The Average Human In 2050


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No. Kill and exterminate.

Eyes are cool rest sucks

Cool. I've always wanted to see golden eyes.

>Average American

I’d fuck it.

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not enough asian admixture

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What the heck makes them think people will have light eyes? They'll be plain brain.

The eyes are the fake part. Hair too. It will be darker. I'm sure the face will be wider.

most of arabs and the rest of non white countries look like that.

Its only time that we end up like them. Its inevitable. No matter what we will have migration from everywhere whether we like it or not.

White supremacism is fucking bullshit and cannot stop the inevitable fate for humans.

Too soon
But one day we will be one race
Globalization will make sure it happens

Jews wish that was the case but no. Thats not how things work. The average human in 2050 will be some asian. In 2100 it will be some coal black nigger.

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There is no way that it represents even the American average appearance by 2050. That is only a generation and a half away, almost, maybe two.

i hope nukes fall from sky and we all will be exterminated

She is beautiful.

In my opinion it's a big stereotype.

>The Average Human In 2050.
Would THIS be better?

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I'm down.

I believe we can just look at Brazil.

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Degenerate. Sex is for marriage.

Except that's not how that works at all. Lefties and retards think all races will intermix and we'll "have everything" but in reality whites are not having kids, and Indians and Blacks are having population booms; all while there's billions of Chinese.
The future will look Indian, black, or Han. And they won't be mixing any time soon.


The lowest of human is better than a nonhuman.

Mike Judge was right all along.

Too much negroid.

I just love Greta.

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Greta suger kuk

No. Marriage is for fucktards who believe in an invisible man who lives in the sky. Sex is for us based cunts who realise that reproduction is pleasurable because... life.

Greta is ugly

Lmao, his sister looks like him but with a wig

Based Muhammad why don't you just rape her

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It may be wrong, but I would not pull out.

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thats the average nigger. the pure nigger ones killed each other the ones that survived mixed rising their IQ

I see more and more posts about american flags who talk about fucking mulattoids / blacks. Are you starting to cope for your future?

I don't get it. I realize most Americans can only think with "muh dick" and this is why everything fucking blows massive chunks. If people actually thought about it for 20 mins we would have a real nation full of actually successful people but I guess everyone want to become fucking proles.

I hope I can marry a sexy intelligent giant gf

Dont act like you dont like it Bulgaria. She's still whiter than your disgusting country.

''Giant'' gf? You want a 2 meter tall woman? Thats based. Also the amount of sexual brainwashing in america is ridiculous. People become so desperate for it that they'd fuck literally anything despite the race. Even trannies.

Absolutely based. She is way too wh*te for the BBC (Big Balkan Cock).

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