Why is Psilocybin being decriminalized?

Is there an ulterior motive?

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Is it? I heard something about mental health treatment using silly cybin


The DEA has no intention of de-scheduling psilocin or psilocybin.

To hasten the invasion of our reality by beings from another dimension.

Shrooms are the truth don't listen to OP's slide thread he is a dirty jew


All these drugs weren't banned until Jewish lobbyists outlawed them in the 20th century fuck off

You couldn't be more wrong about my intentions for posting

Because natural drugs believe it or not have medicinal uses physical/mental and are safer/cleaner in many such cases. It's hard to profit from or tax something that any average Joe can create in their home. Stick to laboratory pharmaceuticals goy.

They're not all bad user.

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Then why decriminalize? you are kind of proving my point. I know the benefits of psilocybin

Get the populace high and they won’t complain

Because heroin and meth are a much bigger issue. Lets focus on that.

Closest post imo. Psychedelics have had a huge benefit for me personally, but I also believe they breed passivity

Local/state government =/= DEA
As long as the DEA schedules the drugs in shrooms, they will remain mostly illegal. This isn't like weed which is benign and the feds are tired of wasting time on it.

>peasants getting uppity
>better legalize weed and shrooms

spores are legal almost everywhere it doesn't matter if they do this

PTSD treatment

the right dose, large enough to produce the desired effect serves to re-boot the brain... you get a total disconnection from all the accumulated mentaion of your life up to that point for a brief span and then you reorganize.. its a kind of rebirth in that for a few moments you experience being while your perceptions, your senory processing are unfiltered through your egoic construct with its learned value judgements.. you will have that time of processing being pure consciousness then as the effects wane you reorganize yet with this new layer of pure essence underlying. You shouldn't change fundamentally like from being right handed to left or suddenly liking licorice when before you detested it etc... you won't be a different you just gives you a bit of a reset

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They want us tripping balls when they introduce the Preying Mantis like alien ambassador from the star cluster Celeron-9

this, regardless it should stay illegal since the average person cannot handle them.

mushrooms are easier to grow than weed, virtually impossible to detect in the mail and out of your system in less than 10 hours, besides they aren't like weed in their habituating effect so I figure they wanna tax it

Shroomers are not nearly as addicted and destructive as Coomers

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this, allowing interdimensional beings ASSUME CONTROL gives one more than human capabilities, mentally and physically.

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Shrooms are the only psychedelics that’s okay and has massive divine possibilities. European seers and druids had been tripping for thousands of years. If you take mushrooms and call upon your ancestors, they come. It’s the closest thing we have to the actual flesh of God.

And when you trip you open yourself up to all spiritual forces, both good and bad, but repeatedly calling upon your ancestors and your highest deity (Jesus, Odin, etc.) in a mantra will ensure only light spirits influencing your trip.

Some nitwit will take too much and jump out a window and they will ban it again.

False eyes.

Glass eyes.

Most people who dislike mushrooms have never tried them. It's less potentially harmful than weed, its not something you can do on a regular basis.

Pseudo spiritual hippy bullshit.

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I thought it was in ZOGs interest to keep it supressed as it is a way to experience both your own subconscious and also connect to the same spiritual plane faith comes from.
Reminder that ancient christians regularly used it in mass.

>it should stay illegal since the average person cannot handle them
BS, most people would become more redpilled after trying them a few times.
>but I also believe they breed passivity
disagree, most people who are like that are already dirty, smelly hippies by choice

How does it feel to be a retard?

How the fuck do I lucid dream? Only been able to do it once and it lasted no more than a couple of minutes. What's the best technique?

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When you die you're not gonna be eating shrooms. You're gonna be dreaming. Dreams are the closest thing to the plane where faith originates.

Dont do drugs

And dont masturbate.

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What was the dream about?

why don't you post more one-liners that could all fit into a single post so you can shit up the convo even more

to make women more open minded about rape?


wrong, you need to do every drug imaginable at once while masturbating yourself to sleep. Only then will you wake up during the waking dream

>do drugs goy
Ive said all i need to right here.

I think hallucinogens are the biggest meme ever. My point was the sudden desire to legalize drugs is to pacify the populace and make some money off it

>trusting the (((government))) to act in the best interests of the people
kys paternalist


morning glory seeds are best

There really is nothing wrong with it. Don't take so much. Makes you psychotic but also extremely happy.

If I am dreaming when I die I am going to be solo happy

>yfw we're being forced to learn because jews are too stupid to figure it out themselves
best part is, when it gets figured out, they're still going to be left behind.

some weed strains can induce lucid dreaming and hypnagogia as you fall asleep

Taking shrooms is te same, but different. It leads you to the same place dreams originate from.

The afterlife is bittersweet.

No it doesnt. A lucid dream is a natural occurrence based on reality.

Not experiencing shrooms is like missing out on a whole region of your brain that you can't normally access. Geometry becomes 3d.

white parents think that heroin and meth are both mexicans who should be deported out of this country.

You can experience ego death in lucid dreams. Ive woken up many mornings and wanted to kill myself. Other mornings i awake energized and happy.

Apart from it trending, a revival of medieval psy op terrorism.

