Rare Hitlers

Post em

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Eva Hitler

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Hitler was an inbreed, kys

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This pic is cool af.

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>Hallo Nachbar!

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user, who is that to right in the photo?

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Der memeflag , der untermensch

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Why would you save all of these low-resolution Hitlers? Here, add something not a thumbnail to your collection.

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my favorite picture
no other captures NatSoc quite like it

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Ein jude

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guy was a fucking faggot (literally). lol

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A true man of the people.

A based Dane in this thread - wow. You guys are usually autistically anti german

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This is so sweet

there's a picture that I regret not saving of Hitler with a greentext story post about meeting him, receiving his hat and the great fuhrer disappearing but leaving the hat with the narrator

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ya, it was pretty good

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ah now I'm happy thanks olaf

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it's called public education
and it's mostly the boomers

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>ayo what's good my nigga

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Do you happen to know if there are any stormer bookclubs in DK?

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sorry no, I don't

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Hitler was a very peaceful guy. Wonder what he said to that beautiful girl?

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