After the National Socialist Revolution, the Western Whites, Northern whites and the krauts will start purging the "useful idiots" AKA Italians, Slavs, Irish, Polish, etc, etc, etc,

If not killed, you will be made a second class citizen and sterilized in the Lebensraum breeding agenda, my words!

The Lying Krauts and nordfags will Spam this board claiming its Jewish propaganda. Watch

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Stalinist Communism on the other hand Supports and encourages positive friendship and cooperation between ALL White Nationalities!

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Hitler Never Killed Any Blacks and only some Jews. The Majority of Hitler's Victims were OTHER Whites.

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ok fag

I am now aware of the Polish problem

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Kek, krautoid can't even spell sage right.

Give it a rest tranny

What's your problem with poles, faggot? They can do whatever they want in their country.

The Western Whites, Nordics, and krauts will EXTERMINATE All other Europeans. The Ideal White Man in their view is Blonde Haired and Blue eyed!

>B...But dont fall for the "Blonde Hair Blue eyes" meme! Hitler Loved ALL Whites!

Reality Check. Due to the reason blonde hair and blue eyes are the ideal, The majority of Italians, polish, Russian, Yugoslavian, Hungarian, Slavic, people will be exterminated

Some of you won't believe me until your own Kraut 'comrade' is putting you against the wall for not being Aryan enough.

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Cepп и мoлoт - cмepть и гoлoд

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wtf I love hitler now

cope harder kraut

No, he make a good point.
Slavic people must understand, that western nationalists are not their friends.

Have you learned nothing about declaring war on the entire fucking world? But I suppose germans want to ruin europe again when their eu plan fails.

Some of you won't believe me until your own Kraut 'comrade' is putting you against the wall for not being Aryan enough.

imagine believing kike lies this much.

hitler wanted a place for all people, he was fine with blacks and he ADORED the Japanese.
hitler was an ethnonationalist who was aryan. Not anti-Aryan.

Other slavshits look like gypsies

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Russian flags have been making some un-usual posts lately, it's rather suspicous.

Western White Nationalists are not friends with Eastern white nationalists! YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED! Mark my words! The Western nationalists must be gulaged before their sickening lebensraum agenda can take place!

Russians have incredibly high frequency of light hair/eyes, retard.
So, they would be safe if such a world were to be created.

B...But dont fall for the "Blonde Hair Blue eyes" meme! Hitler Loved ALL Whites!

i honestly rather be sterilized and live in a functioning and future orientated Germanic society than the current dysfunctional jewish multicultural hell scape we currently live under, I'm an incel that no woman wants to have sex with anyway

STFU kraut! Show your flag

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Stfu Krautoid

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Most Germans are turds larping as nordics

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i love you all

Show flag Ezra

To gulag you go!

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calling something a meme doesnt make it right comrade.

Hitler believed in the bueaty of the human puzzle, that every race and its part to play.

He wanted germany for the germans, the conquest was global in order to defeat the enemies attacking him.

you CANNOT believe hitler hated anyone non-blone or blue eyed. He isnt even either. Nice meme though.

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i love you all just know that please

>Don't trust your brethren

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You fags really suck at raids. Step it up.

And? They're not a part of our worries.

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What do you mean by this?

I concede, even with the state of current germoids we still cannnot be first class for sure.

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Hitler would have had to fire most of his cabinet if that meme were to be true.
He was German nationalist though, he of course wanted a Germany for the Germans.

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OP is a slavshit who wants us on his side

it's too hot in mediterranean counries and the horse flies in Russia are too big. We're perfectly fine with what we have these days.

Amen brother.

We are all a goddamn family and series of neighbours. We must learn to love ourselves and our family members, before proiritizing other families over ours.

We can help the world by doing our part to help ourselves. I love you too brother, I really do.

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I can smell the OP's Jewery from here.

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This "brethrens" are always attacked us and tried to enslave.
They never considered us equalled to them.
Remember about english, french, german caricatures and quotes.

He is american tankie from those /leftypole/ threads.

Is there still some room in this giant grouphug?


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You made it though.
And you superceded them in many ways.
You were one of only two superpowers on this face of this earth at some point.

>Russians have incredibly high frequency of light hair/eyes, retard.
And most Germans are swarthy turds, with coal-black eyes. It's amazing how effective was their propaganda.

