Eastern and Southern Europeans BEWARE!

After the National Socialist Revolution, the Western Whites, Northern whites and the krauts will start purging the "useful idiots" AKA Italians, Slavs, Irish, Polish, etc, etc, etc,

If not killed, you will be made a second class citizen and sterilized in the Lebensraum breeding agenda, my words!

The Lying Krauts will Spam this board claiming its Jewish propaganda. Watch

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Hitler himself said it

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Saged for faggotry

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This is also now a holocaust meme thread lel

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Stalinist Communism Supports and Encourages Cooperation Between ALL White Nationalities!

Don't let the Krauts Fool you into fighting the jew for them, then letting them backstab you for not being "Pure enough"

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wrong kike the nazis collaborated with the irish


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Retard Irish are very white. Jesus christ.. Retards like you are why any real movement will never work because you're too busy wondering who is white enough instead of getting rid of the ones who need to be eradicated.

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Nah Hitler and we are cool fuck of commie


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I'd rather be purged than live in a world full of niggers

>my ass

s-s-sauce me up on that western hentai babe

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the book is called "Stolen soul" btw and the quote is from page 117

cope harder

you fucking nigger.
You serve the race that makes up the class that dominates you through capitalism and you think i'm fucking coping?
Smoke a dick faggot.

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Germany’s too pussy to start a fourth reich, which is unfortunate because you’d be too pussy to stop them

I guess all the "slavniggers" posts are coming back to roost, eh?
I'm a White nationalist and I have consistently defended ALL White children.
Yet some of the most anti-White scum on the planet are self proclaimed Nazis.

I hate marxists because you fuckers tend to be genocidal, anti-White religious fanatics.
However, if Nazis refuse to stand up for each other, then we deserve to lose.

Are they all shills? Possibly but unlikely. I think that it's something wrong with Nazism. This weird obsessive masturbatory relationship Nazis tend to have with Germany causes them to think that any nation that fought for THEIR FREEDOM against German invasion 80 years ago is eternally tainted. Sort of like how the jews say that Whites are all tainted for actions that allegedly happened 80 years ago.

Why is it that Germany defending their national sovereignity is based but when Poland or Czechia does it, suddenly nationalism is a bad thing?
Why is it that Poles ruling over Germans is evil but Germans ruling over Slavs is good?

What happened to our shared struggle against the jew? What happened to our fight against communism? What happened to our White unity?
If kikes can unify when threatened, why can't White people do it? Why are there still morons going around demanding that Germany invade half of Europe to steal land from others based on land claims that no longer even make sense?

It pisses me off because I actually care about my race as a whole and I am sick of noticing that the MOST anti-White pieces of shit are not always jews but my own "fellow" Nazis.

Communists killed far more Slavs than Hitler ever did

Why do kikes think theyre so "clever" at propaganda?

They suck at it and their low IQ reeks through theirs shill threads such as this one.

the cope is real on this one

cope harder kraut

>It pisses me off because I actually care about my race as a whole and I am sick of noticing that the MOST anti-White pieces of shit are not always jews but my own "fellow" Nazis.

They’re shills and jews.

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Communism is anti-nationalism
Communiam is anti white
Communism is pro diversity
Communism is pro reparations for nigs

Please post a link to the thread which ass blasted you so badly....tovarisch.

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Artist is called kamitora I think.

>using tactical nationalism is divide whites

The Discord tranny Jews are getting more clever with their shilling.