Watch commies try to explain this one away

Watch commies try to explain this one away.

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brands are gay

>free competition is bad

You only need one brand: the best one.

However that guy in the pic, he could use a lot more brands of actual clothing though wtf is he doing dressed like a child.

Aldi and lidl does this because brands are too confusing for people. If you want X you grab X no comparing X 12oz that cost $3.99 and X 12oz that cost $4.49 (with extra Y)

Notice how all the shelves are fully stocked?

Cope harder

too many brands are stupid. do we really need this many different kinds of KATSUP?!

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Only the richest get to go there, and they still only get ONE CHOICE

That means nobody is buying anything

Hqe said he went to the fanciest súper maket, imagine how are the normal ones

>commies preach diversity of fuck
>hate choice

seriously you retards need to go back to rebbit

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I can't wait to cull all you lanky commie fucks.

Do we "need" that many? No. But the system that allowed that many companies to sell enough product to be able to have that many choices IS what we need.

Shelves are filled with shit they found outside.

Looks like a mans kind of market.
You go in, you buy what you need and you leave.

As long as it's a good product, it doesn't matter if that's the only choice. When you go in to buy a head of lettuce, does it even matter what brand it is?

Literally when have you gone into a supermarket and the shelves were not fully stocked? During a fucking hurricane?

Do you have the complete image ?


It's better than communism when there was nothing on the shelves at all. Damn, I don't think it gets talked about enough. Imagine going into a 7-11 and they only sold 6 different items, none of which you wanted. That was communism.


Explain then how the USSR had so many car brands.

I for one, am happy AVGN is having fun on his vacation.

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>be socialist
>hate monopolies
>hate competition
>drool because lack of brain prevents you from closing your mouth

Holy shit

I hate commies so fucking much

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Does it matter that there's only one brand when everything is free?

Rights aren't needs. I have the right to sell my ketchup.

I'm not communist but if one of your main arguments against them is "muh brands" then you are a brainlet.

wrong, all you get is inferior products by companies that try to cut costs. myth of quality rising up to the top in capitalism is dead for half of century

It basically is only ten choices. They all use the cheapest food and processing techniques to compete with one another. Things would be a lot better if we just made our own food. The only reason we work so much now is to pay corporations to make our food (poorly). Women would be happier baking bread than they are slaving away at a desk.


and i have a right to tell you to fuck off, your ketchup tastes like shit and should be banned by the FDA

>shieeet, communism upped their game, mad props
Kill yourself.

Free? You think food is free, in commie countries.

You are in the wrong room, special-ed is on /b.

>Does it matter if you're eating bugs when the bugs are free?

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One good brand is better than 20 shitty ones

>brands are literally ALL that matters

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I’ve been shopping for my self for 15 years and have never seen this type of variety. Where did you have the luxury of having more than Heinz, hunts and store brand?

brands are jewish

socialism creates an infantilised and dependant population

Cuban women will literally fuck you for deodorant and average bathing towels, I'm not bullshitting you.

Honestly, I'd welcome this. I get anxiety at the supermarket because there's so many fucking brands.

as long as companies do what theyre supposed to (to employ people and provide services) and not participate in hbtq/diversity nonsense they may act freely in the new fuhrers reich

try looking at Amazon.

But we need open borders because diversity and food obv

name one free thing about the completely and totally monopolized market we live in today

There's a special place in hell for you

you literally get what you pay for, dumbass. with socialism and communism you get what you are given, if you're lucky. you really are a dick

Absolutley not. The entire shelf can be Heinz.
Just Heinz. Jug or glass bottle if you want to get fancy.

With prices already set to be the lowest too, like doing a web search on a product.. it will pull up the lowest price of the same item from all the vendors.
The vendor with the most competitive price gets the contract.

and who gets to decide what the "best" brand is?
see? won't work, greed is good.

no we don't, because heinz is just the best anyway

That's the largest store down there. Many are false fronts with display windows of fake products and inside it's just giant bags of rice.

