKE.

Nearly all media, entertainment, etc people are exposed to pushes the idea that feminism is good and having white children is bad. Even the climate change propaganda tells us not to reproduce. Psychological warfare is preventing it. That's not the only thing that makes it genocide though. Replacement migration is specifically designed for ethnic cleansing.

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>Being a minority isn’t genocide though
You're retarded if you don't know what will happen once whites are a minoritty and are surrounded by Muslims/blacks, Look at South Africa or what happens to whites in any black majoritty citty in the US.
Hell, Whites are still a majoritty in Europe and they're being raped/killed all the time.

They’re not being forced to do anything, it’s completely voluntary so you can’t claim genocide.


This is the UN definition of genocide. At this point we have hit all five points. White boers are deliberately being killed. In the US interracial against whites. The second is propaganda against white people that is prevalent across the west. The third is taxation of white an order to give non-whites welfare. Fourth there is propaganda to support whites not having babies, thing like climate change and feminism. Last one though is a bit iffy. But in Sweden I believe children have been taken from their home and given to Muslims families.

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It's called brainwashing, social engineering. Do you think more than 1% of the human population can even think for themselves?

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It's so voluntary that they had to implement diversity at gunpoint, assassinate politicians, forcibly create revolutions, and spend trillions of dollars in propaganda to achieve it.

>Do you think more than 1% of the human population can even think for themselves?
Yeah it's called consciousness. Everyone has it unless they are disabled. It's just used in varying amounts from person to person because living consciously is too much work for most people

>interracial is killing off whites
Um, you do know that white on white marriage is still a thing

>This is the UN definition of genocide. At this point we have hit all five points.

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>Being a minority isn’t genocide though
Sure, systematically reducing the percentage of white people in a country through government policies is not a genocide because fuck whitey.

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Lefties consider the mass European inmigration to Argentina/Chile/Uruguay to be genocide and these 3 countries currently having a bigger European population than mixed ones compared to the rest of LA proves that mass migration replacing the natives is not a conspiracy.
Never let them make these shitty claims.

You know what I meant retard

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I'm still trying to figure out why so many of them are orange.

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> How to stop white genocide
You can start by time stamping that tattoo to boost moral for the lads.

My bad, I meant interracial violence. Mainly blacks hanging up on whites. A couple weeks ago a nigger raped a white women and got away with it all because he was black with a black jury.

>on mass

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Civil war

Got a source on that?

>How can we stop the White Genocide?
By recognizing that "whiteness" is an artificial social construct and by embracing diversity instead. That way your mind will be freed!

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Here you go. And niggers complain about how racist our criminal justice system is. 30k white women are raped every year by niggers. Not a peep. Black man fakes a racist attack and he’s grabs the whole worlds attention.

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>by embracing diversity instead
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Only solution for this planet is with CRISPR and or AI.

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Your own meme offers you a better option, faggot

It doesn't need to eliminate all of us, it just needs to "partly" eliminate us.



>"Genocide" would imply that white people would be exterminated on mass.
Not according to the UN definition of genocide, you fucking sperg

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Dont usually make mutt memes (as i am a fully germanic white american)
But that pic is litterally the reason the meme was created.

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Not everyone can become one like The Golden One.

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No one cares, Chaim

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Lmfao. Tell that to the native Americans. Continual migration of foreigners until the native population is in the minority is exactly what happened to them and we all fucking know how well that turned out for them.

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