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Some of you won't believe me until your own Kraut 'comrade' is putting you against the wall for not being Aryan enough.

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keep telling yourself that and someday a kraut will put a bullet the back of your head for not being Aryan enough

show yourself flaggot

Sure thing bud. We all believe you. Now kindly fuck off

to gulag you go! self hating white!

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OP needs to be banned for spamming:

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The Krauts are NOT your "Brethren"

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Name 5 redeemable qualities of Slavs.

straw man arguement

This is Robert Mugabe.

The Soviet Union and Maoist China gave him tons of guns so he could kill more white people in Rhodesia.

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only if you realize my id says rump

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That never happened

Хyeтa. Mы никoгдa ни нa кoгo нe нaпaдaли, a нac бeдных вce хoтeли зaхвaтить, нo пoчeмy-тo этo мы зaхвaтили caмyю бoльшyю тeppитopию.

Ahh, so Mossad is feeling the heat under their feet eh?

No wonder you try to stir up old hatreds. Europe will unite and rid ourselves of your trickery.

Don't you think we national socialists have learned from our past mistakes? That enforcing strict eugenic rules eventually comes to bite us back into the ass? No, we now realize all peoples from europe need their own country, without foreign elements.

Sloppy job Mossad.

Besides, if we get rid of you, only then will we fight each other again. At least there's honor in that, there's no honor in waging a war, and when the dust settles finding out a nation with a star flag has hijacked your government after they stoked up tensions as you do now

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Based Germans taking out the trash

lol? Western europeans should worry more about what slavics will do with them.. Not other way around

The Sadistic Kraut Waffen ss Murdered Many thousands of soviet citizens simply for being slavic. Even though most Slavs are white than krauts.
REMINDER! Krauts Are NOT Your Friends!

Real patriots vote for Tulsi Gabbard. She will put America first by bringing that money back home. Stop voting for Presidents who give billions of dollars to Israel!

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""Imams and rabbis are coming together on their own, without third-party mediation — here in Europe, outside the Middle East. And that they're saying, we don't want anyone to tell us how relations between Jews and Muslims have to be," Tarafa Baghajati, a prominent Austrian imam, told DW ahead of the summit in Matera."

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Now this is comedy

Do you honestly thing people are gonna fall for you stupid shilling? We make threads shitting on Meds/Nordic/Slavs etc. all the time, but we still unite to fight leftcucks, niggers, and Jews. Go back to Discord and dilate.

Mы нe бeлыe и пyшиcтыe, нo пo кpaйнeй мepe, мы никoгдa нe cтpaдaли кoлoниaльным cиндpoмoм и "muh master race" кoмплeкcoм. Пo кpaйнeй мepe в импepcкиe вpeмeнa.

This is your only not idiotic post out of 1000

>Stalinist Communism on the other hand Supports and encourages positive friendship and cooperation between ALL White Nationalities
>inb4 angry Ukrainian noises

Kek! :D

I agree. Thats why i side with sexy black mens

If you are gonna shill get a proper VPN and do it.
Don't use a fucking commie flag.
Plus your arguments are fairly mainstream and easy to refute.
You need to work on your shilling.

He пpaвдa. Toчнo тaкжe кoлoнизиpoвaли Cибиpь и Cpeднюю Aзию, пpocтo тaм мecтных нe дocтaтoчнo мнoгo былo, чтoбы кaкoe либo влияниe нa мaccoвoe coзнaниe oкaзывaть.

Ukraine is not a real country though.

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Пoд кoлoниaльным cиндpoмoм, я имeю мaccoвый зaхвaт нaceлeния и oтпpaвкa их в тpyдoвыe лaгepя, гдe oни cyщecтвoвaли нa пpaвaх paбoв. A тaкжe coздaниe идeoлoгичecкoй бaзы, кoтopaя бы oпpaвдывaлa бы тaкoe пoвeдeниe.
Этo нac и oтличaeт oт eвpoпeйцeв.
Пocмoтpи кaк мы вeли ceбя c Финнaми и Пoлякaми, кoтopыe нe были никaк в пpaвaх oгpaничeны и имeли иcключитeльнoe пpaвo нa caмoyпpaвлeниe, и cpaвни этo c тeм, кaк Aнгличaнe вeли ceбя c Иpлaндцaми.

Poisoning wells and food supplies? Killing civilians?

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That never happened, its revisionist propoganda


/ P O L / B T F O!