It's absolutely astounding how poor and lifeless and empty the whole place is. It's worse than a meme and can't be captured in a photo. I saw nothing like OPs pic. Every other block has a state run shop with a state employee selling the same type of ham sandwich. Just a plain roll with a piece of ham on it. On every other block.
Dystopian to the nth degree. No one pushing for this actually believes what they're saying. It's awful and that's the point.

>15 different brands of the same product made by the exact same ingredients
>hurrrr capitalism gives us more options durrrrrrr

>I need 15 different fast food places because it’s the only variety I get in my diet and would die faster if I only ate at one place.

Americans are slaves

Name one product that is produced in a commie country that is better then one made in a capitalist country? Tell me about all the fine products you use from Russia or Cuba. name on Chinese product that better in quality then one from a capitalist country.

Capitalism increases quality thru competition.


>Americans are slaves
Says the man who literally cannot own a knife for self-defense.

But I want 30 different kinds of canned tomatoes to choose from and obviously competing brands will only try to compete by raising the quality or lowering the prices of their goods.

Different products still, even if offered by the same company

Yeah that's what happens when the us blocks trade with you for 60 years

boycott is your right
your appeal to FDA government decree just cements your need to be roped for being a Communist faggot piece of shit

Why do retards think that Bernie is going to nationalize all industries?

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great so you agree we need to roll back government authority, and usher in the libertarian utopia?

The Chinese have high quality grade polymers which aren't produced en masse in other countries.
Ironically, though, most of these products are exclusively made for the foreign market.

>You only need one brand: the best one.

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Sometimes our eyes pass over the variety that's always been out there. Check on the lower shelves, see if they are not in the main eye-line. Some stores try to push out any smaller competitors with their own store brands. My local roger has about 15 rows of peanuts, and they've been whittling away bit by bit, and now 13 rows are nothing but Kroger brand with 2 rows being Planter's - and some times those 2 rows are empty.

>doesn't know you can mix 11 brands and make a superketchup
suck it fgt

Are they good brands though? Most of the variety in our supermarkets are garbage.


This guy gets it

Oh no how will I prove what a cool hip dude I am if I can't buy the brand that projects the lifestyle I want to live?

whatever, i literally grew up in communism and most of the food products were FAR superior to today's western ones. i can't go and pay for such products today because they are none

They privately sold a shit ton of them because it's the only way to get anything done

Walmart sells canning equipment
but you don't want to actually do that work


Imagine thinking Coors light, Heinz ketchup, McNuggets and Pepsi are the highest quality products in the world.

How does one become rich? I thought everyone works for the state and it's all equal. Are you saying there is corruption in a commie utopia?

Pretty sassy for a leaf

We need diversity of labor not just of products. Corporations shouldn't be forced to choose between citizens and foreigners in the countries they operate in.

Oh, right, we already have that. 6 trillion ketchup brands is worth this human tidal wave invasion.

>no, where are all the ads, corporate brands and flashy billboards
This is your brain on capitalism. Imagine perceiving the only form of freedom being the freedom to choose between corporate brands which is fundamentally a form of alienation.

The absolute horror, no hope :(((

What a faggot

I hear Walmart's going that way; no longer stocking popular brands and only putting their own store brand stuff on the shelves.

The shelves are stocked here in the US as well as EU nations. With better variety

At least there’s no crime there. America BTFO

>everything is free
wow how fucking retarded are you?

Dunno, looks efficient af.

russia is not communist. all food, textile and simple machinery was better than todays western counterparts, except for estetics.

>hurf durf I need 25 brands of chips to choose from
Burgerfats ins Gas

Some of these are shampoo bottles

Shut up maple nigger. Wtf has you're barren wasteland of a country ever produced of sound quality?

I don't know what shitskin country you are from but in civilized countries we have quality.

Why do you hate freedom?

Oh no what a tragedy

One freedom vs none.....

yeah, ok ahmed

They literally are now they've been liberal-washed in LGBT


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A committee will decide, it would have to be made within strict guidelines of quality and taste.
If you don't think this will work, this same system worked with beer for centuries.

The irony of the flag and user of this post is truly 10/10
>Of course you would say that wouldn't you