Thank you russia very cool

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I personally became obsessed with AKs and sex with women after watching Goldeneye at a young age.

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you can bend the safety out a bit so it doesnt scratch the fuck out of your receiver every time you engage it, you know

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Aren't AKs banned in the US?

why do whitebois love guns so much?

Small dick syndrome and compensating for it?

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lol no.

Bakelite....very cool Kanye

>not the M4, the most american assault rifle



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im not a homosexual, and also no you cant reliably do that for serious use. its an ak its supposed to have missing finish there.

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do you prefer the OG a2 grip? I always change those out immediately personally, but i know some people prefer that style.

user i own several Ars. variety is the spice of life.

NO, buy faggots are, so you need to stop posting in US thread.

top left corner AR has an angled foregrip installed the wrong way, ayyyyyy

>Muh kalashnikov
Get fucked.
Commie cunts made an inferior copy of Nazi technology.
The StG-44

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didnt know Nux Taku is posting here. I like your anime channel even more now.

Look at this.
Fuck niggers, jews and commies

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Based, True and patrician-taste-pilled

what uniform is that? Fallshirmjager? Is there a specific color palette?

Dumbass. no.

Isn't it different internally?

Thank God for sickle cell

Russians aren't proud of the AK47 since they are a peaceful race

>upper and lower recievers
>buffer spring in buttstock
so why did Stoner copy the Germans?

i did it on purpose. i used it for a handstop to not extend past the barrel. Sorta like the CZ scorpion. The other way was uncomfortable to shoot.

also inb4 muh long stroke gas piston system

Cool and sex.



Have you ever thought about building 1 good AR with parts installed correctly instead of 4 piles of garbage in varying states?

damn he look like he eat nigga booty

He probably has no idea how any gun works

Hey wait didnt Erdogan block all of you? What happened?

They pilfered the design, but they improved on it.
Just look at how the mutts raped out stolen designs and youll get a new appreciation for russian craftsmanship. But considering taht you are a slave to the bongs who are slaves to the mutts themselves youll probably just screech at me.