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Oh Denver. Who cares?
Call me when it's done state-wide.

Also, Shrooms are good for those who've got the right training. Majorly redpilling if you're prepared. You think the tribes traditionally taking them are commies, feminists or love foreigners? Fuck no.

this fucking faggot knows nothing about serotonin. it's clear

I know you dont need drugs to experience these things unless youre an unevolved subhuman.

>I know you dont need drugs to experience these things
there it is. you're wrong, there are some experiences you can only have on shrooms.

you keep proving my point

They want everyone to puke then trip?

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Yes it is you dumb ass, psilocybin can't kill anyone unless the person is stupid enough to fling themselves off a building or attack a cop or some shit. Bitch.

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Yeah. Like seeing pretty colors. So enlightening.

Make people less ambitious through ego death?
Shroomheads advocates tend to be pretty fucking annoying, like people who were into pot culture except they’re really into self-help books and vague spirituality.
You just want to smack their shit in when they start droning over why you had a bad trip or no particular benefits from one. It’s like potheads with ”pot cures cancer” except a million times more annoying because they think it makes them better people on top of it all.

maybe it's a mutt thing but most people I know who tried them were terrified for 8 hours & hated it.
>I want feminism

There's always at least one of those NPCs with cookie-cutter responses.

you're a sad little man

It's harmless and at the right dose will help you overcome degeneracy.

Eat some of this:

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taking four grams amino acid Glycine before going to bed prodcued a lucid dream for me... I was dreaming I was involved in a car accident . I had begun to exchange insurance documents with the driver that hit me and suddenly just said to myself; " This sucks." and realized I was dreaming and just walked away from the scene but I didn't try to do anything and just went back to passive dreaming. I am usually too exhausted from stress from work to recognize when I'm dreaming

Ignore these dope fiends.

What are the symptoms of ego death my good fish?

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>there it is. you're wrong, there are some experiences you can only have on shrooms.
Quit taking anti depressants and anti anxiety meds and you'd be surprised

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>he wants big daddy government to make all of his choices for him because he's too retarded to make his own decisions

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>dope fiends
>calls mushrooms dope
hahahahah shut up boomer

lol what

nature should not be illegal

Boomers loved shrooms. Schizo

>Is there an ulterior motive?
Yes, to unleash chaos into the world. Shrooms can be awesome but they can also cause schizophrenia. Once the doors of perception are open, they cannot be closed. Read about Leo Purutz's St Peter's Snow. The masons have known about them for years and tried to use them to creat a revolution, problem was it turned people into commies. Psychedelic was a word coined by the CIA to make them ore appealing than psychotomimetic.

Invert reality some more.

I rolled out of bed and immediately saw a beautiful beach out of my appartment window. It was one of the most amazing views I've ever seen (mind you, in reality it was winter at the time and I dont live anywhere close to the beach) and I then tried to see if I could fly but then I got too excited and woke myself up. I haven't been able to lucid dream since then, so how the fuck do I do it?

Yet boomers are the only ones stupid enough to call someone a "dope fiend" for trying mushrooms a few times.

flying dreams are the absolute best and I haven't had one for years... always feel so light and refreshed after waking up from one..

Having to spend what feels like a few hours reconstructing your personality when you can’t remember your name even though you wrote it down beforehand.
It might as well be called just death if you’re having a bad trip because that’s what you think is happening.

Ok, but what's the process? How do you go about doing it?

Reality checks. Pinch yourself. Int your dreams you wont feel it. Examine your hands. They might be different. Jump. In your dreams you'll be able to jump however high you want. When you wake up try your best to remember the dream you had. And before you go to sleep think about the dream from last night. You could walk into the same dream. Or it will at least put you in the same mental state and youll have another one. I dont really keep a dream journal. I just try my best to remember all the significant dreams.

Pedovores and their legacy and social media protectors are being delivered to justice


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Also DARPA just announced their project focused pharma where they are going to try and eliminate what they call deleterious effects, but I don't think they can.

Been smoking a bit too much lately, but I still go to this recurring dreamland sometimes, once a month or so, and see a utopic cliff city with massive highways. It's more beautiful than any city I've ever seen.

you needed to take just a little more you still cant see the sand castle

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I like jumping. I always jump in my dreams. It keeps you grounded. The key to staying lucid is examining your surroundings. Flying detaches you and you'll wake up. So i prefer jumping around.

it destroys concepts, I have found, very useful. If that is your goal. If you have a depression, well then that concept is ACTIVE and it seems to destroy active concepts very well. It also destroys automated concepts, you know, like knowing how a blanket operates. I used it and then had to relearn how a blanket operates. It is quite frustrating at times lol. But there is no slowdown, no dizziness as with alcohol and drugs, you can still drive a car (just have more trouble concepting), though at times it was weird, I was driving a car, but while everything went smoothly, I suddenly lost the concept of value of other human life, and contemplated if it is really good to care about pedestrians.

so yea, good thing it was just a contemplation. This concept destroyer.

I always forget to do reality checks in dreams because they feel real.
>I just try my best to remember all the significant dreams.
I've recently started doing this but no result... Do you often LD and how long did it take you to get experienced at it?