What do people in your country think about Russia?

What do people in your country think about Russia?

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You guys are p cool

Drunk lunatics with way too much military gear.

They hate you with a burning passion, but I like you though.

Bulgarian, most people here have a very positive view of russia and the soviet times.

Our jewish media hates you guys, so you must be doing something right.

Some of us were indoctrinated to see you as the enemy but some of us know better.

Russia is even more jewed than you.

Pretty good rule of thumb to go by

Crazy people and hot women

>I like you

Our jewish media hates their Jewish oligarchy. Russian jews made Russia their homeland and not Israel. Our jews are Capitalist and theirs are communist. I'd say the bolsheviks have done a fine job at subverting our jews though

Depressing grey ex-commie hell hole. Almost as bad as UK

I really like Russian engineering though

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You're anti-degeneracy, anti-onions, anti-faggotry, anti-feminism, pro-family, pro-tradition, pro-honor, and not overrun by subhuman Somalis or Syrians.

russia is a shithole very third world

>Our jewish media hates their Jewish oligarchy
Good god americunts are dumb people.

The women have big tits but are basically mercenary-prostitutes who just want a wallet with coattails to ride.

The govt brainwashes and poisons it’s population.

Culture peaked with matryoshka dolls, but there were a few good claymation things to come out 50 or so years ago.

my grandmother thinks you guys are legitimately dangerous
i think you are mentally ill

Love Russia. I believe it's Russia's destiny to save Europe from the Globalist Jews

This is Russia

Not really, most Russian Jews have immigrated to the West in the 80s and 90s, there was a huge mass exodus

I don't know about other people, but I am glad I can buy cheap steel case 7.62 x 39. Though, if you guys didn't make and export it, I guess I would just buy Chinese garbage mild steel core instead.

How? You know Jews ended up acquiring all the resources and businesses when the Soviet Union fell, right?

How? Putin sucks Israels cock

Same, i wish the Su-47 wasn't canceled

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Plz don’t pollonium me for this post...

This is the worst answer I would hope for from

Better than it was before

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In my country people think of russia as russia

They have more Muslims than you might think.

Planes like that generally aren't made for anything except tech demos. Cool machine though.

Not the nigger and Arab kind

Ugly men with big weapons

Hot women who are desperate to get out

To be fair, they're in their own regions, although that's the worrying thing about multiracial empires - no borders or control.

What other kind is there?

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Okay, what would have been a good answer then, faggot? Hurr durr, russia based thay drik vodka n play hardbass putin krootoj! camij loochij prezident v mire! lolol chicki bricki v damke XD XD XD krim nash!!! XDXD There you go, faggot.

Yeah because all jews stick together faggot leaf.

All kinds, Russia has Central Asians, the largest Muslim country on earth is Indonesia.

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I know all about the kinds of Muslims Russia has and I would trade them with the subhuman Somalis we have any day of the week.

Fuck this shithole site

Hello retard, how do you think those "Russian jews" acquired so much power and wealth there in the first place? Could it possibly have been, investment from "western Jews"?

Chetniks blow up buildings. This is the kind of Muslims Russia has.

i love Ukraine, freedoom ukrainian from jewish ruskies

Ukraine has a jewish pm, jewish prime minister, and every industry is owned by jews.

I live in a really politically neutral area, a coastal community in the southeast. I really don’t know what anyone thinks of Russia or Russians. I know that every year we get a ton of girls, from countries that used to belong to Russia, and from Russia, coming here to work seasonal resort jobs. A lot of others are permanent residents, some who own small businesses. They actually make for pretty good immigrants and whatnot. Always working, sometimes multiple jobs. They’re generally clean and courteous. It seems their way of life, morals, and ideologies are pretty much on par with my area. Of course, I can only speak for my experiences.

Ukraine has an officially Jewish president but nice try

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you guys fucked us over in wars but we are cool now

They're dishonest and lie for a living. Seriously nogs are better.

Why are your women so much better looking than your men?

Leave then, this site isn’t for retarded SJWs anyway. You won’t be missed.

Is this phenotype from a certain region in Russia?

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> They have more Muslims than you might think.
So what?

Circassians, Chechens, Volga Tatars, Dagestanis, Balkarians, etc. aka white muslims

By the way those people in the photo that folks like you enjoy shilling are not citizens; they only stay temporarily for work.

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What's this stupid LARP?

Just be the real VLKSM.


The Ukrainian government is one matzo away from being a full out bar mitzvah, stop snorting glue hohol

its like the opposite of the US

We don't think about you at all.

Your women seem to be incredibly creepy, demonic, master manipulators. They tend to pair up with very straightforward men and play puppeteer.

says faggot which is from canada, where is communism strong and power
its not their fault ukraunians are dumb like rest ppl of world

fuck off french ahmed, ure not coubtry u a joke

> its not their fault ukraunians are dumb like rest ppl of world

Like you too.

putin is jewish tooo but dumb muricas and europeans love him.

says greeen faggot...

>they only stay temporarily for work
Yeah sure, just like the Mexicans in our country stay temporarily and replaced Germans as the largest demographic in our country in the 1990s. Keep lying to yourself.

>putin is jewish
Oldest schizopost in the book.


I heard you guys don't wipe your asses. But just let the shit stay there? At least the women my friend used to sleep with always had poopy butts.

>canada, where is communism strong and power

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>Yeah sure, just like the Mexicans in our country stay temporarily and replaced Germans as the largest demographic in our country in the 1990s. Keep lying to yourself.

I'm not lying.

Mexicans stay in your country because you have a welfare system that gives gibs to them.

Russia does not have this and therefore the only reason that Central Asians come is because of work. You will never hear stories of Central Asians going to Russia of all places for any gibs.

New flag
Leggy gals
Man-ly government
on the cyber train
Very white

I approve of Russia

> says greeen faggot...
It is okay to care about the environment, you know.

Kids are brought up thinking Putin will come at night and take them.

They grow up never getting rid of those thoughts and they manifest into their political beliefs.

ure sweden in north america

>Drunk lunatics with way too much military gear.
so pinnacle alphas, got it

ooops i farted

The migration rate of 1.69 is higher than the birth rate in Russia, 1.62. Even assuming all people born in Russia are Slavic (they're not), they're still fucked demographically.

Most of us don't other than the occasional thoughts of some gopniks trying to stay relevant.

Muslims in russia are just as savage as muslims anywhere else.
>Any of those

That's China not Russia

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>The migration rate of 1.69 is higher than the birth rate in Russia

Almost all of these people are Russians who were living in post soviet republics and Ukrainians fleeing Donbass. How is that a bad thing?


I would guess Siberia.

I would have to pay a Chinese woman 100s to watch her do this in America

You guys drive horribly.

stay mad, vodkanigger

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>Ukrainians fleeing Donbass
They're going to Poland, not the the country attacking them. Russia is taking in nigger tier muslims that commit terrorism.

> Muslims in russia are just as savage as muslims anywhere else.

So, volga tatars = ISIS in terms of savagery?

> >Any of those

Who is white then?

Not at all. Canada has more in common with the US than Sweden. We don't have mass rapes by migrants, we don't have truck attacks, no grenade attacks and we drive big pick up trucks. Canada has literally nothing in common with Europe.

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No, it's Karelia etc.

Russians are cool i have a lot of russian colleagues all very based people. i wish your country would have recovered faster / more from the communism era but you are improving a lot despite all the shit getting flung around global politics and stuff...
large country , hard to manage but you are doing a great job so far russians
much respect and wishes for wellbeing in the future

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I would trade them if I had no other option, since anything is better than literal fucking Somalis, but obviously the best thing would be to just genocide them all.

>Who is white then?
Some Jow Forumstards think no blue eyes and blonde hair = non-white. Its fucking hilarious.

Oh everyone loves them here!

You're not European arabnigger.

> They're going to Poland

Yes, some of them are going to Poland. But how does that imply that some of them are not going to Russia? Look at statistics for yourself and you will see that millions have arrived in Russia since the war started.

> not the the country attacking them

Russia is not attacking anyone in the war. All they are doing is supporting their proxies there. And Russia is certainly not attacking civilians in Ukraine.

> Russia is taking in nigger tier muslims that commit terrorism.

I don't understand you. Do you not understand that those Central Asians that you are talking about only stay temporarily?

I don't really mind about Russians. Many of them move here to work in construction sites or as doctors and as long as they don't make mistakes there is nothing wrong with them. But most of them suck at learning the language. If you're smart enough to be a doctor you should be smart enough to speak Finnish, it's easier language than Russian.

suka that made me chuckle heartily.

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Joseph Geobbels was an arab? okay....